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Participant feedback
9th World Rogaining Championships
President: Neil Phillips Promotions and Development: Alan Mansfield New Zealand, 20-21 Nov 2010
Compiled by Grant Hunter and Bob Reddick World Rogaining Championships Manager: vacant Members of IRF

organised the 9th WRC, supported by the rural Czech Republic (Miroslav Seidl, Jan Tojnar) community of Cheviot in North Canterbury. New Zealand (Alan Holdaway, Nick Collins) WRC2010 attracted 521 people (251 teams) Australia (David Baldwin, Richard Robinson) from 22 counties. The IRF invited participants respondents told us what they liked about the event, and things that were not so good. The replies summarised here contain ideas to Sergey Yashchenko, Evgeny Dombrovskiy - Russia Efim Shtempler - Ukraine time spent preparing everything beforehand Observer status
was obvious. The entry system seemed to allow the top teams in while still allowing some more Canada: Francis Falardeau, Allan Stradeski social rogainers to compete. At the WRC level, Finland: Iiro Kakko Germany: Marko Rößler it is most important to have the strongest competitors in their category always given priority. Review is needed of junior grade age cutoff of 19 or 23 years, and to find ways to Israel: Dan Chissick Japan: Kazuhiro Takashima - informative, up to date, both pre-event and for results. It could provide for easier posting of South Africa: Lisa De Speville, Ian Bratt event reflections and depiction of results. on-site sales were requested. Hash house (HH) area worked very well, with good flexibility offered by the school facilities. Great camping, available. Organisation was excellent, smooth and efficient. Very helpful and friendly organisers, caterers, and the local community. Most remarked that the food was excellent - nothing really special but very appropriate, calorie-dense, tasty, and served promptly. the organisers, the local community and the Strong community involvement and support. IRF. The opening and closing ceremonies were Navlight electronic scoring worked really well, but more and quicker public display of results Perhaps too much emphasis on organisers and too little on winners. Let the winners speak at prize-giving. It is their time and they deserve it. which helped orient visiting teams to NZ. Most Photo-taking of winners disrupted the awards presentations. Pictures should have been taken at a point separated from the awards area. Not a features (e.g. roads, fences, vegetation), 20 great venue inside a gym for the prize giving - too hot, crowded, poor seating, and with some navigation difficult for those not familiar with wait for results. Outside over lunch would have NZ maps or the local terrain. The map was the best yet in an NZ event but still lacks detailed updating. Some missed features, like shelter actual route with Route Gadget and measure belts of trees, were more than 15 years old. The actual distances as was done after the Estonia information on roads and tracks and major WRC. The Finland 2009 event had excellent obstacles (cliffs, high fences, water features, ways to examine route choices. The spread of and vegetation) must be reliable as these the controls and variety of terrain made it hard influence route choices, which in turn may to plan an optimum route, as shown by the top result in significant differences in leg split teams all having quite different routes. times. Course setting overall good, but around 90% of teams started in the same direction, ones after the race was nice. Some liked there which indicates limited strategic options provided by course setters. Queuing could be recommended list. But some teams carried no avoided by replicate e-punches near the HH. emergency space blanket or rain shelter, to Hanging of controls was inconsistent. Some their grief. This event made no provision for could be seen from kms away; others were in competitors to sleep after the event at the event bushy trees and you could only find them on people were involved and interested in the mixed: many thought it was great, and suitably event like the fire brigade outside the station on challenging, a few thought it a runners’ course. Sunday morning giving encouragement, and a local woman who drove beside us for perhaps a natural area (fewer farms) and more forest than km chatting through the car window as we open land. There were too many high deer and walked wearily to the finish. By arranging electric fences. Lack of a 'Safety Route' used in adventure activities for competitors would many rogaines, where a team could go to if enhance the tourism experience and encourage injured or exhausted to get transport back to further social interaction with competitors. A the HH. Several teams bailed out during the cold, rainy night and could have used a lift. Saturday night to socialise should be featured insulation crossing fences, but by morning A final comment received: Rogaining should waterproof. Some liked the style of terrain, always be fun, friendly, tough and celebrate the with open rolling hills and pockets of bush. merits of the individuals/teams (not states and Many thought the course was well set and gave A more detailed summary is available upon it was close to other amenities, food, and accommodation. Non-rogaining partners also appreciated the location. Some thought the presentations were good, with recognition of


DOI: 10.5958/j.2319-5886.2.3.091 International Journal of Medical Research Health Sciences Volume 2 Issue 3 July - Sep Coden: IJMRHS Copyright @2013 ISSN: 2319-5886 Received: 23th May 2013 Revised: 24th Jun 2013 Accepted: 26th Jun 2013 COMPARATIVE STUDY OF FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE WITH BUDESONIDE AND BECLOMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE IN MILD PERSISTENT BRON

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