Just like your mind, your body isn’t static. At spaQ we get that, and so we decided to do things a little differently ourselves to fit in with your individual groove. As well as packing our menu with some serious therapeutic punch, we made room for flexibility, customisation and individualisation.
For a start, we don’t pressure you to make your treatment selection in advance. Just reserve your time and then, with the help of your therapist, you can choose a treatment experience when you arrive. That way you get exactly what you need on the day rather than something that feels so…umm, last week. That’s what we call a freshly-picked spa experience! Life is more fun when we leave space for spontaneity, don’t you think? If you prefer to book your treatment in advance, please go ahead. The freshly-picked spa experience is a recommendation, not a rule. If you do decide to plan ahead, make sure you check out the Accessories section of the menu; that’s where you will find some fabulous flourishes that will help turn your spa visit into a spa fusion masterpiece.
With soothing refreshments, smooth tunes, a stylishly vibrant look, and an awesome team of spa specialists, spaQ takes a playful approach to feeling well and looking great. With the help of natural spa product creator Uspa, our mission is to help you shine. Our spaQ packages run like a carefully thought out narrative from beginning to end. Imagine you’re the leading protagonist in search of inner peace and transformation and as the story unfolds you transcend deeper into the land we call Bliss. Our especial y curated series of harmonious treatments brimming with therapeutic kudos, all begin with a euphoria inducing footbath ritual. Warm Oil Back Massage + Signature Aloe Wrap + Eucalyptus Mineral Back Polish + Massage + Facial Therapy Refresh Facial + Scalp Treatment & Massage + This treatment is for the warrior, for the fearless, for the brave. He who lives life to the fullest, he who Here’s one for the sun worshippers, designed to takes life by the horns and wrestles it to the ground quench the deep thirst of over exposed skin and but sometimes forgets he needs to chill out for a hair. You’ll be rebuilt from the ground up, starting couple of hours! This fatigue-fighting sequence with a foot ritual followed by a warm oil back of spa therapies starts with an invigorating green massage. Blissed out, next comes a nourishing tea salt scrub to slough away unwanted dry and blend of aloe vera with tangerine and rose oil which flaky skin. Next on the agenda comes a massage is applied lovingly to the skin, before you’re tenderly targeting areas of tension, knotty tissue and swaddled in natural cloth that helps your skin soak tightness to ease stress. Finally comes a facial to up the goodness. A nourishing and protecting balance out sensitivities, nourish and boost healthy hair treatment, featuring a potent combination cell regeneration. Now the warrior is back to his full of wheatgrass, organic green tea and essential oil potential he can go out and conquer the world all is then applied to your hair, incorporating a bliss inducing scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Skin feels nourished silky smooth and super hydrated. Warm Oil Back Massage + Uspa Concept Facial + The PluSh PRinceSS (150 mins / $335) Javanese Body Scrub & Skin Hydration + Full Body Massage Are you ready for a brand new reality? An internal and external transformation? It starts with an Inspired by the royal palaces of central Java, this uplifting back massage with a warm oil infusion treatment restores inner balance and increases of geranium, grapefruit, lavender and organic your feelings of wellbeing using a combination of sunflower oil to soothe away tensions and promote long practised beautifying techniques. Your skin healthy beautiful skin. A signature Uspa facial will is firstly cleansed with an exfoliation of hibiscus revamp the look and feel of your skin with highly and jasmine scented powder of ground rice and active, balancing and age-defying nutrients, with purifying turmeric. After rinsing, traditional light a special focus on the eye area. Complete this oils of the tropics are used in an all over body pampering extravaganza with a mini manicure massage to balance and soften the skin. The and pedicure, including your choice of polish. ceremony is completed with a balancing face massage with jasmine infused organic oil made from the nuts of the tamanu tree.
Your face is the autobiography of your life. It’s as unique as you are, just like your customised facial! We use Uspa, premium skin care products made from natural plant extracts grown in the Australian sunshine. Uspa’s carefully blended plant serums, mud therapies, and essential oils are of the purest and highest grade, and when used together they al ow the nutrients to work deeper in to the skin’s layers. Our transformative treatments begin with a relaxing welcome ritual so you’re floating before you hit the treatment table. uSPa concePT Facial (90 mins / $205) essential fatty acids such as regenerative rose, jasmine, A treatment that is as individualised as you are. evening primrose and calendula, drench the skin to What makes it so sublime is this bespoke treatment increase hydration and improve elasticity leaving you with is conceptualised by your highly skilled therapist who chooses highly active plant extracts that will produce the most tangible and noticeable results for the skin you’re in. It runs like this; a welcoming back massage, a deep ReFining FRuiT acid Facial (60 mins / $140) cleanse, exfoliation, masks, cell therapy and a therapeutic The fruit acid facial has made its way into the beauty face and scalp massage, followed by an eye contour lexicon. Not surprisingly when you consider this potent wrap to take care of the delicate eye area and hydration treatment’s ability to radically energise tired, dehydrated, treatment to nourish and protect. Seriously, you won’t dull looking skin. First, a blend of refining clays removes impurities from the skin, whilst assisting in a reduction of the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, age RegeneRaTive PuRe c Facial (60 mins / $140) spots and roughness. Uspa’s botanical alpha hydroxy A short love story: vitamin C meets skin. Skin falls fruit acid treatment then resurfaces and refines your skin hopelessly in love. Truly phenomenal for brightening exposing the beautiful, fresh new skin patiently waiting and repairing prematurely ageing skin, Uspa’s potent just beneath the surface, ready to breathe new life into antioxidant vitamin C fortifies your skin’s defenses in the fight against environment damage, working its way beyond skin deep. Packing a powerful energising punch, deSenSiTiSing Facial (60 mins / $140) it refines your skin therapeutically using botanicals of Just like us, skin can be a little on the sensitive side fruit enzymes to increase the production of collagen sometimes. Redness, blotchiness, irritation and puffiness giving your skin a plumper, more youthful, unfeasibly are far more common than you think. That’s why your skin sometimes needs a helping hand to calm it down, to balance it out and make it feel loved and special again. Uspa products containing soothing gotu kola, chamomile, jojoba and calendula plant extracts, are perfect for Achieve truly cleansed skin that is detoxified and glows de-puffing, texturising and restoring the skin’s balance for with an otherworldly radiance. The purification process begins with a gentle willow bark extract exfoliation, which whips the pores into shape followed by a purging SuPeRnaTuRal Men’S Facial (60 mins / $140) deluxe deep cleansing mud therapy. In our artillery are the purifying properties of plant extracts birch, vetiver, Life and your lifestyle express themselves on your face. burdock and juniper, which effectively balance excess oil This facial is designed to provide you with the checks production to reduce inflammation, congestion and balances that bring your skin into harmony. We start with purifying clays and finely ground bamboo to prepare the skin for a stress relieving massage with hydRaMax Balance Facial (60 mins / $140) a combo of sandalwood, licorice root and soothing Overindulgence? Pollution? Air conditioning? Stress? azulene to balance sensitivities and the effects of stress Life can take its toll on your skin, particularly on the and pollution. A drenching in sexy smelling Argan oil, or moisture content leaving it dry, lacking vitality and “pure gold” as its known in Morocco, delivers essential lifeless. For plump, juicy, sexy skin, we recommend fatty acids to the skin, helping to boost healthy cell this moisture drenching, thirst quenching, and super- regeneration. This therapeutic facial includes a deeply saturating facial. We start with a gentle exfoliation, then relaxing scalp massage and foot massage. The result? restorative clays and nourishing harmonising oils high in Supple, sexy skin plus utter relaxation = hello handsome! Muscle melting, immune boosting, stress relieving and life affirming, the power of touch is undeniable. With our freshly picked menu, we al ocate time with your therapist before treatment to customise your massage to how you are in the here and now. Live for the moment and beyond, by accompanying your treatment with a little extra from our “Accessories” menu, giving you something more to look forward to! Relax MaSSage (60 or 90 mins /$140 or $205) The MaSTeRy MaSSage (90 mins / $210) Take a load off. De-frag your system and reboot One thing we thoroughly encourage at QT is your mind with this full body therapy that is all individuality. It’s part of the philosophy and ethos about giving your overworked nervous system a of who we are as a hotel and as a spa. Hence, we long deserved break, ebbing away tension and want to give our amazing therapists some free getting your circulation and energy flow moving reign to be creative. After all, what got them the again - making it perfect for recovery from a long job at spaQ was having a toolbox full of specialist flight. A sedative yet ultimately wholly reviving techniques and healing modalities. As you’re one of blend of tangerine and rose essential oils ensures a kind as well, we’d like to offer you the opportunity you’ll be restored to your true self in no time. of a bespoke spa experience. During a consultative process, you and your therapist will create the TheRMal MaSSage (60 or 90 mins /$140 or $205) treatment of your dreams. It’s that simple.
Do you need a D&M? This massage is deep as well as meaningful and designed to soothe sore muscles PRegnancy MaSSage (60 mins / $150) and ease away aches and pains on a profound A baby! Congratulations! What wonderful news! level. Using the warming properties of red pepper This safe, nurturing massage has been designed balanced with cooling essential oils to reduce especially for new mums and mums-in-waiting, inflammation, your therapist works way down to who’ve passed their first trimester. As your the deeper band of muscle tissue, delving into miraculous body is undergoing all sorts of changes, the offending problem areas, therefore helping we’ve developed a therapeutic massage that helps to relieve chronic pain, muscle tension and reduce stress, oedema and blood pressure, relieve strain on ankles, knees and back, and increase blood and lymph flow. A relaxed Mum means a happy baby and vice-a-versa.
The concept is this - when you book an hour’s treatment, say a massage, you can supplement your own version of spa-bliss by adding an opulent extra 30-minute treatment onto your session. Genius right? Decide yourself or our spa specialists will gladly help you curate a complementary program. Here’s how to keep the pleasure rol ing on … TenSion TaRgeT MaSSage (30 mins / $70) eSSenTial FocuS Facial (30 mins / $70) We all carry tension somewhere in our bodies. Put your best face forward by topping off your This bespoke treatment is targeted to incredible treatment with a boutique Uspa facial available precision and delivered right where you need it with any of our body treatments. This express most. You know your body, whether it’s that treatment is a complexion booster and includes annoying muscle ache, middle back tension or neck cleansing, a relaxing massage, hydrating tightness, our therapist’s brief is to turn their full compresses, facial mask, toning and moisturising. attention and awareness to your tension zone and Suitable for any skin type, this facial incorporates powerful plant serums, mud therapies and essential oils.
Wild ThyMe FooT TheRaPy (30 mins / $70)We’ve taken everybody’s favourite foot rub and china RoSe MaSk & haiR TReaTMenT tweaked it to sublime perfection. Tired, over-worked and under nourished feet will be smoothed, Get glossy healthy locks with this intensely soothed and spruced with an invigorating wild hydrating and restorative China rose hair mask, thyme foot pumice, and refreshed and cooled with designed to strengthen your hair and make it a eucalyptus essential oil infusion. Then comes the more damage resistant. We’ll draw out the whole rub – a reflex-esque style massage from your toes to application process with a meltingly-momentous knees, using a capsicum, menthol and wintergreen scalp massage. A steamy head wrap helps the blend to put some sizzle back into your step.
restorative ingredients to penetrate the hair, while your therapist will be working on upping the pleasure factor with a deeply relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Benefits are intensified by leaving the hair mask in the hair.
We use nutrient-rich natural products and some inspiring techniques so your skin will glow with an amazing vitality. But beyond just making your skin look and feel beautiful, our body treatments are designed to harmonise your skin with your body, your body with mind and your mind with soul, so you can be truly comfortable in your own skin on all levels. TheRaPeuTic Sea SalT gloW (60 mins / $140) Get a dose of green tea mega-goodness! A rich combination of organic green tea and sea salt A true wrap star! It’s mood altering, body changing deeply cleanses and exfoliates your skin. Rich in as well as giving you supple, gloriously smooth, anti-oxidants, including vitamins C and E, this blend toned skin. A vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant helps to restore a youthful glow. As a finishing rich infusion of coffee and sea kelp mix is used to touch, the application of tangerine and rose stimulate circulation, detoxify and gently exfoliate moisturiser blended with sweet almond and sesame the skin, while the subtle scent of grapefruit and oils will leave your skin smooth and replenished. vanilla rises like little puffy scented clouds lifting your mood. Now your buffed skin is ready to absorb the all over, mineral rich clay wrap, which (60 mins / $140)Return to your absolute true nature with this body has superhero drawing properties to help boost exfoliation treatment that uses a potent infusion circulation, relieve sluggishness and firm the skin. of revitalising ginseng and gingko blended with A nourishing macadamia nut, camellia and jojoba gentle exfoliating bamboo beads to slough away oil combination follows the lymphatic pathways dead skin cells, all the while oxygenating the skin. While it’s rigorous, it is also gentle enough for the oRganic coco cReaM WRaP (90 mins / $195) most sensitive skin. Finally, a full body application Banish the dry skin drag with this nourishing and of zingy tangerine and anti aging soothing rose will moisture-rich concoction. The treatment begins leave your skin feeling baby soft and refreshed with with a jasmine and hibiscus scented ground rice exfoliation, designed to cleanse the whole body. Next a nourishing full body application of warmed coco butter and coconut infused with aromatic vanilla and bergamot feeds your skin while your therapist delivers a divine scalp massage. Your nails are a reflection of who you are and you’ve 20 of them to look after! So let our amazing therapists beautify your extremities. We use fashion-forward varnishes that come with an amazingly pretty palette of gorgeous colours to choose from. spaQ hand TheRaPy (60 mins / $115) There is nothing lovelier than looking down at Take the future in your own beautifully manicured your freshly buffed feet and seeing neatly shaped, hands. This treatment begins with your therapist immaculately painted toenails with your cuticles using a gentle bamboo polish on the hands and just so. Once you’ve had our mini-pedicure you’ll arms, which will reveal the smoother and more youthful looking skin that’s hiding just below. Next it’s some serious nail care wizardry, guaranteed to beautify your hands. A delightful arm and hand massage follows that revs up circulation with a Give us 30 minutes and we will transform your tangy tangerine and rose nourishing moisturiser hands including shaping, buffing, and cuticle care and the grand finale… your nails will be painted to and paint them to skilled perfection using your choice of a spectacularly fashionable polish. spaQ FooT TheRaPy (60 mins / $115)A sweet treat for your feet that is pedi-perfection! Let’s begin. A warm wild thyme foot pumice means dead skin cells are banished before your cuticles are cared for and your nails are buffed. Next we’ll treat your feet and legs to a luxurious warm stone massage that is good for the sole and your soul before applying your choice of varnish. Put your best feet forward.
Great therapists using the best products we could get our hands on. Whether it’s the perfect vacation glow, spectacular brows or de-fuzzed smooth-as-silk skin, Who said there is no such a thing as a healthy tan? You can be a bronzed beach babe in just 1 hour with a spaQ sunless tan. Our tanning solution Brow tint or eyelash tint ($20/$25) comes in three natural shades. and get this. WaxingFull leg & basic bikini ($80)Full leg ($65)Half leg (lower) ($45)Half leg (upper with basic bikini) ($55)Bikini ($35)G-string bikini ($45)Brazilian (new/maintenance) – ($70/$55)Full arm ($55)Half arm ($35)Underarm ($30)Lip & chin ($18) Men’S WaxingBack & shoulders ($75)Chest & stomach ($80)Men’s full leg ($85)Men’s full arms ($70) spaQ is open daily. We are located at QT Port Life is already far too full of decisions, often Douglas, 87 - 109 Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas.
leading to analysis paralysis, i.e. it all looks so fabulous what should I possibly book? So we make it incredibly easy for you. All you have to do is Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment is designate the date, time and duration. Then on the scheduled. This gives you and your therapist time day, your therapist will gladly assist you in choosing to plan the perfect treatment experience. the ideal treatment experience. Naturally you can also choose your selection in advance if that’s what If you arrive late for your treatment, we may have to reduce your treatment time. We’ll do our best to avoid that, but it’s not always possible.
While we definitely recommend advance bookings, if you’re a “spur of the moment” kind of person do give us a try. All appointments can be guaranteed When making your reservation, please advise us with a credit card, gift certificate or room number. of any health conditions, allergies or injuries that Share the love with a gift certificate. spaQ gift certificates are available for all treatments, We have treatments designed specially for mums- products and packages. They are valid for to-be and nursing mums. Our spa reception team 6-months from purchase date, and can be couriered, express posted, emailed or collected A 100% charge will apply for any treatments To keep the vibe mellow and relaxed, spaQ is a cancelled with less than 24-hours notice. The same mobile phone and smoke free environment.
applies for no-shows and gift certificate bookings.
You can find us online at Search for You’ll need to be at least 16 years of age to use the treatments, shop for products and keep in touch 87-109 Port douglas Rd, Port douglas Ph: 07 4099 8940



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