The Court Bistro at Dean Court Hotel, Sample Menu
Late Breakfast & Elevenses (Available from opening time 'til 12 noon) BACON BUTTY toasted soft bap fil ed with crispy bacon £4.25 or sausage £4.55 or both! £5.50 ask if you prefer ketchup/brown sauce on it too CROISSANT (2) £2.95 with butter and preserves FULL YORKSHIRE BREAKFAST £11.75 A Fruit Juice, Eggs cooked as you wish plus three other items. Choose from Bacon, Tomato, Sausage, Black Pudding, Fried Bread, Hash Browns. Toast with preserves. Pot of coffee or tea. A LIGHT BREAKFAST £8.50 A fruit juice, bowl of cereal, croissant, toast with preserves,. Pot of coffee or tea HAM HOCK RILLETTES on toasted ciabatta, homemade chutney £6.50 WARM GOATS CHEESE & CARAMELISED RED ONION TART with dressed salad leaves £6.95 HOMEMADE SOUP with homemade bread - see Recommendations Board £4.50 All sandwiches, wraps and paninis are served with salad garnish TOASTED PANINI £6.95 fil ed with brie, caramelised onion, chorizo with grain mustard mayonnaise QUORN, LETTUCE & SWEET CHILLI JAM WRAP (v) £6.95 CAESAR WRAP £6.50 lettuce and parmesan and croutons in a Caesar dressing with chicken and bacon £8.25 THAI SPICED CHICKEN WRAP £7.20 creamy coriander mayonnaise PRAWN COCKTAIL WRAP with Marie Rose Sauce £7.95 HAM, TOMATO & CHUTNEY CIABATTA £6.75 HONEY & MUSTARD CHICKEN CIABATTA £6.95 B.L.T BAGUETTE £7.95 crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise CUT BREAD SANDWICHES Terry Howards bread has no additives and is the best we've tasted for years, but his deliveries are late morning! on wholemeal or white - available from 12 noon SMOKED SALMON £8.25 black pepper and lemon juice THE SHARE PLATTER - £21.50 for 2. A daily changing meze-cum-tapas-cum-smorgasbord selection for 2 THE COURT HOUSE SALAD £8.75 - something different every time! a generous bowl, a different surprise selection every day with suitable dressing.Please ask if you prefer a vegetarian version (V) POACHED SALMON SALAD £9.25 courgettes, fine beans and fennel served with French dressing Above dishes accompanied by a complimentary basket of various breads, butter, olive oil and balsamic dips TARTIFLETTE £8.95 A traditional dish OF the Savoie region. Bubbling hot potatoes cooked in cream, caramelized onions, bacon lardons. Glazed with Reblochon cheese. Vegetarian version available (without lardons) and cheese £8.00 BANGERS N MASH £9.75 Local sausages made exclusively for us by Ye Olde Pie and Sausage Shoppe (The Shambles) Your server wil tel you of todays selection - al served with buttery mash, caramelized onions and gravy THE COURT FISH N CHIPS £9.90 in York Ale beer batter - with tartare sauce mushy peas and chips THE COURT BURGER £9.75 our burgers are made with Yorkshire-reared prime beef and are served with chips, salad garnish and tomato relish topped with melted cheese £10.50 topped with Bacon £11.75 topped with cheese and bacon £12.25 Homemade basket of bread £1.95 (per person) French Fries £2.60 Spicy-seasoned potato wedges £2.60 Onion rings £1.95 Garlic bread £2.00 Mixed salad £3.10 Tomato & basil salad £3.25 Extra dips £1.50 Fresh vegetables £3.65 CHOCOLATE BROWNIE £3.95served warm with vanil a ice-cream and butterscotch sauce APPLE CRUMBLE £5.25with cream or ice cream WARM BAKEWELL TART £4.75 with thick cream SELECTION OF ICE CREAMS & SORBETS (please ask your server) £4.25 CHEESE AND BISCUITS £6.95 A trio of Yorkshire cheeses served with accompaniments THE COURT AFTERNOON CREAM TEA £9.75 dainty sandwiches, scone with jam and cream, choice of cake or gateau, pot of tea of your choice THE COURT CHAMPAGNE CREAM TEA £18.50 A (125ml) glass of Remy Massin Champagne, cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches, scone with jam and cream, choice of cake, pastry or gateau and a pot of tea of your choice HOMEMADE SCONES (2) - butter £2.50 - jam & cream £3.75 GATEAUX i.e Lemon Drizzle, Victoria Sponge (from £4.25) Please see our Gateaux selection or ask your server A pot per person with milk or lemon £2.60 Traditional * Earl Grey * Pure Assam A CUP OF COFFEE - with cream or milk. Standard cup £1.95 large cup £2.50 Speciality Coffees - al £2.75. Price is per person for a cafetiere, with milk or cream Kenyan brisk and invigorating Colombian - mellow and nutty Java mature and full bodied Decaff al the taste without the caffeine topped with whipped cream £3.50 - dusted with cinnamon £3.20 - topped with marshmal ows £3.50 Camomile Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower Peppermint Lemon & Ginger Camomile & Spearmint Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanil a Green Tea Fruit Smoothies - All priced at £3.95 Grapple (Grape & Apple) Bannoffie (Banana & toffee) Mixed Berry Bananarama Chocoholic SPECIAL OF THE DAY - ASK YOUR SERVER FOR TODAYS SPECIAL SMOOTHIES Chocolate Vanil a and Butterscotch Banana Cookies and Cream
Please note this is just a sample from our menu


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