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Patient Experience

Patient Medical Overview:
Chronic Cluster
10 year history of Chronic Cluster headaches
Right Sided Attacks
Average # of Attacks: Up to 2/day
Average Pain Severity: without medication or when medication fails is 10 out of 10
Duration: 1 hour average without medication or when medication fails.
Interparoxysmal Pain – prior to the GammaCore treatment, on occasion
History of migraine attacks
Patient was medical y intractable (failed 3 prior preventive treatments and acute options were not
sufficient/satisfactory/or safe due to quantity needed), prior to starting GammaCore treatment
GammaCore Continued Treatment:
Preventive: twice per day
3 doses per treatment 5 minutes apart - 6 doses total
Morning & Evening
Acute: As needed at early onset/premonitory symptoms.
Uses 3 doses uninterrupted.

Patient Letter:

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> Dear Juana!!, First of al , please except my apologies for taking such a long time in replying. I have been very il with my spondylitus and with the economy suddenly taking such a sharp nose dive, I got caught up dealing with the Gal ery, which I am very happy to say (with fingers crossed) has very slowly started to improve.! !My clusters started about 5 years ago and when they first began, the pain was extreme that the only logical answer I could think of was that I had a brain tumour, as couldn’t believe a person could experience that level of pain and it not be life-threatening.!!I was lucky enough to get diagnosed fairly quickly but had two wisdom teeth taken out before anyone did find out what it was, due to so many different theories by doctors including one who told me I had mental health issues due to no tumour appearing on scans and that there was nothing wrong with me.!!Once I found a consultant who was able to help, I have tried every medication you can think of with either no success or with horrible side effects and not enough benefits. For example, the Verapamil was helping (though I was stil getting attacks) but it made me so il that the minor benefits versus the risks and side effects of the drugs definitely were not worth it. Before the Gammacore I had to inject myself with Imigran twice a day which was extra pain. Although only a 3 on the scale, it did hurt and left a lump each time but that combined with the oxygen did cut my attacks to only about 10 minutes instead of hour or more. The only treatment that is completely successful is the GON block which gives me about two weeks pain free. However my consultant is worried about the number of these I have had and the long term unknown side effects and is constantly considering withdrawing it, as he is so worried it will leave me with problems in the future.! !Once I started Gammacore I was amazed at how effective it has been. I no longer use my oxygen or injections, which is a major improvement to my life and has meant I can go out more without worrying about attacks. Of course people stare when you use the Gammacore in public but that’s minor compared to injecting yourself and it gives me a lot more freedom. I have also found that since I started the Gammacore, I now only get one attack a day on average, instead of the two to three. The pain level has dropped about 20% and it is very easy to use. I do not say this lightly but I feel Gammacore is the biggest leap forward in cluster treatment in decades.!!I am on the waiting list for ONS surgery but in comparison, although ONS can stop the clusters, I have never been comfortable about getting the surgery, as first of all there is no guarantee that it wil work and also I do not feel comfortable having wires running up to my neck or a battery that only lasts for a few years and then has to be replaced with surgery again. So although at the moment the Gammacore hasn’t stopped my clusters completely, it is a non-intrusive treatment which looks like it has no side effects - so it wins hands down!! !

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February 16, 2009 My Testimonial by Sylvia Moch I began consuming Mona Vie approximately a month and one half ago. I told my husband I would try it for 1 month and let him know if I felt any difference or improvement in my health. I kept my promise and did not discuss any affects during this time. After about 1 week, I noticed I was sleeping better. After 2 weeks, I noticed my legs were no longer

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