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Navi Mumbai, Thursday, June 10, 2010
Monsoon’s here,
protect your skin

A GERMAN HOLIDAY Dermatologists advice ly contagious and invariably spreads
to the family, if not treated properly.
against using make-up
during the rainy season
Vrushali Chitre
warm water is advisable. Wet hair canlead to lice and dandruff too. For this, proper cap or a raincoat with a cap.
can cause a number ofskin and hair problems.
Here are some ways youcan diminish the harm-ful impact of rains onyour skin and hair. Takefew precautions and en-joy monsoon happily.
with a healthy skin. Dif-ferent seasons affectyour skin in variousways. For now, pre-mon-soon showers havebrought a welcomerespite from summerheat but they also posea lot of challenges tohealthy skin. The heat-induced rashes of sum- Even as the skies are opening up
here, it’s nice and sunny out there
in Germany these days. Kishore
Rathod takes you on a guided tour
to Stuttgart and nearby regions
Beautiful,amazing,awesome,stunning,fantastic - you can run out of adjectives within minutes of landing in Germany, and after that it’s an un- ending journey of exciting experiences wherever you go in Deutschland - especially the picture-perfect region of Baden-Wurttemberg in South-West Germany, that share’s borders with Switzerland, France and Austria.
Even as Stuttgart - the birthplace of Mercedes and And what better place to start this voyage than Porsche - gears up to celebrate 125 years of its auto- Stuttgart, the charming and vibrant capital of the re- motive history next year, the spectacular Mercedes- Benz and Porsche Museums are already a must-see for pigs in arts and culture to their zoological evolution, Magnificent panoramas, sprawling gardens, bustling every visitor to the city. The Porsche Museum, locat- from the mythical tales surrounding pigs across the town squares, majestic palaces and an interesting amal- ed in the Zuffenhausen suburb has 80 Porsche beau- world to their emergence as popular icons through the gamation of architectural wonders, Stuttgart is sym- ties on display - from the road vehicles to the racing ages - and of course, how the humble pig ends up on bolic of a great European city - with all the old world models of the Le Mans series - right from the Cayennes the plate in different avatars - it’s pigs all the way.
charm, and the buzz of a modern metropolis. The and Caymans to the latest Panamera. Meanwhile, the Lucky pigs, cuddly pigs, laughing pigs, sad pigs, fat friendly demeanor of the cheerful locals, the cultural Mercedes-Benz Museum documents automotive his- pigs, lean pigs, scary pigs - they are all there. There’s and culinary diversity, and above all, the effortless trans- tory on nine different levels. The first Mercedes, every even a section showcasing naughty pigs, who are up portation system make Stuttgart a perfect holiday des- model manufactured over the years, the Mercs of fa- to naughty acts. Truly a place you must visit for an ed- fections can also affect your feet, espe- mous people, an entire section showcasing the racing ucational experience, if not for sheer novelty.
cially if you wear closed shoes all day.
which hair gets pumped up and frizzy.
Even as we are all set to negotiate the monsoon here, cars and even a simulator for the ultimate cockpit ex- And of course, where there are pigs, there must be it’s sunny summer season in Stuttgart, with day-time tem- perience - the Mercedes Benz Museum is a dream- food. The Museum has a restaurant and a Biergarten peratures hovering around the 20-degree mark - it’s like come-true for any automobile enthusiast.
more often and use leave-on products.
the AC is on throughout the day. The lovely weather will continue till September - just perfect for the long walks der. This powder should be kept handy.
that you will need to take to discover this superb city.
over the past 200 years, these landmarks give fascinat- Stuttgart is a city of museums, a magnet for art- ing insights into the life and times of the stately city.
The best part is the cost-effectiveness of the holiday.
to avoid this type of allergy. If you can, lovers. From the outstanding collection at the Stuttgart Not to mention the rich tradition of ballets, operas and You get a good hotel room for 100 Euros (that’s less than State Gallery to the glass-cube Museum of Art that hov- Rs 6,000) and a great meal for two, with a glass of wine ers above the Konigsstrasse like a light sculpture; from And for those who love the outdoors, there’s the Wil- thrown in, for just 50 Euros. Check out mo.hotel, the the Wurttemburg State Museum in the Old Paalce to the helma park - Europe’s largest zoological and botanical chic, contemporary and classy hotel in Vaihingen area House of History that documents the region’s history garden that houses over 6000 plants and 8000 animals, of Stuttgart - even one week flies in Stuttgart region.
Vineyards and Wine Museums
Exciting times at Europa Park
can see the rolling vineyards on the hills idyllic Neckar valley is from the historic Wurttemberg hill. At its foot is the Ulh- wine-tasting, before you pick Ulhbach’s exquisite dry white wine for taking back resent European countries in good detail, right down to the architecture, vegetation Wine-enthusiasts can also visit Metzingen, the historic wine-growing area, just and the food specialities of each country (your only chance to see Russia in Ger- an hour away. Besides a wine museum, the Metzingen co-operative also has a retail many)! The 4-D movie at the special theatre in Europa Park is an experience by it- Here’s the recipe for the
outlet and a string of cosy taverns - the perfect venue for a romantic evening-out.
self, as are the various rides and games that promise to keep the family busy for daystogether. Not for nothing, 80 percent of the folks are repeat visitors.
Shop till you drop
And to keep you rested, and energized for more, the park even has four hotels - two perfect fresh fruit cake!
designed along Spanish theme and one each in Portuguese and Roman style.
Talking about Metzingen, it oncehappened to be the place where tai- Black Forest & Cuckoo Clocks
dozens of deals right on the streets and in the quaint outlets along them. From high street shopping at King’s Street to value buys at the weekly farm fairs, to the amaz- ing array of goods at the historic Market Hall complex - there’s a lot to choose from.
And for the ultimate in luxury shopping, there’s the Breuninger mall in the tale setting. Soak in the peace and tranquility from the balcony of your hotel, go for heart of the city. Spread across 35,000 square metres, the outlet is home to every con- a ride on the battery-operated boats (no petrol boats allowed to preserve the lake wa- ceivable luxury brand. They say if you can’t find it here, you won’t find it any- ters) or shop for an authentic cuckoo-clock at the store owned by the Drubba family.
The cuckoo-clock was invented by these folks from Black Forest, and still continues to be a fiercely guarded tradition among the handful of local manufacturers. And Baden Baden - Feels like heaven
yes, only the one made with the wood from the Black Forest qualifies to be called a Kings & Castles
branch of the Princes of Hohenzollern.
Pineapple and Onion Salad
ner’s Park Hotel & Spa are playgrounds for indulging in the lap of luxury. The city’s Ingredients:
four major attractions - mineral water springs, the casino, the horse race and the festival theatre - make it the favourite retreat of millions every year. While an evening Fresh Fruit Cake
at the Casino Baden Baden is a formal coat-and-tie affair, an afternoon at the health spas with spring water baths is an experience by itself. The Caracalla Spa offers well- Ingredients:
ness and relaxation on a heavenly scale. Relax between the marble columns and im- merse yourself in tempting turquoise blue pools, where natural springs rise from depths of around 6,500 feet and provide an unforgettable bathing experience in this sprawling glass dome. A romantic hot and cold rock grotto, bubbling whirlpools, wa- terfalls, counter-current pools, massaging water jets and sauna rooms with varying temperatures - they all add up to give you that floating feeling.
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