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AT5140 Tol Tag®
• Exterior mounting
• Factory-programmed or
• 120-bit storage
• Security coding available
• Powered by lithium
• 10-year average service
The AT5140 TollTag® is a battery-powered field disturbance device
used in the 915 MHz radio frequency (RF) band applications with other
• Compatible with multiple
Amtech-brand reader
types of battery-powered Tol Tags. The AT5140 TollTag is ideal for mounting on a vehicle’s exterior if a metallic-coated windshield precludes installation of an interior windshield-mounted tag. The AT5140 TollTag can be factory-programmed, as specified by the customer, or user-programmed in the field using the AP4110 Programmer. The tag stores up to 20 six-bit alphanumeric characters of data (120 bits). The tag can be programmed with special security characters unique to each customer or application to effectively prevent unauthorized tag use.
A small lithium battery cell energizes the AT5140 TollTag. The battery is compliant with U.S. DOT 49 CFR § 173.185(i) regulations for unrestricted shipment. Consult local agencies for regulations if the tag is to be shipped outside the United States. With continuous use, the average tag life is 10 years. The number of tag reads and external RF fields do not affect battery life.
The AT5140 TollTag encodes the signal received from an Amtech®-brand reader system with an identification number or a data message. The encoded signal reflects back (backscatters) to the Amtech reader system. TransCore’s Amtech-brand readers — series AI1200, AI1300, AI1400, and AI1600 — can read the AT5140 TollTag. AT5140 Tol Tag®
Frequency Range
Operating Temperature
Size: 8.5 x 1.5 x 0.85 in
(21.6 x 3.8 x 2.2 cm)
Weight: 3.8 oz (109.3 g)
Typical Working Range
With AR2200 RF Module/AI1620 Reader:
Case Material
AP4110 Programmer
With AR2602 RF Module/AI1611 Reader:
Range depends upon system parameters.
Mounting Surface
Plug Removal Tool Kit
Mounting Method
transportation tags is required, the AS8003 Plug Removal Tool Kit cleanly and easily Tape Mounting: For applications where the
Data Capacity
integrity of the mounting surface cannot be without damaging circuitry or programming port contact surfaces. Order replacement on a smooth flat surface using double-sided OWER REQUIREMENTS
Power Source
Lithium battery with 10-year average life
For product information call: 1.800.923.4824 or 972.733.6600 (outside the U.S.) Fax 972.733.6486
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