Meal ideas

Usual y eating a full sandwich is appropriate (without changing its contents). Or if you are at home: ¼ avocado or 1 slice of cheese or 2 slices of soy cheese or 1 tablespoon of with either 1 ounce of Lay’s sour cream and onion or BBQ chips or 1 Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie BURGERS AND WRAPS
1 veggie burger (or turkey burger-3 ounces) ¼ avocado or 1 slice cheese or 1 tablespoon mayonnaise or 2 slices soy cheese 16 wheat thins or 1 cup of carrots with 2 tablespoons ranch or 8 ounces of milk /soy milk lettuce and sliced tomato 4 ounces of turkey or 8 slices of tofurkey 2 tablespoons cream cheese add the zest of the orange (finely grate a little of the outside of an orange) 1 tablespoon cranberry relish (you can eat the orange that you used for “zest” if you want to) Pasta with red sauce and meat – at a restaurant or at home 9” plate or a paper plate, ful to the edges- ½ inch deep) or you can look at your hands, turn them into fists, and eat that amount which is about 2 cups. Meat- a little bigger than the palm of your hand Carbohydrate (potatoes, rice, pasta)- ½ of your plate, ½ inch deep or the size of one bal ed-up-fist, which is 1 cup. Fat- The vegetables, meat and carbohydrate should be made with some fat (olive oil, with KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce to color and cover the meat/tofu 1 Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie QUICK MEAL IDEAS
You real y can eat fast food without gaining weight. The only reason that the “super-size-me” guy gained weight is because he over-ate a lot. The suggestions below are conservative, 3/4 of a chicken or steak burrito Chicken bare burrito Roast Chicken Breast and Corn on the Cob Hamburger, Garden Salad Shaker, herb vinaigrette salad dressing and smal one-percent milk Chicken McGril and Garden Salad Shaker Cheeseburger, 1% milk, fruit Cheeseburger and smal ice cream cone Cobb salad and smal ice cream cone Hamburger and smal French fries Two slices of The Edge "The Works" pizza and a tossed salad, 1Tbs ranch dressing Two slices Supreme, Thin 'N Crispy pizza and a 6" ham/turkey sandwich on a deli rol plus one Chicken Gordita Supreme and Mexican Rice QUICK MEAL IDEAS
BBQ Chicken Sandwich Hand-carved Turkey Sandwich Char gril ed Chicken Bowl (BBQ Vinaigrette) Tostada Bowl (shel optional) (BBQ Vinaigrette) Southwest Bowl (BBQ Vinaigrette) Spicy Ginger Garlic Bowl (BBQ Vinaigrette) Sliced Turkey Plate with 2 of the fol owing: black beans, creamed spinach, kernel corn, garlic potatoes, or stuffing and 1 of the fol owing: green beans One item from this side…and one item from this side. Broccoli and Cheese Potato Fish Sandwich 10 piece Chicken Nuggets Mandarin Chicken Salad (with the dressing it comes with). Roasted Turkey Basil Pesto Sandwich If you are consistently eating fast food and your body doesn’t feel very good then it may be a good time to eat some “home cooked meals.” SNACK IDEAS
2 string cheese and 5 triscuits or 8 wheat thins 2 snickers bars (fun size) yogurt honey peanut balance bar and fruit or 4 oz fruit juice 2 Reese’s peanut butter cups Apple or 1/2 banana and 2 tbsp peanut butter 2 ful sheets regular graham crackers and 1 cup milk or soy milk Luna bar and fruit or 4 oz juice or (one package- not king size or snack size) It is better to “just eat” without counting or measuring. You will need to unlearn al of the “number information” and measuring habits in order to ful y recover.

2 pieces toast 1 tablespoon jam or ½ banana


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