August MIMS Monthly Medicine Update
leading to urinary glucose excretion (glucuresis). a release liner. It is indicated for the treatment of Gastaut epilepsy types who are not adequately in the central nervous system with an active Bydureon (exenatide) is an extended release
Forxiga is indicated in type 2 diabetes (with diet, tobacco dependence by relieving nicotine craving stabilized with their current anticonvulsant inflammatory process, if alternative diagnoses microsphere formulation of exenatide. Exenatide exercise) as: monotherapy when metformin not and withdrawal symptoms, thereby facilitating have been excluded, and if they are determined is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor tolerated; initial combination with metformin smoking cessation in smokers motivated to quit. to be at high risk of developing clinically definite Galvumet (vildagliptin/metformin
agonist that exhibits several antihyperglycaemic when diet, exercise inadequate and poor response For smokers who are currently unable or not multiple sclerosis. High risk can be inferred from hydrochloride) is now indicated in combination
actions of GLP-1. Exenatide suppresses glucagon ready to stop smoking immediately, the Nicorette cerebral MRI with 2 or more lesions suggestive of with a sulphonylurea (i.e. triple combination secretion which is known to be inappropriately combination with metformin, sulfonylurea or 25 mg/16 hour Invisipatch can also be used for therapy) as an adjunct to diet and exercise in elevated in type 2 diabetes. Exenatide is indicated insulin (+/- metformin and/or sulfonylurea) when two weeks by people who smoke 15 or more patients inadequately controlled with metformin Trajenta (linagliptin) is now indicated in
for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in diet, exercise, existing therapy inadequate. It cigarettes per day in a preparation phase to reduce adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus to improve combination with metformin or sulfonylurea or is contraindicated in moderate to severe renal the need to smoke prior to stopping smoking glycaemic control in conjunction with diet metformin + sulfonylurea in patients who have not impairment. Forxiga is available as 10 mg tablets immediately. It is contraindicated in generalised Galvus (vildagliptin) is now indicated in triple
and exercise as monotherapy when metformin achieved adequate glycaemic control. Exenatide skin disease eg psoriasis, chronic dermatitis, combination with a sulfonylurea and metformin and sulfonylureas are not tolerated or are is contraindicated in patients with end-stage renal urticaria; non-tobacco users and in children < Imojev (Japanese encephalitis vaccine) is a
when diet and exercise plus dual therapy with contraindicated; or as add on to metformin, disease or severe renal impairment (creatinine 12 yrs. Nicorette 16hr Invisipatch is available monovalent, live attenuated viral vaccine specific these agents do not provide adequate glycaemic sulfonylureas or metformin plus sulfonylureas; or clearance < 30 mL/min). Bydureon is available as in 25mg/16hr (22.5cm2) in packs of 7’s, 14’s; to the Japanese encephalitis virus. Imojev is to insulin (with or without metformin).
a once weekly powder for injection supplied in a 15mg/16hr (13.5cm2) and 10mg/16hr (90cm2) indicated for prophylaxis of Japanese encephalitis in packs of 7 patches each. Each system contains Inspra (eplerenone) is now indicated to
caused by the Japanese encephalitis virus, in nicotine at a concentration of 1.75mg/cm2.
reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality and SAFETY RELATED CHANGES
Clobex (clobetasol propionate) is a topical
individuals from 12 months of age and over. morbidity in adult patients with NYHA Class II Daivobet 50/500 Gel (calcipotriol +
corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, Imojev is contraindicated in febrile, acute disease NEW INDICATIONS
(chronic) heart failure and left ventricular systolic betamethasone dipropionate) is now
and vasoconstrictive properties. It is postulated (postpone admin); congenital, acquired immune dysfunction (LVEF ≤ 30% or LVEF ≤ 35% in contraindicated in perianal and genital pruritus.
that corticosteroids induce lipocortins that Cialis (tadalafil) is now indicated in moderate
addition to QRS duration of > 130 msec), in control the biosynthesis of potent mediators eg chemotherapy, high systemic corticosteroid to severe lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) addition to standard optimal therapy.
The combination of Erbitux (cetuximab (rmc))
of inflammation such as prostaglandins and for 14 days (wait for at least 1 month after associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia with oxaliplatin containing chemotherapy is leukotrienes by inhibiting the release of their interruption of therapy) and HIV infection Janumet (sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate/
contraindicated for patients with mutant K-RAS common precursor, arachidonic acid. Clobex (symptomatic or asymptomatic when associated metformin hydrochloride) is now indicated
Daivobet 50/500 Gel (calcipotriol +
metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) or for whom is indicated as a topical treatment of moderate with impaired immune function). Imojev is also betamethasone dipropionate)
K-RAS mCRC status is unknown.
to severe scalp psoriasis in adults. Clobex is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. in the topical treatment of mild to moderate Protos (strontium ranelate) is now
contraindicated in skin areas affected by bacterial, Imojev is available as a powder for injection with sulfonylurea does not provide adequate glycaemic plaque psoriasis on the body in adults.
contraindicated in patients with a history of viral (varicella, herpes simplex, herpes zoster), ischaemic heart disease, peripheral arterial fungal or parasitic infections and specific skin Menitorix (haemophilus b conjugate vaccine
Eliquis (apixaban) is now indicated in stroke,
Januvia (sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate)
disease or cerebrovascular disease. It is also diseases (skin tuberculosis, skin diseases caused + neisseria meningitidis vaccine) is indicated
systemic embolism prevention in patients with is now indicated as triple combination therapy contraindicated in those with a systolic blood by lues). Clobex must not be applied to the eye for the prevention of invasive diseases caused nonvalvular atrial fibrillation and at least 1 pressure greater than or equal to 160 mmHg, or and eyelids (risk of glaucoma, risk of cataract) by Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and combination therapy with both agents does not diastolic blood pressure greater than or equal to or to ulcerous wounds. It is also contraindicated Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C (MenC). Erbitux (cetuximab (rmc)) is now indicated
in children less than 2 years of age. Clobex is Menitorix is contraindicated in those who are in combination with infusional 5-fluorouracil/ available as a 125 ml shampoo for 16 days of allergic to the tetanus toxoid. Menitorix is Mabthera (rituximab) in combination with
folinic acid plus irinotecan. It is also indicated in Rimycin (rifampicin) use is now contraindicated
available as a powder for injection vial with 0.5 glucocorticoids is now indicated for the induction combination with irinotecan in patients who are when given concurrently with the combination of of remission in patients with severely active Forxiga (dapagliflozin propanediol
ml of diluent in a pre-filled syringe in packs of refractory to first-line chemotherapy, and as first- Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA, also monohydrate) is an orally active inhibitor of
line treatment in combination with FOLFOX.
known as Wegener’s granulomatosis) and the human renal sodium glucose cotransporter 2 This list is a summary of only some of the Nicorette 16hr Invisipatch (nicotine) contains
Frisium (clobazam) is now indicated in children
(SGLT2), with nanomolar potency that improves changes that have occurred over the last month. nicotine in a thin, semi-transparent multi-layered (4 years of age and over) as adjunctive therapy glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes Before prescribing, always refer to the full product patch, comprising of a pre-coated backing layer, Rebif (interferon beta-1a) is now indicated
in patients with partial refractory and Lennox- mellitus by reducing renal glucose reabsorption a nicotine source layer, a skin adhesive layer and in patients with a single demyelinating event

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