Quiktrak qai leopard 10 alarm panel transceiver

QuikTrak Hybrid Transponder
Installation Instructions
Supplied items
Quiktrak antenna location
The Quiktrak antenna, which is used for communications
General description
with the Quiktrak network, can be located anywhere within The QuikTrak Hybrid Transponder (QHT) is a tracking the vehicle. The antenna can be flexed, but it should not be device principally designed for use in vehicles. It operates folded. The antenna should not be mounted directly to a on a Quiktrak Network and can use either a Quiktrak spread metal surface. The foam wrapping around the antenna is the spectrum transmission or GPS coordinates to generate absolute minimum spacing to any metal surface within the location information for the end user. It has a duress car. The antenna should be well hidden within the vehicle. function, one general alarm input with either +ve or –ve triggering and one relay driver output. It is fitted with a Lithium Ion backup battery for operation in the event that Wire colour
Wiring harness
The QHT wiring harness provides connection for all the
inputs and outputs. Wire colours and functions are detailed QHT mounting orientation
The QHT is fitted with an internal, directional, active GPS antenna. It needs to be orientated within the vehicle in such a manner that the GPS antenna is facing towards the satellites. Figure 2 shows the location of the antenna within Alarm Input
the module and Figure 3 shows the orientation of the device The QHT has a single alarm input which can be triggered required to achieve a view of the satellites. from either a positive or negative signal. Only one or the other can be used, not both. If the POS trigger input is to be QHT location
used (blue wire) then the NEG trigger input (green wire) Because of the GPS antenna constraints, care must be taken must be connected to vehicle battery –ve (ground). to locate the module in a suitable position within the vehicle. Alternatively, if the NEG trigger input is to be used, the Figure 4 shows some suggested locations. Make sure that POS trigger input must be connected to vehicle battery +ve. there are no large pieces of metal directly above the antenna. Make sure the QHT has been enabled on the network before commencing installation QuikTrak Networks Africa (Pty) Ltd 33 Riely Road, Pinewood Office Park, Building 6, Ground Floor, Woodmead, Johannesburg Duress Input
A duress alarm function is also provided on the QHT. The
two brown wires should be connected to a switch that is
positioned within the vehicle such that it is hidden but still is
able to be easily operated by the driver.
The brown wires should never be connected to vehicle
battery +ve or –ve.
Relay Output
A single output capable of driving a relay is provided. The
output is a current sink, that is one side of the relay coil is
connected to vehicle battery + ve and the other side of the
relay coil is connected to the yellow wire.
The maximum current that the yellow wire can sink is
Vehicle Voltage Supply
The red wire on the cable harness is connected to the vehicle battery +ve and the black wire is connected to the vehicle Installation Check
Before completing the QHT installation, a check should be Backup Battery
carried out to ensure that it is operating correctly. Contact The QHT is fitted with an internal Lithium-Ion backup your monitoring organization and make sure that the QHT battery. Before the QHT is installed in the vehicle, the can be tracked. Activate a duress alarm as a test and ensure backup battery needs to be enabled. This requires that the 4 that the monitoring personnel receive the duress alarm screws that hold the lid on the QHT enclosure are removed. notification. You will need to know the network ID number With the wiring harness positioned to the left of the enclosure, a small jumper can be seen inside the QHT on the left hand side between the wiring harness and the edge of the QTM module. The jumper should be moved to the top horizontal position. shows the jumper in the battery enabled position. Refit the enclosure lid and 4 screws. “Disclaimer - The user (The Company) monitoring and installing the equipment
indemnifies Quiktrak Networks Africa (Pty) Ltd from any claims whatsoever,
whether it relates to equipment failure or failure to transmit or receive radio
frequency signals. Quiktrak Networks Africa (Pty) Ltd advises that only trained
qualified technicians should install the equipment. Training in the equipment and

network systems are provided free of charge at the offices of Quiktrak Networks
Africa (Pty) Ltd. It is recommended that technicians test all connected triggers to

ensure that they are reporting to relative control room with the correct

QuikTrak Networks Africa (Pty) Ltd 33 Riely Road, Pinewood Office Park, Building 6, Ground Floor, Woodmead, Johannesburg

Source: http://www.quiktrak.co.za/images/Dart-Installation.pdf

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