Is there a generic drug available
A good choice
for my condition?
Remember, when you use a generic drug, you get the same quality as the brand-name drug – at a Most likely, yes. Many commonly prescribed drugs lower cost. To learn more about generic drugs, visit have generic versions. In fact, nearly 63 percent of our Web site or talk to your doctor or pharmacist. prescriptions are now filled with generic drugs. Below are a few of the most common generics and their brand-name counterparts.
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Brand Drug
Generic Equivalent
Visit our Web site or call Caremark Customer Care Adderall
amphetamine salts
fexofenadine HCL
Monday through Friday – 8 a.m. to midnight (EST)Saturday – 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST) glimepiride
zolpidem tartrate
Special Services
If you have a hearing impairment and need Diflucan
telecommunications device (TDD) assistance, please dial toll free: 1-800-863-5488. estradiol
fluticasone spray
Foltx Tablet
Your Prescription
Health and Prescription Information
metformin HCL
Your health plan has selected Caremark to administer Glucotrol XL
glipizide ER
your prescription benefit program. Caremark uses Drug Card Program
health and prescription information of covered Miacalcin
calcitonin nasal spray
members and dependents to administer your benefit. glycolax
Caremark generally reports that information to your meloxicam
health plan. Caremark also uses information and Pravachol
prescription data gathered from claims submitted nationwide for reporting and analysis without finasteride
Your privacy is important to us. Employees at your Wellbutrin SR
buproprion SR
health plan and at Caremark are trained regarding the appropriate way to handle your private alprazolam
The drug names listed above are the registered and/or unregistered trademarks of third-party pharmaceutical companies. These trademarks are included here for informational purposes only and are not intended to imply or suggest any affiliation.
Your Prescription Drug Card Program
What is a 3-tier plan?
Filing a Claim
Your prescription drug card program makes it easy (Most benefits are based on a 3-tier plan. Refer to If you always use network pharmacies for your for you to receive the prescriptions you need. When your benefit booklet to see if this applies to you.) prescriptions, you’ll never need to file a claim. you use a participating network pharmacy, you’ll Prescription drugs in a 3-tier plan are divided into For those rare times when you need to use a have NO claim forms to file and NO waiting for three tiers – Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Each tier is pharmacy that’s not in our network or if you ever reimbursement. At network pharmacies, the assigned a copayment or coinsurance amount, which forget to show your pharmacist your ID card, you pharmacist will use a computer to check your is the amount you pay when you receive a prescription. can file a claim for the amount you paid for your eligibility for benefits and to determine the amount Refer to your benefit booklet to find the amounts that you will pay for prescriptions. If you don’t present apply to you. Tier 1 drugs are generic drugs. For the Pay the full amount of the prescription and your ID card or you don’t use a network pharmacy, lowest out-of-pocket expense, you should always complete a Prescription Drug Claim Form.
you’ll have to file a claim and you may not be consider Tier 1 drugs if you and your doctor decide Mail your prescription drug receipt and your reimbursed for the full amount you paid.
they are appropriate for you. Tier 2 drugs are preferred brand-name drugs. Consider Tier 2 drugs if no Tier 1 Caremark
How much will I pay for my drugs?
drug is available to treat your condition. Tier 3 drugs Prescription Drug Claim Processing Center
are non-preferred and will usually cost you more. If Your prescription drug card program allows you P.O. Box 52059
you are using a Tier 3 drug, talk to your doctor about and your doctor to choose the right drugs for you. Phoenix, AZ 85072-2059
Tier 1 and 2 drugs that may be appropriate for you. The amount you will pay for your drugs is based on NOTE: Whenever a generic drug becomes available, You can obtain claim forms on the Prescription your benefit plan and the status of your drug on most of the time the brand-name drug will automatically Drug Information page on our Web site or by our Preferred Drug List. For copayment plans, you calling Caremark Customer Care toll free at typically pay a fixed copayment amount depending on the type of drug you receive. For coinsurance Selecting a Pharmacy
Your reimbursement check should arrive within plans, you will pay a percentage of the cost of the With your prescription drug card program, it’s easy 10-14 days from the day you mail your claim form. drugs. You may also pay a higher percentage to use a network pharmacy. With more than 57,000 You will be reimbursed according to your schedule network retail pharmacies to choose from, you’re sure What is a Preferred Drug List (PDL)?
to find one that’s convenient for you. To locate a network pharmacy, refer to your network pharmacy Save money with generics!
A PDL is a list of prescription drugs chosen for directory. If you don’t see your pharmacy listed, check If you want to lower your prescription drug costs, their clinical value and cost-effectiveness by an first with your pharmacy to see if it has been added to consider using generic drugs. Choosing generics independent panel of doctors and pharmacists. our network since the list was developed. You can also can be an excellent way to save money.
With our PDL, you and your doctor have the use the pharmacy locator on the Prescription Drug freedom to choose the prescription drug that Information page on our Web site or call Caremark toll works best for you. Since there may be more than Are generic drugs safe?
free at 1-888-963-7290. On behalf of your health plan, one drug available for your medical condition, Absolutely! Generic drugs become available when Caremark assists in the administration of this program. we encourage you to use generic and preferred patents expire on brand-name drugs. They contain Caremark is an independent company that administers brand-name drugs whenever possible to help you the same active ingredients as brand drugs, but are prescription drug benefits. You should always check manage your prescription costs. Although our PDL not manufactured under a brand name or trademark. with your pharmacy to see if it is part of our network is subject to change without notice at any time The color and shape of a generic drug may be before you have your prescriptions filled.
during the year, you can always find the most different from its brand-name counterpart, but the up-to-date PDL information on the Prescription active ingredients are the same for both. Generic Drug Information page on the Web site noted on drugs must meet the same U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards as the brand-name drugs. You should always ask your doctor to allow a generic substitution if one is available.


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