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L.A. bans plastic bags
Los Angeles became the largest city in thenation to approve a ban on plastic bags atsupermarkets.
On Wednesday, the Los Angeles CityCouncil voted 13-1 to phase out single-useplastic bags over the next 12 months at anestimated 7,500 stores, according toreports. After a year, retailers can charge 10cents for paper bags. The city's programwould be modeled after bag bans in otherCalifornia cities. This ban is expected to take effect later this year once a four-month envi-ronmental impact report of the bag ban is complete and the council adopts an ordinance.
"Los Angeles' bag ban ordinance is a significant step toward eliminating single-use bagsaround our state," said California assemblywoman Julia Brownley in a statement. "There isno time to waste in reversing the alarming 100-fold increase of plastic in the Pacific Ocean.
I applaud the City Council for standing up to the plastic bag manufacturers who lobbiedhard to defeat this ban and I will continue to work on a statewide ban to make an evenlarger dent in our plastic bag habit. All Californians benefit from a healthier environment." Campbell Soup Has Introduced a New Range of Sparkling Juices
Campbell Soup Company hasintroduced a new product line,the carbonated V8 V-FusionSparkling juice drinks that “plusthe benefits of fruits and veg-etables”.
According to SymphonyIRIInfoScan FDMx data FiscalYears, carbonated beveragesis the most popular drink in the U.S., and the sparkling juice category has doubled in thepast year to $20 million.
The new V8 V-Fusion Sparkling juice drinks offer consumers a 50-cal only, combinedserving of fruits and vegetables and contain no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors orpreservatives. The range includes Tangerine Raspberry, Black Cherry Pomegranate andStrawberry Lemonade that are already available in grocery and mass merchandise storesnationwide.
“We know that people love the refreshing taste of soft drinks, but they’re looking forhealthier options. That’s why sparkling juices have enjoyed an unprecedented boom,”said Dale Clemiss, Vice President, V8 Beverages. “V8 V-Fusion Sparkling is the perfectchoice–it has the sweetness and refreshing bubbles people crave, plus the nutrition theywant and need.” This spring, Campbell also launched V8 V-Fusion + Energy drinks, which is claimed to bethe healthiest alternative to most energy drinks on the market. These drinks provide natu-ral energy from green tea and taste of vegetables and fruit—Pomegranate Blueberry andPeach Mango.
In the last two years, Campbell introduced 18 new beverages, including juices, smoothiesand energy shots.
Casa Rex Creates New Package Design for Lux Body Lotion Range
Casa Rex has developed new packag-
ing for the Unilever-owned Lux Fine
Fragrances Body Lotion range, which
has just been launched in the South
African market.
In order to be easily identified by loyal
consumers, the design has retained key
visual elements that are already part of
the Lux universe, while introduced new
Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex,
comments on the project: “The gold
colourway of the brand as well as the
hierarchy of the information on pack to highlight the different fragrances, ensure that the
range is fully aligned and recognisable. Within this context, it was then possible to add new
visual elements, and to create an innovative range with widespread consumer appeal”.
Unilever & JDO Join Forces for Global Clear Launch in USA
Unilever has joined forces with JDO
Brand Design & Innovation to pro-
duce a new packaging design for
haircare brand, CLEAR, for its
launch this month into North
America. Clear’s roots began as a
local jewel and has now turned into
a €1bn global brand within a
decade, led by Global Brand
Director Francois Renard.
CLEAR positions itself as a Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy
brand for men and women. It will launch into America’s
fiercely competitive haircare sector competing with existing
brands, and creating a new Scalp & Hair sector. Scalp is
the foundation of strong beautiful hair, and for the first
time, Clear offers consumers the chance to work at ‘the right end of hair.’ CLEAR carves
a gentler, more premium, ‘beauty from within’ positioning. It contains an advanced mois-
ture complex of vitamins and nutrients to feed the scalp to leave hair beautiful and strong.
“JDO have managed to capture the spirit of Clear, and create stunning pack designs for
the US market which dial up the scalp and hair care therapy cues that we know our
American audience responds to. This is masstige haircare at its most sophisticated and
best,” commented Francois Renard.
The new brand launch will be backed by an advertising, promotion, and digital campaign
which is led by the celebrity A-lister Heidi Klum, an inspiring and admired personality in
the US, renowned for her success, her beauty and fashion expertise, and respected for
her views.
The new salon-inspired design embodies nourishing scalp therapy in a beautiful minimal-
ist style. A unique metallic-lilac base colour for the Women’s range and gunmetal teal for
the Men’s keeps the brand relevant to its target audience. There is also a multi-cultural
Shea range in creamy gold. Consumers can navigate through the extensive 14 variant
range with the help of tonally-aligned brightly-coloured variant bars. A silver hot foil nour-
ishing drop icon at the bottom of the female pack communicates the ingredients story, giv-
ing consumers a solid reason to believe.
Unilever Launches Signal Expert Protection with a Premium Package Design by
Reverse Innovation
Unilever has commissioned Italian agency
Reverse Innovation, specializing in brand and
product design, to create the graphic design for
the new range of Signal Expert Protection tooth-
pastes. The creative team was tasked to develop
a design which would reflect the core character-
istics of the product using meaningful visual ele-
ments on the packaging.
The creative team added a scientific touch to the design—on the pack, there’s a zoomed-inpicture of the toothpaste just like it could be seen through a microscope, so that con-sumers ‘see’ the particles of sanitizing formula, which helps keep their teeth clean andhealthy.
The DNA representation of the toothpaste and the font also add to the medical lab style.
The combination of white, green, blue and silver, which are the major colours of the palettein this design, evoke the strong feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
NIVEA Soft Smoothes Its Way into a New Target Market with Launch of ‘Fashion-
Ready Skin’ Experiential Campaign
Space has created an interactive
and engaging experiential cam-
paign for NIVEA Soft multipurpose
moisturising cream. It aims to bring
the brand to a new target audience
of young, aged 20-25, fashion-
focused women by building on the
brand’s own fashion credentials.
The ‘Fashion-Ready Skin starts
with NIVEA Soft’ approach taps into the strong interest in fashion amongst this group,
positioning the brand as the perfect base for any fashion occasion. It supports a range of
three limited edition branded pots which have been designed for NIVEA Soft by critically
acclaimed British fashion designer Nicola de Main.
The experiential activity centres around a stylish ‘boudoir’ stand which is going on touraround five major shopping centres across the UK, starting in Cabot Circus, Bristol, onJune 28. A professional fashion stylist will be on hand to provide a personal style consul-tation offering advice on how people can change their outfit to make it work for a glam-orous night out, a casual day around town or for a more professional work look. There willbe a range of fashion accessories for people to try on, along with mirrors and dressingtables where they can test NIVEA Soft for themselves.
The stand also features an interactive mirror for those walking by. The mirror streamscompliments and targeted fashion advice to people who walk past or stand in front of it,reinforcing the fashion message to those who don’t have a style consultation. A team ofbrand ambassadors will be handing out over 666,000 sample cards with NIVEA Soft sam-ples, a 50p money-off coupon and the chance to enter a free prize draw to win a stylemakeover worth £10,000 with Nicola de Main herself. The prize comes complete with astyled photoshoot for the winner and a friend to showcase their new looks.
Little Big Brands along with FIX Brands Introduces a New Innovative Youth-boosting
Product to the US Consumers

FIX, the first-of-its-kind clinicallyproven anti-aging beverage startedhitting store shelves in the US, offer-ing younger looking skin, and morehealthy hair and nails, all within a 16fluid ounce bottle with packagingdesigned by New York-based LittleBig Brands.
“It’s rare to come across somethingtruly unique in the beverage category,so we were definitely intrigued by theFIX brand,” said John Nunziato, cre-ative director, Little Big Brands. “Wefeel the finished bottle is the optimalbalance of technology and taste.”Each graphic and typographic element of package design was chosen to provide a carefulbalance of flavor cues, technology and modernity.
FIX is launching nationwide with four, zero calorie, light, refreshing, great-tasting flavors: AcaiRaspberry, Orange Pineapple, Strawberry Kiwi, and Blueberry Pomegranate.
Lil-Lets Brand Sees the Major Overhaul by BrandOpus
FMCG giants Kimberly-Clark
and P&G should stay on their
toes in the UK, as the competi-
tion for consumers’ hearts and
wallets in the feminine hygiene
segment is on the rise — with
the re-launch of an independ-
ent femcare expert Lil-Lets,
which is set to introduce the
new look and feel of all its
range as well as represent two new products.
London-based BrandOpus is the agency behind the brand’s strategic and visual overhaul.
The visual communication of Lil-Lets will be focused on discretion and femininity and
implemented through the new Lil-Lets GEM icon on all packaging, deriving from cross cul-
tural symbols for the Goddess, the Earth and the Moon.
Kate Jones at BrandOpus, says, “We have worked closely with Lil-Lets to design an iden-
tity for the brand which evokes the discreet and sophisticated world of beauty, cosmetics
and fashion. We wanted to create a brand that would stand apart from its competitors by
speaking from woman to woman. The GEM symbol is a confident and positive identity for
the Lil-Lets brand, which evokes femininity and an understanding of all that there is to
being a woman.”
Clodagh Ward, Director of Marketing at Lil-Lets, said, “At Lil-Lets we are passionate about
celebrating femininity and all there is to love about being a woman. Working with the team
at BrandOpus helped bring this vision to life, underpinning what we are all about, and
what the GEM logo symbolises — that we understand and cater for all women’s needs in
terms of sanitary protection”.

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Ministry of Environment & Forests Northern Regional Office Chandigarh DATA SHEET Project Type: Industry (Bulk Drugs) Name of the Project: Bulk Drugs by M/s Coral Drugs Pvt Ltd. Clearance letter (s)/ O.M No. & J-11011/135/2003-IA II (I) dt. 17.2.2006 4. Location: Address for correspondence: Chief Engineer (with Pin Code/ Tel M/s Coral Drugs Pv

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JAZZ PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. AND SOLVAY PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. ANNOUNCE LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR LUVOX® (FLUVOXAMINE MALEATE) TABLETS AND FLUVOXAMINE MALEATE EXTENDED-RELEASE CAPSULES IN THE UNITED STATES Palo Alto, California – February 1, 2007 – Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today a product license agreement under which Jazz Pharmaceuticals w

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