Patient Participation Group
Minutes of the Patient Participation Group meeting held at 1.30 pm on Tuesday 27.11.2013 in the waiting area, Perivale Medical Clinic. Present:
Mr M Hassanzadeh Bobli – PPG Group Member Ms Monika Lama – Health Care Assistant Agenda Item
Dr Koye opened the meeting and welcomed members of the Patient
Participation Group. Dr Koye passed on the apologies of those members
unable to attend.
Results of Patient Survey
Dr Koye informed the group that the results of the Patient Survey had
been very positive. 90% of all patient ratings about Perivale Medical
Clinic were good, very good, or excellent. The group agreed this was a
very encouraging outcome.
The surgery had noted the negative comments resulting from the survey,
and had resolved to improve the following:
 Waiting time for appointments
 Speaking with the Doctor over the telephone  Easier telephone access to the surgery Updates since last Meeting on 30.8.2013
 Jayex board had been moved to a position above the Reception desk  The Practice was trying out different ways to incorporate emergency  There were new Reception staff and the group agreed that they had  The telephone system/recorded messages had been looked at again. In-Depth Group Discussion
Telephone System
Dr Koye and Rehana reassured the Group that the telephone system would be improved. NB: Since the meeting, the surgery has met with BT
and the support company and the recorded message has now changed. Booking-in Jayex Terminal
The Group asked whether this could be moved higher, as children had been spotted playing with it. Also, some patients did not know how to
use the system properly and, to this end, the Group asked us to produce
instructions. These step-by-step instructions on how to use the booking-
in system, would be displayed above the terminal.
The Group expressed their concern at patients not keeping their
appointments and queried how many appointments were wasted per
week. Dr Koye explained that a single appointment slot was 10 minutes
long, but a double appointment could be booked if a patient needed more
time. There was concern over the amount of time the Doctor was
wasting because patients failed to turn up, and that other people could
have had those slots.
Dr Koye informed the Group that there were now appointment slots that
were made available on the same day. Patients would be able to call
early in the morning to enable them to be seen the same day. Advance
bookings were still available to those with less pressing needs.
Walk-in Clinic
Dr Koye explained that this had been tried in the past but was not a
viable system.
Concern was raised about the amount of hours the Doctor was working,
and the Group worried that she was doing too much. Dr Koye reassured
them that she was coping well.
Warfarin Nurse

It was hoped that a specialist nurse would be able to come to the surgery
to carry out regular blood checks on patients taking Warfarin. Dr Koye
expressed regret that this would be unlikely to happen, as there were
currently only 5 patients taking Warfarin – not enough to warrant a nurse
coming in to conduct the tests on site.
In the meantime, these patients were seen at Hillview Surgery, Bilton
Road, and Dr Koye was kept informed of their progress.
Abuse of Out-of-Hours Service
There was disquiet about the amount of people who over-used or abused
the out-of-hours service such as Harmoni or Care UK (111) Live. Dr
Koye said that she would contact patients who were found to be abusing
the system.
Health Checks
Annual health checks would be offered to all patients aged 40-74 years.
This prompted a discussion on the Shingles vaccine – why wasn’t it
available to all? Current Government guidelines state that only those in
the 70 to 79age bracket are eligible to receive the vaccine. This was
likely down to cost implications for the health service.
All agreed that the Shingles vaccine should be available to all who
wanted it.
The next Patient Participation Group Meeting was scheduled for May 2014 – exact date and time to be arranged. Dr Koye thanked those attending the meeting and looked forward to updating the Group of new developments at the next meeting


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