Question: What is this plant?
Answer: The plant was identified as English laurel. English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) is a bushy,
dense evergreen shrub that grows up to 25 feet tall and 30 feet wide at the 10 year mark. In mid to
late spring it produces fragrant upright racemes of flowers that are 2 to 5 inches long. These turn into
red cherry-like fruit that ripen to black in the fall. It is hardy in zone 6-9.Sources consulted: A-Z,
SEPTEMBER TO DO LIST Zones 7 to 9 Peninsula Garden club September is a month of change—day’s light fades sooner – no late long walks with the dogs. An-nual flowers are pushing forth a last blast of color. Summer vegetable crops are stil being har-vested and stored. Fruits are being picked for eating and storing. It’s a time of bountiful food and flowers. Bulbs: buying early gives you the best selection and quality. Plant them early in the fal for roots to develop before winter. Try massing them in drifts for outstanding colour. Planting fal blooming perennials such as Echinacea, Sedum Autumn Joy, Rudbeckias, ornamental grasses and Japanese anemones gives more fal color. Fal and winter veggies can stil be sown, such as radishes, spinach, swisschard, oriental greens and lettuce. Extend the growing season and protect your crops with row covers. Fertilize the lawn with a low N, high P and K product to encourage good root growth for a healthy grass next year. Deadheading the annuals will prolong their blooming into October. Plants stil need to be watered, especial y rhododendrons as they are setting their blooms for next season. Prune summer flowering shrubs and heathers. Begin bringing in your indoor plants that have summered outside. Check to insure that there are no insects or slugs in the soil. To be sure that the manure pile has composted long enough and is ready to use, check for earth-worms. It seems that they don’t like it hot and will not go into a manure pile until it cools. You’ll find them first on the outer edges and then in the center. So – take a peek and see where the worms are living.



SINGULAIR The FDA recently issued a report that a possible link between suicide and suicidal thoughts and Singulair is being studied further. The FDA is also studying similar links with suicidal tendencies and medications used for epilepsy, attention deficit disorders, and antidepressants. Below are some facts and recommendations about Singulair that I hope you will find useful. Please fe


L'EBRAISMO NELLA CULTURA OCCIDENTALE La Bibbia non è un libro su Dio, ma un libro sull'uomo. Chi è l'uomo nella Bibbia? Un essere postonel travaglio, ma che ha i sogni di Dio: il sogno di un'umanità che sia veramente la Sua immagine,che rispetti la saggezza, la giustizia e la misericordia; il sogno di Dio di non essere mai solo , ma diavere un egnere umano a compagno nel dramma continuo de

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