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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. 1.Which of the following is not a legitimate purpose of an investigation for employee misconduct? A. To determine whether company rules have been violated B. To ascertain whether company policies have been violated C. To catalog information about employees that might be derogatory for future use D. To determine if state laws have been violated E. To determine if federal laws have been violated Answer: C
2.The investigation's best approach to questioning relies on the following: A. Most suspects will lie or circumvent the truth. B. A suspect is innocent until proven guilty. C. A key suspect is guilty and evidence must be found. D. A signed statement in the form of a confession must be obtained. Answer: B
3.Some facts about drug users that may assist in recognizing problem areas during a drug investigation are set forth as follows. Indicate the one that is erroneous. A. The only common characteristic is that drug abusers use drugs to a point where they feel they can no B. The adult abuser of drugs commonly has a history of social maladjustment. C. Drug abuse is concentrated in but not confined to "slum area of large cities. D. Those who can afford to buy drugs without resorting to crime are less likely to be arrested for drug E. Chronic abuse of drugs is generally not considered a symptom of mental or emotional illness. Answer: E
4.A craving for a drug is exhibited often by the following: Answer: D
5.A narcotic addict is sometimes called: Answer: C
6.One whose sexual desires are directed to both men and women is known as a: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. Answer: B
7.When it is necessary to question a witness about sexual deviation all of the following should be avoided B. Giving the impression of being avid to develop the facts C. Leaving the impression you suspect subject of being a sex deviate D. Allowing the witness to frame the testimony in his or her own word Answer: D
8.In conducting gambling investigations, the security officer should A. Cooperate with local, county, state, or federal law enforcement Answer: A
9.Which of the following investigative resources should not normally be used in a gambling investigation conducted by a proprietary investigative force? Answer: C
10.In an investigation concerning regulations of common carriers in interstate commerce or investigation of railroad accidents, a good source of information would be the: Answer: D
11.In investigating homicide and suicide, the best source of information would probably be the: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. Answer: A
12.To obtain information concerning marriage licenses, an investigator would contact the: Answer: C
13.In conducting a "claim" investigation where the claim is a serious one and where there is cause for doubt in connection with the loss or claim, the type of investigation to be used is: Answer: C
14.One of the following is not one of the desired characteristics of a statement obtained during a claim A. It should be written in ink or indelible pencil, or typed. C. It should be in short paragraphs with two spaces between each paragraph. E. It must contain the identification of the person making it. Answer: C
15.A sudden, violent, and noisy eruption, outburst, or discharge by material acted upon with force, such as fire, shock, or electrical charge, which causes the material, either solid or liquid, to convert into gas and violently expand or burst is the definition of: Answer: D
16.A yellow-colored crystalline solid pertains to the following explosive: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. Answer: E
17.Which of the following is not a high explosive? Answer: A
18.Which of the following could be considered a source of information? Answer: D
19.One of the following is not considered an element of the common law crime of arson: Answer: A
20.Which of the following is not usually applicable to a confession? B. It was made subsequent to commission of a wrongful act. C. It is often applied to civil transactions. D. It gives no inference other than guilt. Answer: C

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