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If you have not accessed a Yahoo group before you must be registered with Yahoo and link your registration to the email address you are using in the group. Yahoo requires that you make up a unique name for use of their services (Yahoo ID). NOTE: If you already have a Yahoo ID, skip down to Accessing the Archives.
NOTE: You do not need a Yahoo email address for this. We're talking about a Yahoo ID – two different animals. 1. Go to the Yahoo Groups website: 2. Click on "Sign Up" (IF YOU DO HAVE A YAHOO ID, SIGN IN and go to Accessing 3. Fill in the form (you have to make up a unique name for yourself - this is called an ID). Be sure to unclick the box that gives you a Yahoo email address if you don't want this (and there is no reason to have one if you've already got an email address). "Alternate E-Mail" means *alternate* from using Yahoo mail, so in this space please enter your e-mail address that is subscribed to the group. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. Because of the very large number of people in the Yahoo community, it's possible that the Yahoo ID you have selected may already be used by someone else, and you'll need to choose another or another until one is accepted. IMPORTANT: Write down your Yahoo ID and your Yahoo password on a note card to keep near your computer monitor, in a safe place. You'll need them later, every time you are asked to sign in. 4. At some point you will be asked to link your ID to the email address you are already using with the group (Just so it knows that you can access the group utilities and that you are the same person who is already registered with the group.) 5. Once you have finished registering an ID for yourself, you should be brought to a page that says "My Groups" and P2P-CO should be listed. If not either do a search for the group called P2P-CO OR type in this URL in the address box: 6. Yahoo Groups will send you a "Registration Confirmation" in your regular email telling you all the things you can do with your new Yahoo! account - except that it may forget to mention the Yahoo Groups service! <grin> These procedures may change from time to time. If you have difficulty accessing the archives contact [email protected]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accessing the Archives:

P2P receives many requests for information that the listserv stores in its archives. It’s easy to go
back and find the name of the doctor you thought you would never need, the date of a workshop,
or the answer to, “What WAS that brilliant idea for getting Depakote down?”
You can't read the archives, however, without a Yahoo ID and your subscribed email address linked to it. The yahoo website will give you information on how to do this or follow the steps listed above. After you have a Yahoo ID, go to On the left hand side a bar lists the groups to which you belong. Click on “P2P-CO” and then again on the left hand side of the next window click on “messages.” Find the search box where you can search the messages by typing in the word you want to search for (for example, "moving," "autism," "social skills." It’s that easy. If you get stuck, email me at [email protected] for additional instructions. LINK YOUR ADDRESS AND YOUR YAHOO ID
Already have a Yahoo ID but you subscribed to a group via email with another email address? 1) Go to 2) Below "Don't have a password? Forgot your password?" enter your subscribed e-mail address and click the "Continue" button. Follow the instructions. 3) Check your e-mail. You will receive an "Authorization Code" from Yahoo. Click the clickable link in that message. It will take you to a screen (page) where you simply type in your short authorization code. ACCESS THE WEB SITE (finally!) 1) Go to 2) Enter your Yahoo ID (NOT your e-mail address) and your Yahoo password. Click "Sign In". A page will open called "MyGroups," showing all the Yahoo Groups to which you have an active subscription. Bookmark this page if you are subscribed to more than one group. 3) Click on the name of our group (p2p-co). Our group's home page will open. (Bookmark this page if you want to return here more than once - make it easy on yourself). 4) Use the links on the left of the page to navigate the site (and this is where you would search the archives).



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