Health Products Sciences and Technologies
PhD Day 2007
Tuesday, December 4

Departments of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences Oral Communications of PhD Students
Nicola Andreoli
Tutor: L.F.Agnati
Physiological and pathological aspects of the communication in the cellular Cotutor: K.Fuxe, Departm. Neuroscience, Karolinska and molecular networks of the central nervous system. Institutet, Stockholm(S)
Chiara Carone

Protein-protein interactions in the central nervous system: physiological Federica Caggia
Microarray analysis of the chronic escape deficit model of depression: effects of escitalopram treatment in hippocampus. Miriam Sgobba
Protein structural characterization and rational design of pharmacologically active compounds through computational methods. Rosaria Luciani
Development of analytical methods for the evaluation of inhibitors of Coffee Break
Federica Palazzoli
New analytical techniques for biologically active substances in the Greta Petrilli
Stress and anxiety during pregnancy: risk factors for mother and child Tutor: J.Blom
health. Development of a prevention strategy. Chiara Ponzoni
Study and development of oxidoreductase enzymes as industrial Marco Forghieri
Human low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase: design and Poster session
Claudia Ori
Boronic esters in the synthesis of biologically active compounds. Valerio Giangiordano
Synthesis and reactivity of polychlorinated 2-pyrrolidinones: synthesis of 5- Gianluca Degliesposti
Drug Design through the Development and Application of Computational Ferdinando Spagnolo
New metal complexes of pharmaceutical interest: design, theoretical calculation, pharmacokinetic and thermodinamic studies. Papotti Giulia
Study of functional foods and development of nutraceuticals: analytical and Lucia Bondioli
New modified polyesters for the preparation of nanoparticulate systems. Tutor: L.Costantino
Alessio Ligabue

Studies on antiproliferative effects of classic and non-classic folate inhibitors against cisplatin-sensitive and –resistant human ovarian cancer cell lines. Cristina Valsenisi
Gene expression profiling on the Hippocampus of a rat model of depression. Davide Guerrieri
Studies on the modulation of cell resistance to cisplatin in human ovarian Kjell Fuxe - Member of the Nobel Assembly - Departm. Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet , Stockholm (S)
Receptor heteromers and their function in the basal ganglia. Relevance for neurological and mental diseases. Coffee Break
Francisco Gamarro
Istituto Parasitologya, Granada (E)
ABC transporters in Leishmania spp.: implications in drug resistance. International Scientific Committee Summit
Students, Researchers and Teachers are invited.

Source: http://notizie.unimo.it/campusfile/file/atevt/file20486.pdf


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