ExtenZe Clinical Study
Beatrix G. Frasure, MSN, ARNP, BC
Daniel S. Stein, M.D., F.A. C. O. G.
Foundation for Intimacy
Tampa, Florida

ExtenZe, an all natural pro-sexual herbal and male pro-hormone sexual nutrition supplement, was
the focus of this study. Currently the market is flooded with herbal supplements claiming
amazing results that are physically and physiologically impossible to achieve and implausible to
believe. It was our intent to document authentic, experienced results on sexual performance,
sexual desire, and sexual intimacy from a clinical perspective. This study was conducted in a
professional medical setting.

The final study group successfully achieved our goal and requirement of twenty men (N=20) with
ages ranging from 32 to 59 years.
The study entailed a participant commitment of at least 8 weeks, starting with an initial interview
and evaluation, followed by weekly scheduled telephone follow-up interviews. The question
criteria were evaluated by medical review for objectivity and validity. Weekly, the same series of
thirteen questions were asked. These were divided under three sub-headings: 1) Sexual
Desire/Sexual Energy/Passion, 2) Sexual Power/Pleasure/Performance, and 3) Overall Sex Life
Improvement. At weekly intervals, the thirteen question ratings of the previous seven days sexual
experiences were documented utilizing the Likert scale from one to ten.
Penile measurements were required at intervals of week one, week two, month one and month
two. During the first interview, participants were asked to purchase a measuring tape, and the
method of measurements was explained in detail. Demonstration of measurement requirements
and procedure was then reviewed.
It was stressed that our attention focused on each participant’s perception of desire, energy,
passion, power, pleasure, performance, and the quantitative and qualitative improvement in
sexual intimacy. The psycho-physiologic effect of taking a sexual enhancement nutritional
supplement each morning was considered in interpreting our findings. The thought process of
taking a pill to enhance any aspect of health or wellness may be expected to create a positive
effect in a certain percentage of people taking it. This phenomenon is called the placebo effect.
This is true for all supplements and medications. For sexual enhancement, the placebo effect
should account for approximately 15% improvement. These considerations were included in our
evaluation and the study’s stringent statistical analysis.
Participants were instructed to take one tablet of ExtenZe each morning, at the same time, to
achieve a consistent and controlled blood level.
The improvements for each of the thirteen questions and each group of questions were
consistently and significantly positive far beyond what may reasonably be attributed to placebo or
psycho-physiologic effect. Sexual performance improvement incorporated many aspects of
sexual function, and was significant both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The results for each of the thirteen questions had staggering similarities. Statistically significant
improvement was noted in all subjective categories. A significance value (p-value) < .05 is called
significant. A p-value < .01 is called highly significant. A p-value of < .001 is very highly
significant. In every sub-heading category ExtenZe showed statistically significant improvement
in sexual health.
A. Sexual Desire/Sexual Energy/Passion
The following four questions were considered: How many significant sexual events have you had in the last week? (i.e., vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, oral sex) How many times did you masturbate in the last week? How many times did you become hard or sexually aroused by erotic content in the last week? (Including all forms of media, internet, casual encounters) How often did you sexually fantasize in the last week?
The overall p-value under this sub-heading is p = .001 and is therefore very highly significant.
The results show a 99% level of difference between week one and week eight utilizing a Fisher
post-hoc paired t-test to see whether taking ExtenZe resulted in a week to week improvement.
The results confirmed a significant improvement after four weeks. They also confirmed further
significant improvement between the fourth and eighth week. It was clear that for optimum
results, ExtenZe should be taken for at least eight weeks. The increase in sexual thoughts and
fantasies rose with statistical significance in all participants taking ExtenZe once a day.
B. Sexual Power/Pleasure/Performance

The following six questions were evaluated under sub-heading two:
Was your confidence and ability to achieve and maintain a hard erection improved? 1 Statistical analysis performed by Dr. Brian Garman, Professor and Chairman of Department of Mathematics University of Tampa. Did it take less stimulation to achieve a hard erection? Was your erection firmer, stronger, longer or harder? How pleased were you with the improvement in your erection? Were you able to maintain a firm, hard erection longer during sex? Was the pleasure you got from your penis more than you previously experienced? The overall p-value under this sub-heading is p = .05 and was therefore statistically significant. The statistical analysis in this sub-category shows a 95% level of significant difference between starting ExtenZe and after taking ExtenZe for eight weeks in the confidence of erection, ease of arousal to erection, firmness of erection, satisfaction of erection and maintenance of erection, which in turn statistically increased the number of sexual events participants were able to enjoy. C. Overall Sex Life Improvement

The following questions were asked:
Were you more pleased with your sexual performance this week than last? Were you more pleased with your sex life as a whole this week than last? Has taking ExtenZe (described in the study as “the pill”) contributed to an overall improvement in the quality of your sex life?
The overall p-value under this sub-heading was p = .001 and therefore very highly significant.
There was a 99% improvement in sexual performance satisfaction after taking ExtenZe for eight
weeks. These results provide evidence to conclude that when taking ExtenZe it is advisable to
continue taking the pill for at least eight weeks before the full effect can be noted. Analysis did
not show a statistically significant improvement between the first and the fourth week of taking
ExtenZe, but did show a highly significant improvement in increased sexual pleasure and
performance by the time study participants had taken ExtenZe for eight weeks.
Results on a percentage basis:
Sexual Desire/Sexual Energy/Passion
Increase in weekly sexual events. (Intercourse, masturbation etc.) Sexual Power/Pleasure/Performance
More confidence in achieving a full erection Increase in penile sensitivity, less stimulation Increase in patient satisfaction with erections Increase in maintaining erection to complete intercourse Overall Sex Life Improvement
Increase in personal sexual performance satisfaction Increase in satisfaction of sex life as a whole Increase in overall improvement including sexual activity,
Penile measurement findings:

One participant started from 4” erect in circumference and went to 5.5”. He also had an increase
in the flaccid state in length from 2.5” to 4”.
Study also showed that results improved each week after beginning ExtenZe. This weekly
improvement in sexual enhancement continued throughout the entire 8 week study period.
Personal quotes from participants during and after the study:
“I feel wonderful, have increased firmness, greater ease of arousal, and better sexuality as a
whole. Penile sensitivity is much improved .”
“ExtenZe increased the amount, strength and intensity of my orgasms. I noticed a definite
increase in number of erections throughout the night and day.”
“The increase of sexual thoughts and fantasies while taking ExtenZe is enormous.”
“My semen volume increased by 50%”
“I feel an increase of vim and vigor, especially during the first 4-5 hours after taking ExtenZe. I
feel greater responsiveness and connectedness of mind and penis.”
“On ExtenZe, I feel an overall increase in energy, sensitivity and sexual thoughts.”
“ExtenZe gives me an increase in sex drive, sexual dreams, and erection firmness. I stopped
taking Viagra half way through study because my girlfriend liked ExtenZe better! She said
ExtenZe made me seem more caring, desirous and passionate, and not as aggressive as with
Viagra. ExtenZe stabilized my mood and loving desire.”
“With ExtenZe I wasn’t worried, it gave me more confidence!”

“I lost 44 pounds and can’t stop making love!”
“I experienced an increase in morning erections and nightly erections and dreams. I even had a
‘wet dream’! ExtenZe makes me feel like I am a teenager again.”
“My partner likes the added attention, plus ExtenZe helps me achieve an erection, even when I
am tired.”
“I could not find anything negative and I was skeptical. ExtenZe increased my confidence all
around, plus I lost 4 pounds and felt much more vigorous…in all the right ways.”
One sentence expression about ExtenZe “ExtenZe gives me More Confidence”…was a
recurrent theme.
Discussion and Analysis:
ExtenZe increases sexual pleasure and improves sexual performance naturally. It works for adult
men of all ages. Study subjects experienced dramatic results in their sex and intimate lives.
Whether 30 or 60 ExtenZe helped sexual enjoyment and contributed to longer lasting, more
frequent, and more stimulating sex in as little as two to four weeks, but for best results the study
showed that it was necessary to take ExtenZe for eight weeks. ExtenZe was found to be a safe
and effective choice for men who prefer an all natural approach to optimal sexual health and
sexual enhancement. ExtenZe showed no side effects and no adverse reactions when taken daily
as directed. Results and improvement should continue as long as ExtenZe is taken daily. We
would expect a gradual return to a less than optimal state of sexual health after stopping ExtenZe.
Increased desire and romantic sexual thoughts set the table for better sexual communication,
longer lasting intimate encounters, and more time to exchange the love that intimacy
communicates from one partner to another. This means increased stamina, stronger erections, and
enhanced pleasure for both partners. With ExtenZe no doctor visits are necessary to get a
prescription. ExtenZe worked better then Viagra to improve desire and sexual enthusiasm.
(Viagra only improves erection strength, and has NO EFFECT on desire, lust, passion, stamina,
or overall virility.)
ExtenZe improves BOTH sex drive and sexual performance for normal men, and may reasonably
be expected to have even more dramatic effects on men with a weak sex drive or low sexual
stamina. These symptoms occur in an estimated 15 million American men, and may be related to
the inexorable natural hormone decline which begins at 20 years of age and continues on a
downward decline the older one gets. It may also be associated with stress, fatigue, sleeplessness,
sexual inactivity, pressure from work or home…. ExtenZe’s Male Pro-hormone Blend may be
used by the body to efficiently and naturally to produce optimal replenishment of this male
hormone depletion. ExtenZe restores a youthful healthy zest for life, better mood, and improved
sexual appetite and performance.
Poor and declining penis and genital blood flow may insidiously affect the vast majority of
people (it is estimated that Americans start developing hardening and narrowing of their arteries
at 2 years old, primarily related to diet, stress, and lack of exercise). The natural penile blood
flow enhancement of ExtenZe Sexual Response Enhancement Blend of history proven herbal,
all natural, penis blood flow and potency enhancers has been shown in this study to work.

This may be attributable to the synergy of the proprietary blend of ingredients, as well as the bio-
enhancer effect of its 2000 year old Ayurvedic medicine derived components which specifically
target optimal and fast absorption.
ExtenZe is shown to strengthen sex drive, enhance sex performance, boost sexual ability, increase
sexual stamina, and improve sexual self-confidence. This means more frequent sexual contact,
more gratifying and rewarding sexual contact, and a better quality of life in general.
ExtenZe works within the complex male system to not only awaken a sluggish libido, but it
intensifies and enhances sexual sensations themselves, thereby making sex more fun, more
frequent, more satisfying, and longer lasting.
ExtenZe is a powerful new prosexual supplement that is a breakthrough in the arena of love and
intimacy. Its medical and scientific design simultaneously addresses the most significant
impediments to a fantastic sex life: Desire and Performance.
Curiously, the observed increase in erectile firmness, fullness, size, sensitivity, and function may
well be due to the cumulative effects of its ingredients. While the brain is stimulated by thoughts,
fantasies (conscious and subconscious), and mood (the ExtenZe Pro-hormone Blend ingredients
have been shown to do this), the penis gets the message during dream sleep to become erect
(Younger men with higher DHEA and Testosterone levels may have an average of 5 nocturnal
erections a night as measured by Rigiscan computerized erection testing at the Foundation for
Intimacy). Virile men frequently awaken with a morning erection. These dream and morning
erections dilate and distend the spongy tissue in the corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosa of
the penis, like wetting and then wringing a sponge. With age and stress both the night time sleep
erections and the morning erections decline in strength and frequency. The penis’ erectile tissue is
less and less frequently stretched and worked. It is like an old sponge you forgot about for years
beneath the kitchen cabinet. When you find it, it is hard as a rock, shrunk and stiff. And even if
you try to wet it, its absorbency and elasticity have been lost. We can go to the grocery store to
buy a new soft and fully absorbent sponge, but not renewed spongy tissue for the penis. ExtenZe
helps keep your penis’ spongy erectile tissue healthy, expanded and readily enlarged. ExtenZe
promotes the blood flow that keeps working even while you sleep to help create more and better
nocturnal erections with more and better morning erections. Since ExtenZe improves sexual
dreams and thoughts it is truly a natural prosexual formula that not only works all day, every day
… but all night, every night.
“If you don’t use it, you lose it” is an age old adage that is true for many things. It is very true for
sex and intimate connection. It is equally true for genital blood flow and hormone levels. ExtenZe
promotes better sex. Better sex promotes more sex and more intense prolonged sexual contact.
That promotes both improved penile blood flow and better hormone levels.
Dr. Dean Ornish, M.D. wrote in his book “Love and Survival”: “Love and intimacy are at the root
of what makes us sick and what makes us well, what causes sadness and what brings happiness,
what makes us suffer and what leads to healing. If a new drug had the same impact, virtually
every doctor in the country would be recommending it to their patients. It would be malpractice
not to prescribe it….”
ExtenZe is the answer. No prescription needed.
Since ExtenZe is shown by this study to improve both desire and fantasy, and since it has also
been shown to improve sexual self-image, ExtenZe increases sexual energy levels in exciting new
ways. Dreams and desires will generate the energy to focus on love and intimacy, and focus
makes things happen. We live in a world built on energy. Men who bring zest for healthy
sexuality into their relationships will increase their life energy. Loving sexuality makes
relationships expansive, creative, and ultimately more fulfilling and more rewarding. Sex without
energy, confidence, and inner enthusiasm is not only frustrating, it is energy-sapping.
ExtenZe helps keep sexual energy levels high. Heightened sexual energy stimulates your
senses…your receptivity to not only penile sensations, but also sight, sound, smell, taste and
touch. The confidence it subtly builds encourages prolonged sexual contact with more time for
emotional connection to better build a bond of intimacy with your partner. Relaxed, playful,
uninhibited enthusiasm is supported.
Taking ExtenZe supports the attitude that our bodies and their sexuality are not something to be
ashamed of, but something to be loved, cherished and taken care of. ExtenZe can help any man
unleash his sexual power. This power improves our lives and health. It counteracts the high
stress, poor diet, prescription drugs, fatigue, and aging that weaken sexual desire and performance
for all men.
This study shows that the all natural pro-sexual herbal and male pro-hormone sexual nutrition
supplement ExtenZe boost sexual desire, sexual energy and sexual passion. The study reveals
that sexual power, sexual pleasure and sexual performance are significantly enhanced by taking
ExtenZe for at least eight weeks. Taking ExtenZe for eight weeks revealed a highly significant
overall sex life improvement. Based on the encouraging positive outcomes of this study, a double
blind placebo-controlled clinical trial is currently in progress.
ExtenZe promotes better sex. In our opinion, better sex promotes a healthier and longer life.
Beatrix Frasure, MSN, ARNP, BC
Daniel S. Stein, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.


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