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Julianne M. Forbes, N.D.
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INTERFERING OR ANTIDOTING FACTORSIF POSSIBLE, AVOID THESE WHEN UNDER HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT If you are using, plan to be using, or somehow become exposed to any of the following products, therapies, herbs or medications
please notify me during the interview or later. If, after taking the remedy, you become exposed and notice any change in your
symptoms, please call me.
For some patients, certain prescription medications should not be discontinued abruptly. If on medications, the potency and frequency of
repeating the remedy may need to be adjusted. Once we are certain that the remedy prescribed is working we can devise a plan to gradually taper
off and eventually discontinue the medications. Prescription medications. Many will not interfere, some will.

Dental work - drilling, filling, extraction, root canals. These will often, but not always, "antidote" or cancel out the beneficial
effect of the homeopathic remedy. Tell me if you have any upcoming dental work scheduled, or symptoms recur after undergoing
dental fillings, extractions, etc. Cleaning of teeth by a dental hygienist is generally not a problem.
Other homeopathic remedies or repeating the remedy too soon usually antidotes the beneficial effects of the previously
prescribed or constitutional remedy. Avoid taking cell salts or other homeopathic remedies. Please consult me before taking
another homeopathic remedy. Some over the counter medications. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and tylenol in moderation usually do not
interfere with the homepathic remedy, but other medicines might.
Coffee. Coffee usually antidotes homeopathic remedies. Some people are even antidoted by decaf. Caffeine, even in tea or cola
drinks, will antidote some people. It is recommended to avoid caffeine while under homeopathic treatment. If you are unwilling to
do this, please tell me. Other substances that can interfere:
· Camphor is in many products such as chap stick, and antidotes most homeopathic remedies.
· Strong aromatics, including concentrated scents, perfumes, essential oils, aromatherapy, eucalyptus.
· Tea Tree Oil, in concentrated form, can antidote remedies.
· Mint, as in toothpaste, antidotes a few remedies (Phosphorus, Natrurn muriaticum). Most people are not adversely affected
by mint toothpaste. Strong mints, as in Altoids peppermints, may antidote.
· Medicinal herbs; many are compatable, in small doses. Some will antidote. Please let me know if you are taking herbs.
· Salves and topical skin applications, especially containing hydrocortisone or zinc, for skin eruptions, poison oak, etc.
Homeopathic treatment may necessitate skin eruptions as part of the healing process, and these should not be suppressed.
· Anything that stops a discharge. A homeopathic remedy often will stimulate a discharge, such as mucous from the nose or
throat, discharging from a wound, or a vaginal discharge. Anything dig suppresses this discharge would be contrary to healing,
and would definitely interfere with the action of the homeopathic remedy. Examples would be herbs or antihistamines to dry up
mucous membranes and halt discharges, or douches (even natural douches with vinegar or yogurt) that stop a vaginal discharge.
· Vitamins. Very large doses of vitamins or minerals may interfere. Moderate doses are safe.
· Chinese herbs and Acupuncture treatments often antidote the homeopathic remedy.
· Psychic healing treatments have been known to antidote certain people.
· Strong chemicals, including paint in poorly ventilated areas, glues, etc. will be harmful to people sensitive to these odors.
Many people are not adversely affected by paint fumes, etc.
· "Recreational Drugs": marijuana, cocaine, etc., often inactivate homeopathic remedies Alcohol in moderation is ok.
· Huge stresses, emotional shocks, grief, etc. These are unplanned, but be aware that they can so overwhelm the vital force
that a new remedy may be indicated, or the former remedy may need to be repeated in a high potency.
· Surgery will sometimes antidote the remedy.

If, after taking the homeopathic remedy, you are exposed to any of these items, there is a chance the remedy
will be "antidoted", inactivated, or its beneficial effects cancelled. If so, you may undergo a partial or a full
relapse. If this occurs, as a rule we need to wait 10 14 days to be positive that it is a true relapse. Often, if
someone is exposed to a particular stress we may classify as an antidoting factor, the vital force will rebound
and the beneficial effect of the remedy will remain intact, especially if the harmful stimulus (coffee, etc.) is
eliminated from the diet. If the symptoms were definitely better after taking the homeopathic remedy, but
then worsened after being exposed to the antidoting factor, and don't improve in two weeks, the remedy will
probably need to be re administered. Call me if this occurs.

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