Lightweight 4" (112mm) Receipt
Printers with Three Wireless Options

• Designed to withstand rigors of mobile computing
• Contemporary, lightweight, robust printer
• Over-molding on S4500THS for additional protection

in rugged environments
• Easy “drop-in” paper loading
• Easy to wear all day long with belt loop system or shoulder strap
• New high speed communication system for IrDA, Bluetooth

and Serial modes
• A field tried, robust IrDA communication system included as standard
• More receipts per charge with high capacity Lithium Ion battery
• Faster printing to reduce the time to print each receipt
• State-of-the art integrated ARM-7 micro-processor
• Flash memory—add logos, bar codes and other graphic elements
• Optional built-in ISO standard 3-track micro magnetic-card-readers

and/or smart card reader
• Optional integrated Bluetooth™ or 802.11b module for state-of-the-art
wireless communication
• Full 12 month warranty including print head
New S4500THS/S4000T Design Details
Highly Integrated Arm-7 32 bit Microcontroller
Fast charge circuit with auto switch to
by ST-Microelectronics:
top-off charge:
• Flash based Integrated CPU contains firmware, resident
• Power adapter option, auto switch to AC power when
fonts, rotated fonts, downloadable fonts, graphics, logos,
charging adapter is used
and bar codes
• Hardware and software power management
• Incorporates Flash and SRAM memory
• New extra capacity Lithium Ion battery cartridge (2200 mA/h)
• Manages all the features supported by the printer
Easy to Integrate:
Low power precision Regulator Circuits:
• Multiple Communication Interfaces including IrDA, Bluetooth
• 8 bit 2 channel A/D circuit to measure system and printer
and 801.11b
mechanism voltage levels, battery and thermal print head
• MS-DOS and Windows compatible with full-speed handshake
• Print Drivers available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP
• Fail safe circuit
• Print Utilities available for CE (including Windows CE; Pocket PC,
.NET) and Palm-based operating systems
SEIKO thermal print head
(rated at 2" per second at 7.2V):

Special Features:
• Easy Load Clamshell style paper load system with push
button release for paper door
• Resident fonts to enable printing from 10 to 26 characters per inch
• Automatic thermal print contrast control (voltage and
• Protective elastomer bumpers on S4500THS
temperature dependent)
• Printer is in-field programmable for firmware, font and logo setup
• High speed, high resolution print
• Optional integrated magnetic card reader and/or smart card reader
• Built-in detectors to monitor voltage and paper-out.
• Two-bay battery re-charger

285 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, MA 02451-1064
Phone: 781-890-7440 • FAX 781-890-7864
S4500THS/S4000T Series
Print Mechanism:
User Interfaces/Mechanical:
Printing Method:
Status indicators:
Dot Per Line:
Number of heat elements:
Printing Width:
User switches:
RJ type (6 pin) for Data I/O; DC input Power Jack Paper feed pitch:
Printing speed:
50mm/sec linear @ 7.2 Volts 25% print density Infra-Red (IrDA) with Ambient Light Filter; Head Temperature detection:
By thermistor with hardware protection against Integrated Bluetooth radio module (optional); Integrated magnetic card reader (optional); Paper-out/TOF detection:
Operating Voltage:
Current Consumption:
One year standard (3 years available at extra Standard Operating Features:
OEM Products:
Character set:
ASCII International and IBM Graphic set plus downloadable option. All font tables are Environmental Specifications (Preliminary):
Graphic print:
Bit addressable graphic command set graphic logo Operating Temperature:
store and print. Black or Q-Mark Sensing Storage Temperature:
Bar codes:
Codes 39,128, 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC/EAN-8 Humidity:
UPC/EAN-13, Codabar, and 2-D barcode (PDF 417) Agency Approvals:
Product Emissions and Immunity Certification Supervised operation:
FCC: Part 15 Subpart B, Class B CE: EN60950
voltage, Print head temperature, buffer status, CE: EN55022 Class B;
CE: EN61000-3-2;
Line Buffering:
CE: EN61000-3-3;
Characters per line:
CE: EN50024.
Character Size:
AS/NZ: 3548 Class B
Complies with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
Print contrast:
Print Output:
Double high, double wide bold print, underline Complies with Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
Conforms to ANSI/UL STD 60950 & Certified to
No. 60950-00 CB Certified
ETL Listed, control # 3046813
RS232C and IrDA standard; Bluetooth option: GS certified, certificate #04USO0384-1
Baud Rate:
2400, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 baud, Ordering Information:
Fast IrDA Transfer Speed:
Up to 115K depending on computer capability Std.IrDA Transfer Speed:
change last digit to 2 for Euro style 220V Adapter Print Media:
change last digit to 4 for UK style 240V Adapter Paper Width:
Lines of Print/roll:
4400 (2.0" diameter roll, 0.4" core, [ ] add "RS" for MCR and Smart Card√ [ ] add “-1” for Bluetooth option (eg 78328I2R-1) Paper Rolls per Charge:
Lines per Charge:
~ 17,500 (4" receipt followed by 60 second S4000T with RS-232 and 115K IrDA Interface (US Style Adapter)change last digit to 2 for Euro style 220V change last digit to 4 for 240V UK style Power supply:
Internal rechargeable battery with wall mount Battery:
[ ] add "RS" for MCR and Smart Card DC Power Pack:
[ ] add “-1” for Bluetooth option (eg 78618I2R-1) Battery Recharge:
Internal Fast 180 min fast charge with auto switch to top off charge; Over-voltage, Overcurrent and over- Accessories:
Power Adapter, 12-16 VDC input vehicle adapter Power ON/OFF:
Power ON/OFF switch, or by raising RTS input; or sending characters through serial input. Auto power down timer, can be set or disabled through 7A100014
Copyright 2004 Extech Instruments Corporation. All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Source: http://www.logismarket.be/ip/duranmatic-bv-draagbare-barcodelabel-printer-299701.pdf

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