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Current JOB TITLE: PROFESSOR/ HOD PRODUCTION, (RPE) DATE: SEPT 2010 to Date JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE & TECHNOLOGY, P.O. BOX 62000- 00200, NAIROBI. [email protected] JOB TITLE: TECHNICAL DIRECTOR / CHIEF TRAINER DATE: DEC 2007-Sept 2010 TEA SCIENCE EAST AFRICA, P.O. BOX 20771- 00100, NAIROBI. [email protected] JOB TITLE: ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DATE: JUNE 2004 – SEPT 2007 MASENO UNIVERSITY,PRIVATE BAG, MASENO JOB TITLE: PRINCIPAL RESEARCH SCIENTIST DATE: JAN 2001 - DEC 2003 TEA RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF KENYA, P. O. BOX 820, KERICHO. LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 1. Obanda, M.; Amondi, R. (2009). East African Electronic Tea Exchange (e-Tea). A joint venture addressing the tea value chain challenges in Kenya through Product Differentiation and Information Exchange. A proposal submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture for endorsement by Government of Kenya. 2. Obanda, M. Application of Predictive Black Tea Sensory and Chemical Quality Technology as a Value- Addition Method for the Commercialization and Sale of Black Teas via Internet.Patent Number KE/P/2008/00787. 3. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O.; Mang'oka, R., Kavoi, M.M. Changes in thearubigin fractions and theaflavin levels due to variations in processing conditions and their influence on black tea liquor brightness and total colour. Food Chemistry (2004) 85, 163-175. 4. Owuor. P.O.; Obanda, M; Apostotlides, Z.; Wright, L.P.; Nyirenda, H.E.; Mphangwe, N.I.K. The relationship between the chemical plain black tea quality parameters and black tea colour, brightness and sensory evaluation. J. Sci. Food Agric. (2003) (Submitted) 5. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. The use of green tea (Camellia sinensis(L) leaf flavan-3-ols composition in predicting plain black tea quality potential. J. Sci. Food Agric. (2003) (Submitted). 6. Obanda, M; Owuor, P.O. Wekesa H. The influence of clone and plucking standard on the formation o black tea chemical and sensory parameters (2002). Tea, 23(2): 81- 90. 7. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Comparative responses in plain black tea quality parameters of different tea clones to fermentation temperatures and durations. Food Chemistry (2001), 72: 319-327. 8. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P. 0.; Spectrophotometric measurement of black tea pigments, total colour and brightness and their correlation with taster's assessment of black tea liquor. Tea (2001), 22: 20-28. 9. Owuor, P.O.; Ng'etich, W.K.; Obanda, M. Quality response of clonal black tea to nitrogen fertilizers, plucking intervals and standards. J. Sci. Food Agric. (2000), 80: 439-446. 10. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O.; Mang'oka, R. Changes ill the chemical and sensory quality parameters of black tea due to variations of fermentation time and temperature. Food Chemistry (2000), 75: 395-404. 11. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Towards establishing the shelf life of black tea (2000). Tea, 21, 9-14. 12. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M.; McLean, G.; Kisinyo, P.O. Fermentability variations of popular clones from Nandi Hills, Kenya.Tea (1999) 20: 5-11 13. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O.; Rutto, J.K. Relationship between chloroform test in tea, tea leaf flavanol composition, polyphenol oxidase activity and the formation of black tea chemical quality parameters. Tea (1999), 20: 80-88. 14. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. The effects of blending clonal leaf on black tea quality.Food Chemistry (1999), 66: 147-152. 15. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Clonal selection criteria for quality in Kenyan black tea production: Achievements, Problems and Prospects: Review. Tea (1998), 19: 49-58. 16. Omori, M., Kato, M., Tamura, T., Takada, T., Owuor, P.O., Obanda, M. Production of CTC Gabaron black tea by modifying withering conditions. Tea (1998), 19(2): 92-96. 17. Obanda, M.; Owuor P.0, Kamanu J.N. Effects of wither duration and fermentation aeration on black tea quality characteristics of tea produced in a commercial factory. Tea (1998), 19(2): 97-106. 18. Owuor, P. 0. Obanda, M. Effects of Fermentation Under Enriched Oxygen Atmosphere on Clonal Black Tea Aroma Complex.Food Science and Technology International, Tokyo (1998), 4: 136-139. 19. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O. Advances in the understanding of the formation of non-volatile quality constituents during black tea fermentation process. Tea (1997), 18: 194-204. 20. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O.; Taylor, S.J. Flavanol composition and caffeine content of green leaf as quality potential indicators of Kenyan black teas. J. Sci. Food Agric. (1997), 74: 209-215. 21. Owuor, P. 0. Obanda, M. Advances in Withering Technologies and Future Strategies to Cope With High Tea Production in Kenya.Tea (1997), 18: 184-193. 22. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Impact of Improper Leaf Handling on Plain Black Tea Quality Parameters Tea (1997), 18: 51-55. 23. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Influence of enriched oxygen atmosphere during fermentation on plain clonal black tea quality parameters development. Trop. Sci., (1998), 38:165-170. 24. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. The Changes in Black Tea Quality Parameters Due to Plucking Standards and Fermentation Time Food Chem., (1998), 61: 435-441. 25. Owuor, P.O., Obanda. M. The Effects of Some Agronomic and Processing Practices and Clones on the Relative Composition of the Individual Theaflavins in Black Tea.Food Science and Technology, International, Tokyo (1997), 3(4): 344-347. 26. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O. Flavanol Composition and Caffeine Content of Green Leaf As Quality Potential 9 Indicators of Kenyan Black Teas.J. Sci. Food & Agric. (1997), 74(2): 209-215. 27. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O.; Kipkemoi, B.J. Effects of Moisture Loss And Relative Humidity of Leaf During Withering On Black Tea Chemical Quality Parameters.Tea (1997), 18(l): 45-50. 28. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda M.A. The impact of withering temperature on black tea quality.J. Sci. Food Agric., (1996), 70, 288-292. 29. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Comparing the aroma quality of some Kenyan clonal black tea with black teas from various parts of the world. J. Food Technol. in Africa (1996), 1: 12-15. 30. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Clonal Variation in the Individual Theaflavin and Their Impact on Astringency and Sensory Evaluation. Food Chemistry (1995), 54: 273-277. 31. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M.; Edmonds, C.J.; Rono, M.K.A. Evaluation of Tank Withering Method in Processing Plain Black Tea.Trop Sci. (1995), 35: 167-170. 32. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. The changes in black tea quality parameters due to plucking standards and fermentation time. Food Chemistry (1998), 61: 435-441. 33. Owuor, P.O.; Wanyoko, J.K.; Obanda, M.; Othieno, C.O. Potash and phosphorus fertilizers on black tea quality in the western Kenya highlands. Tea (1998), 19: 43-48. 34. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda M. Comparison of the spectrophotometric assay methods for theaflavin and thearubigins in black tea. Tea (1995), 16: 41-47. 35. Owuor, P. O.; Obanda, M.; Wanyoko, J.K. Quality Response of Low Yielding Tea to Rates and Splitting Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in the Eastern and Western Kenya Highlands.Tea (1995), 16: 124-128. 36. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O.; Taylor, S.J. Chemical Composition of Some Kenyan Black Teas and Their Probable Benefits to Human Health.Tea (1995), 17(l): 20-26, 1995. 37. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O. Impact of Shoot Maturity on Chlorophylls Content, Composition of Volatile Flavour Compounds and Plain Black Tea Chemical Quality Parameters. J. Sci. Food & Agric. (1995), 69(4): 529-534. 38. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P. O. Changes in Black Tea Quality Chemical Parameters Due To Storage Duration and Packaging Methods.Tea (1995), 16(l): 34-40. 39. Obanda, M., Owuor, P.O. Clonal Variations in the Response of Black Tea Quality to Plucking Standards. Food chemistry (1995), 53: 381-384. 40. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Changes in CTC black tea quality due to variations of maceration-fermentation sequence. Tea (1994), 15: 113-118. 41. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Impact of maceration method on black tea quality: CTC vs. LTP. Tea (1994), 15: 50-55. 42. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M.; Othieno, C.O. Effects of rates and ratios of nitrogenous and potash fertilizers on tea in the eastern highlands of Kenya. III. Quality and value. Tea (1994), 15: 42-49. 43. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O. Changes in black tea quality due to different fermentation temperature regimes and time during manufacture of slow fermenting clone S15/10 in a commercial factory. Tea (1993), 14: 123-135. 44. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Fermentation temperature and duration effects on black tea quality. Tea (1993), 14: 21-30. 45. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M.; Othieno, C.O. Quality performance of a few selected smallholder tea factories. Tea (1993), 14: 31-43. 46. Obanda, M. Effect of Wither and Plucking Methods on the Biochemical and Chemical Parameters Of Selected Kenyan Tea.Discovery and Innovation (1993), 6(2): 190-197. 47. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P,O. Changes in Black Tea Quality Due To Different Fermentation Temperature Regimes And Time During Manufacture of Slow Fermenting Clone S15/10 In a Commercial Factory. Tea (1993), 14(2): 123-135. 48. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O. The effects of chemical wither duration and dryer on quality of black tea manufactured in a commercial factory. Tea (1992), 13: 50-61. 49. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P.O., Njuguna, C.K. The Impact Of Clonal Variation of Total Polyphenols Content And Polyphenol Oxidase Activity of Fresh Tea Shoots On Plain Black Tea Quality Parameters. Tea (1992), 13(2): 129-132. 50. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M. Influence of fermentation conditions and duration on the quality of plain black tea. Tea (1992), 13: 120-128. 51. Obanda, M.; Owuor, P. O. The Effect of Chemical Wither Duration and Dryer Type on Quality of Black Tea Manufactured in a Commercial Factory. Tea (1992), 13(l): 50-61, 1992. 52. Obanda, M. Tea Catechol Oxidase Characteristics Relative to Other Oxidases - A Review. Tea (1991), 12(l): 56-59. 53. Onsando, J.M.; Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M.A. Fungicidal taints in some tea factories in Kenya. What is the 10 causative factor? Tea (1991), 12: 104-108. 54. Owuor, P. 0; Obanda, M.; Wanyiera. J. 0. Effects of Dryer Type and Grade on Chemical Quality Parameters of Black Tea.Tea (1987), 8(2): 73-81. 55. Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M.A.; Tsushida, T.; Horita, H.; Murai, T. Geographical variations of theaflavins, thearubigins and caffeine in Kenyan clonal black teas. Food Chemistry (1987), 26: 223-230.


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MOZAMBIQUE CIVIL AVIATION TECHNICAL STANDARDS MOZ-CATS-MR MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS Mozambique Civil Aviation Technical Standards – Part 67 – Medical Requirements MOZAMBIQUE CIVIL AVIATION TECHNICAL STANDARDS: CATS Each Chapter is re-printed from the amended page onwards. Parts Title Control Date MOZ-CATS-FCL63 Flight Engineer Licensing MOZ-CATS-GSPL Ground Service

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Notes of Lectures on Fiqh by Maulana Sadiq Hasan Lecture # 21 (Thursday 7 August 2003) ROLE OF YAQEEN AND ITMINAN IN SHARIA Yaqeen means to be 100% sure and Itminan means to have a very high degree of satisfaction (around 98 to 100% confidence of being satisfied). In many situations, Islamic sharia allows Yaqeen or Itminan as a sufficient condition to prov

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