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IVA Driebergen offers a two to three-year full-time training to young people age 16 to 24. Basically students are allowed from Middle Secondary level (VMBO) to Pre-Academic secondary level (VWO). Previous education very much determines admission to one of the IVA-programmes. At the IVA students will be trained for technical and commercial, organizational, and managerial positions in the automotive- or nautical sector. The two possible courses are Automotive Business Management (ABM) or Nautical Business Management (NBM). Since its foundation in 1930 the IVA has made a name as the Institute to train enterprising young students. Entrepreneurial education, very well adjusted to the requirements of trade and industry, is central to the IVA-education. The curriculum is aimed at the Dutch as well as the international automotive or nautical industry in the first place, but because of its entrepre-neurial character it turns out to be very well adapted to the requirements of many other lines of business. Students willing to acquire a good social position will have to be able to meet high demands. Besides having the necessary knowledge and skills it is necessary to believe in one's own capacities. The IVA-training offers students support by linking up with the reality of life. As students will be able to put their theoretical knowledge to the test in practice immediately, their self-confidence will be stimulated enormously. THE FUTURE
The IVA diploma offers a wide range of prospects for a future with a future. The student will not only have to aim for positions in The Netherlands; he or she may also find a position abroad. After a term of in-company training former students can be found as service managers, departmental managers, general managers, leasing advisor or representative, both in the area of private cars as well as commercial vehicles. In addition they may become account managers at the importer or they would want to set up their own company. Nautical students may be found at commercial positions in the water sports industry. For instance yacht broker or boat rental agency owners or account representative with one of the many suppliers. Besides this, additional studies are being offered both nationally and internationally; the Automotive Management Class and the Business Management class are offered as follow-on courses in Driebergen. Second year students may opt for continuation of third year studies in the U.S., Germany, the U.K. or at the IVA. For IVA Bachelor graduates (HBO) various continuing studies for a masters degree are achievable both nationally and internationally. LEVELS OF EDUCATION
IVA Driebergen offers - four different levels of education: BC, B, A and HBO. These levels differ in depth, so as to offer the best suitable level for each individual student’s level and capacity. Each level has its own diploma. HBO PROGRAM (Bachelors)
This programme has been designed for students who are eligible for a HBO-education
admittance (Bachelors degree). (The Dutch school levels HAVO, VWO or MBO-4-diploma or
a similar international pre-education level).
The variety of subjects and heavy study load determine this HBO diploma (BBA) having the required 240 study points as recognized by the government (accredited by NVAO). A PROGRAM
By the end of the first year the student has the option to choose to do the IVA A-
programme. In that case student will round up the program in two years time and will
obtain a level comparable to a so-called Associate Degree (short-HBO).
A student with a Dutch VMBO TL diploma (Pre-intermediate Vocational Education) with
good grades and including mathematics in the curriculum, or a successfully finished MBO-3
(Vocational College Level 3), is eligible for the B program.
For Belgian students this program is comparable to secondary higher education.
This program is aimed at students with a VMBO diploma (Pre-intermediate Vocational
Education) or a successfully finished MBO-2-3 (Vocational College - level 2 or 3).
Admission to the BC program is only possible with a good result for the IVA entrance test.
The IVA offers an extensive range of subjects, all of which are compulsory. In the first and second year, tuition is given in commercial-economical subjects, management subjects, languages and commercial-technical courses. Cluster Industrial Management
Business Management
Cluster Business Management
Business Economics
Cluster Sales
Consumer Sales
Cluster Commercial Technique
Combustion Engines
Cluster Communication
Business Communication
1) First year only. 2) Second year only. EXPLANATORY NOTES
Cluster Management
Corporate management
organizational structures, calculations;  regulations undertaking and cooperating;  setting-up legislation;  relevant law forms (environment, social, insurance, fiscal, contracts);  knowledge on legislative bodies;  labour agreements. Computer usage
 working with latest equipment and software;  skills in most common applications. Mathematics
 in depth trade & industry calculations. Cluster Industrial Management
Business Economics
economical questions focused on trade & industry; financial queries (cost-structures, financing, purchasing price- and profit Economics
understanding of financial media announcements; Marketing
thorough knowledge of market width and structure; HBO-student (Bachelor students) may obtain the external NIMA A-diploma. Company administration
Intensive training in accounting and interpreting company administration. Cluster Sales
Consumer Sales
ability to translate technical knowledge into sales arguments; hands-on training in specially allocated rooms; Industrial Sales (ABM only)
all-round commercial and technical knowledge of industrial products; ability to translate technical features to customers; commercial aspects involved in industrial goods sale; Leasing (ABM only)
NB. Knowledge levels in HBO, A and B classes are complying with the VNA 1-norm. Leasing is not taught as a separate course in the BC-program, rather is seen as part of the Consumer Sales course. HBO, A and B students may sit for the external VNA examination. Cluster Commercial Techniques
learn to translate technical knowledge to sales arguments; reality based visual- and support materials; current topics re. environment and latest developments. Vehicle engineering (ABM only)
understand technique and translate to commercial points. Nautical professional techniques (NBM only)
materials science (aluminium, steel, wood, synthetics); Electronics
to properly translate this knowledge to real commercial case in automotive and Technical Centre
hands-on assignments to be visualized in a well equipped Technical Centre; all assignments are geared towards discussed theory. Cluster Communication
Corporate Communication
Presentation skills
give a personal or business presentation; major practice; work on building (more) confidence; students are involved in assessment and give feedback;


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