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Abstract Submission Style Guidelines
In order to expedite the publication process of your abstract submission, if it is accepted, we ask that submitter use a consistent style when imputing the text portion of the submission. Please follow these style PLEASE NOTE: The maximum character count is 2,500 total. Do not re-enter the abstract title or the authors’
names/institutions in the text submission fields. And do not enter images or tables in the text portion of the submission. Include Supporting Tables/Documents under the upload task only - each graph or table counts as 150 characters. The total abstract length cannot exceed 2,500 characters. Therefore, if your total character count after completing the abstract portion is 2,000 characters, y ou would be limited to 3 graphs or tables as your new total • Numbers – it is not required that numbers are spelled out except at the beginning of a title or sentence. When
numbers are combined with letters please be consistent i n the style used throughout the abstract. Example: for carbon dioxide do not use CO2 and CO2 within the same submission • Letter Number Combinations - Use a hyphen unless the combination designates a chemical formula, such as
Upper vs Lower Case - In some abbreviations lowercase letters are combined with upper case letters, as in
tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). Please be consistent in the use of abbreviations do not use both tPA and
Spacing - Please be consistent in the spacing used for abbreviations. Example: do not use both mm Hg and
Isotopes - Please be consistent in the use of isotopes Example: do not use both Yttrium-90, and Y90
Greek Letters – maybe abbreviated or spel ed out but do not use both within the same submission Example:
alpha-fetoprotein or α- fetoprotein, but not both
Unites of Time - Preferably spelled out in titles and running text. Same for al the other time units Thus, "'years"
and "y," "months" and "mo," "days" and "d," "minutes" and "min," "seconds" and "s" (not both "s" and "sec") • Percent - Use the symbol (%), not the word “percent” after a number and repeat symbol in ranges (eg, 10%-
Drug Names - Generic name first and in lowercase (unless at the beginning of a sentence), with the brand name
following in parentheses, in initial cap. Example: duloxetine (Cymbalta) • Corporate Mentions - The first mention of a device or piece of equipment should be fol owed by the
manufacturer’s name, city, and state in parentheses at first mention. Example: LightSpeed VC Unit (GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, Wisconsin). • Eponyms - Per in-house style, the possessive is not used. Examples: Alzheimer, not Alzheimer’s disease,
Edinger-Westphal nucleus, not Edinger-Westphal’s nucleus, etc.
Designators - Per AMA, capitalize “Table” and “Figure,” but use lower-case all other designators unless they
appear in a title, head, or at the beginning of a sentence, (eg, case, chapter, group, level, page, part, phase,


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REV CHIL OBSTET GINECOL 1999; 64(4): 281-285 MADURACION CERVICAL CON MISOPROSTOL* Drs. Fernando Martínez A., Gabriel Mitelman M., Gabriel Ramiro M., Claudio Caro T., Fernando Navia L., Carlos González S.** Servicio de Ginecología y Obstetricia. Hospital Félix Bulnes C. RESUMEN Los comprimidos para empleo oral de Misoprostol se están usando tanto en el extranjero como en nues

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CONHEÇA DOENÇAS ALÉRGICAS Por Dr. Antonio Paulo Nassar INTRODUÇÃO Esse manual destina-se aos pacientes portadoresde Alergia Respiratória para conhecimento arespeito de sua doença e alguns cuidados paraprevenirem agudizações de sua doença. Sumário CONTROLE AMBIENTAL 1 . 6 DEZ MANDAMENTOS DA ASMA PARA O PACIENTE . 8 RINITE ALÉRGICA 1 . 19 RINITE ALÉRGICA 2

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