Medicines Shortages 01 March 2014
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Influvac Sub-Unit PFS 0.5ml
Alliance Pharmaceuticals
Anbesol Anaesthetic Antisept Oromuc Soln
AMCO - Mercury Pharma/Antigen
Licenced pack no longer marketed (Unlicenced AMCO - Mercury Pharma/Goldshield
Chloromycetin 1% Opth Oint
Limited Stock - new stock due mid April 2014 AMCO - Amdipharm
Erythroped Forte 500mg/5ml SF Susp
B&S Healthcare
Zyprexa 5mg Velotab Tabs B&S
Kwells Travel Sickness Tabs
Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Questran Sachets Pdr For Oral Susp
Milk of Magnesia
Antepsin 1g/5ml Oral Suspension
Co-Pharma (prev Galen)
Keftid 250mg Caps
Essential Pharma (prev Paines & Byrne)
Ketovite Liquid
Eurodrug (Imbat)
Eltroxin 25mcg Tabs Eurodrug
Mycostatin 100000u/ml Oral Susp Eurodrug Medicines Shortages 01 March 2014
Company / Product
Etoposid Ebewe 100mg/ml 5ml Sol For Inf
Fannin (prev Helsinn)
Histek Tabs 10mg Cetirizine
Fannin /Martindale
Chloramphenicol BP 1% Eye Ointment
Unable to provide date (Unlicenced pack avail) Ferring
Lutinus 100mg Vaginal Tabs
Insomniger 10mg Tabs Temazepam
Vistide 375mg/5ml Conc Soln/Inf
Augmentin 500mg/125mg FC Tabs
GSK CH/ Stiefel
Polytar Liquid
Fefol Spansules
Lexon UK
Zyprexa 2.5mg Tabs Lexon
Mentholatum Deep Heat Spr Soln
Diprosone 0.05% Ointment
Anafranil 10mg Caps
Halcion 0.25mg Tabs
Short-term out of stock; stock expected end March/early April. Request pharmacists’ assistance to Long-term out of stock from March 2014. Supply of Phoenix Labs
Deltacortril Ent 2.5mg Tabs
Unable to provide date (100's available) Roche
Tamiflu 30mg Hard Caps
Hydrocortisyl 1% Skin Oint
Unable to provide date (Hydrocortisyl Skin Cream 1% is Seven Seas
Mil-Par Oral Suspension
Swedish Orphan
Synacthen 250mcg/ml Soln For Inj
Etoposide-Teva 20mg/ml 5ml Sol for Inf
Golden Eye Ointment
UCB Pharma
Atropine 1mg/10ml Mini-Jet Soln For Inj
Medicines Shortages 01 March 2014
Company / Product
Prothiaden 25mg Hard Caps
then product will be temporarily discontinued Products Now Available
BCG Medac 100ml
B&S Healthcare
Zyprexa 2.5mg Tabs B&S
Sprilon Spray
Depo-Medrone 40mg/ml Susp/Inj 3ml
Jext 150mcg Soln For Inj PFP

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Material Safety Data Sheet ______________________________________________________________________________________________ SDS # : A-0009 Dry Imager -Black Issuing Date 1983-01-25 Revision Date 2011-07-27 Version 1 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Trade Name: 2020, 2300, 2350, 2600, 2700, 3100, 3100 LDC, 3103,3107, 3109, 3300, 3400, 3450, 3700, 8040, 8040 SeriesEP, 4045

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