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Fall 2011
When you pick up your next prescription, you expenses by controlling the market for that may be told a generic equivalent was substituted specifi c drug over a set amount of time. Once for the brand name drug. You may ask yourself, the patent of the brand name drug has expired, “What exactly is a generic?” and “Is this just as other manufacturers are allowed to enter the good as the brand?” A “generic” is a medication market with their generic product. Because that has the same active ingredient as the brand these manufacturers can skip the research name drug, but costs less. With patents on brand step and move right into manufacturing, they How a Generic Drug
name drugs expiring every year, the number of realize signifi cant savings that they pass on to Comes to Market
generics on the market will keep increasing. the patient. In addition, the added competition This means savings for you! Understanding the between generic manufacturers further drives facts about these medications is important, as Research
there are many misconceptions about them.
Are there any differences between brand
What are generics?
name and generic drugs?
Brand Manufacturer
According to the Food and Drug Administration Generics may look different than brand name Formulation of
(FDA), generic drugs have the same active drugs, but they still contain the same active ingredient(s); dosage form (pill, cream, etc.); ingredient. There can be very small differences method of administration; and overall effect in the amount of active ingredient, but the as the brand name drug. Brand name drug FDA puts limits on the variations. This small companies are awarded a patent for their new difference is not enough to cause a different Patent on
Brand Drug
idea by the U.S. Patent offi ce. Having the patent effect in the body. Consider baking a batch of means the company is the only one allowed to cookies. You can follow a recipe closely, but make and market that specifi c drug while the not every cookie will look exactly the same even patent is active. When the patent for the brand Marketing
Brand Drug
name drug expires, other drug companies can The FDA has indicated that certain drugs make and sell the generic version of the brand called “narrow therapeutic index drugs” (i.e. Patent Expires
phenytoin, warfarin, digoxin, cyclosporine, Generic Manufacturers
Why do generics cost less?
zidovudine, lithium carbonate, and theophylline) Brand name drug companies pay millions require as little variance as possible to get the Manufacturers
of dollars over many years researching, best effects from them. Just a small difference Can Now Make the
Brand Drug
formulating, and marketing a new drug product. in the amount of active ingredient can change They are allowed to make up some of these how these drugs work in your body. If you are Savings to You!
taking a narrow therapeutic index drug, do not the pharmacy and talk to your pharmacist if your How do I get generics prescribed to me?
I have seen some pharmacies advertise $4
Your doctor can determine whether or not a generics. Are all generic drugs on this list?
generic can be substituted for the brand name No. Although a brand name drug may have a drug. Be sure to ask your pharmacist if a generic generic, it does not guarantee that the generic product has been substituted for the brand name will be $4. Check out your pharmacy’s specifi c conditions for more information on what is on What if my generic drugs look different
from the last time I picked them up?
More than likely your prescription was fi lled alternatives to brand name drugs. They contain with the same generic drug but from a different the same active ingredient and meet standards generic drug manufacturer. These generic set by the FDA to ensure that the overall effect products will have the same active ingredient, of the drug is the same as the brand. They can but the appearance of the medication itself may also save you money! So the next time you go vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Always to the pharmacy, take the time to look at your look at the contents of the bottle before leaving medication and talk to your pharmacist if you have any questions regarding the generic that The following brands are expected to have generic equivalents available within the next twelve months. Talk to your doctor about switching from brand to generic if you currently take one of these medications. Brand Name
Brand Name


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