1. Generale informations about Nancy. p.3 4.What to bring with you?… … … … … … p.4 1. Generale informations about Nancy:
Nancy is a town rich by different way. First, we have to say that it’ beautiful town with a lot of cultural place and monument. We can quoteall the history city centre and a large group of 18th century buildings: the“Place Stanislas”, “place d’Alliance”, “Place de la Carrière”, theTriumphal Arch, the Cathedrale, the Saint-Sebastian’ many other places and building. You may admire the Pépinière Park,The Water Gardens and others.
This is a city with a long a very interesting history . if you want to you could discover what wewant to say.
On the other hand, Nancy is a student city which count around 50.000 students where you can have lots of fun and go in lots of place topartying and hang arround with there friends.
2. What about the weather?
During autumn the temperature is about 13°C (8 on the morning and 17 in the afternoon) but we cannot exactly say what is going to be theweather during the winter course.
3. Before coming
• Fill in your info on Private Area correctly (especially arrival departure info and special diets, also T-shirt size and the topicof discussion group) • Check if your passport is valid.
• If you need visa, let us know as soon as possible so we can send an invitation letter in time (send an e-mail to with you name, surname, passportnumber, country and of course the address where we shouldsend the invitation letter to).
• Get travel and health insurance or just check if it’s taken into 4. What to bring with you?
Think to bring your Identity card, your passport and your Visa if it’ t forget your insurance (travel and health).
Warm clothes if the weather is cold and cloudy.
Medicine (aspirin, energy pills J, . it mights be useful), toothbrush (and toothpaste for sure J ). and if you think about something elsedon’ Your energy and your motivation for this exciting event 5. Mini dictionary
6. Prices
The monetary used in France is Euro (€). International credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. In some shops, you can’ sometimes use a credit card if you don’ Beer in a bar: 3 or 4 € for 0,25LSandwich: around 4 €Baguette (French bread): 0,90 €Meal in a restaurant (cheapest one): 10 €Condoms: 2 € for 3 (you will already find some in your welcomebag)Cigarettes: very expensive because of taxes: 5 € for 20Bottle of 0,75 L of wine: 4 € for good and affordable one 7. Contact
Main organizer:
President of BEST Nancy


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Daily progesterone fluctuations during the estrous cycle in the bitch. Linde Forsberg C, Ström Holst B, Forsberg M. Department of Clinical Sciences, Division of Reproduction, P.O. Box 7054, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden. +46 18 67 21 63; Fax: +46 18 67 35 45. The use of progesterone assays to determine the optimal time during estrus for mating or a

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