Hamburg News
Healthy tesa tapes
New urban landscapes
Support for indie labels
50th Beatles anniversary
Hamburg to head Europe‘s largest climate protection project
Location marketing in
GE to sponsor EU CO2 80/50 – Conergy to inaugurate the North‘s largest solar park
one hand: Hamburg Mar-
climate protection.
www.hamburg-economy.de The logistics location Hamburg is to receive its first Fraunhofer facility
Fraunhofer Centre for Maritime Logistics and Services focusses on practice-oriented applied research
The logistics location Hamburg
2/2010 Page 2
Innovative utilisation concepts for HafenCity and Altona
Less carbon dioxide
All baggage tractors are powered by natural gas, and landing fees at the be-ginning of the year. www.hamburg-airport.de Large projects for inner city flats and offices
Green S-Bahn
New neighbourhood in Altona with 1,900 flats – sustainable ECO CITY in Harburg
rapid rail trains run exclusi-vely on renewable energies From waste to energy
ve to the energy production based on coal and oil. Con-verting industrial waste into grey flakes called “fluff“, Innovations of the Hamburg Metropolitan Area they have created an excel-lent energy source, which tesa invents oral dissolvable tapes packed with healthy drugs
icould replace oil and coal, while saving CO2. Accor- Boom of warranty bonds
Easy medication
Healthy tongue tape
Products for every need
ted or refused within 24 hours of application. 2/2010 Page 3
Employment booms in Hamburg, home of the games industry
Hamburg‘s games companies to recruit 250 staff – new games degree course
UEFA Europa League finals
Michel Platini will hand the cup to Hamburg‘s First Ma- AIDAblu baptism
blu will be baptised in Ham-burg as the fleet‘s seventh vessel by the German de-signer Jette Joop. The gla- 50th Beatles anniversary: the cradle of their career is Hamburg
In the clubs of St. Pauli, the Liverpool boys grew into a famous international band
of Hamburg will be presen-ted by entertainer Barbara The baptism will end with colourful fireworks illumi- Cradle of an unparalleled career
HafenCity relaunched
Hamburg GmbH now of-fers even more information on Hamburg‘s youngest Hamburg celebrates 75 years of expertise in aircraft construction
borough. The views of tenants, employees, and Innovations and investments in new technologies make Hamburg fit for the future
the new category “Life“, which also provides details addition, extensive docu-mentation, background in- 2/2010 Page 4
Premiere: Music City Hamburg launches support programme for independent labels
Reeperbahn Festival and industry event Reeperbahn Campus are hotspots for new international music
As Germany‘s first federal
dent music companies located in the city. In addition, further New international music
Stepstones towards diversity
Hamburg House at Shanghai‘s EXPO 2010 will be China‘s
first certified passive house. To measure its airtightness, a blower door test successfully took place, marking the first time for Chinese media to be allowed to enter Hamburg House and to talk face to face with its architects. Hamburg House boasts the highest-possible level of environmental technology. Its high ecological standards have been adapted to the climatic conditions in Shanghai and will be used as a Ina Müller to promote the Hamburg brand
Northern Germany‘s popular presenter acts as an ambassador of the metropolitan area
More than 200 Hamburg ho-
tels und pensions registered
Michael Ballhaus teaches at the
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