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April was a busy month for interclub events and saw some excellent

The HKS interclub event took place on the 11th April at the club and was
well attended by students from HKS and neighbouring clubs. Many
juniors fought including: Callum Stridgeon, Rees Cropper,
Harrison and Bradley Shore, Oliver Lee, Oliver Morton,
Bobby Waring, Bradley Attwood and Taylor Hague.
Students attended the following interclub events, which is much
appreciated as it shows the level of support to other clubs, as well as
providing opportunities for increasing their level of experience in the
Oliver’s Interclub event – attended by: Oliver Morton, Shane
Robinson, Taylor Hague, Bradley Attwood and Bobby Waring.

All the students fought very well and showed how far their skills have
Kirby Interclub event – attended by: Oliver Morton, Shane
Robinson, Bradley Attwood and Bobby Waring.
Bradley and Bobby had excellent fights and it was a pleasure for the
corner men to see how much of an improvement they have made in the
K Star Show – attended by: James Barnes and Rick Gregson, who
fought for decision fights. Despite training very hard, James had a
knock down whilst Rick had to retire early due to injury to his leg.
Dates of Interclub and shows
9th May 2010 – Peel Interclub event
16th May 2010 – Luuksit Junior Show
22nd May 2010 – Sparton Interclub event

6th June 2010 – HKS Show

Steve Reilly and all instructors, students and parent’s carer’s would
also like to say….


Shane won an interclub title fight belt, which was his first title after

much hard work.
Oliver Morton also fought for an interclub title but was not successful
on this occasion. However, he had a good fight and is looking forward
to another opportunity.
Once again all the fighters showed incredible good sportsmanship

inside and out of the ring. Well done!
Student of the month is Joe Dawson, well done Joe!

Connor Jones
Rees Cropper
Bryony Hodgson
Arron Lancaster

A brilliant achievement by you all, well done!
Following a record number of students grading last month the next
grading class is due to take place on the 29th May at the club. If you
have not yet graded or would like to reach the next level then please

give your name to Steve Reilly or Malcolm Strong.
If you need help or advice in regard to the grading then please do not
hesitate to speak to one of the instructors.

Please note, if you have a question that you would like an
answer to then please feel free to ask, alternatively you can

write a question down and place it in the box situated in the
waiting area. The answer will be provided in the next
A: At the club we want to provide social events for all young people,
such as Halloween and Christmas. The cost of hiring rooms and
providing entertainment such as DJ’s and hot food can be costly. We
raise money with the support of the children and young people, their
families and friends. This helps us to provide an enjoyable and lasting
memory for everyone. Remember, if your child enjoys being part of
something then they are likely to continue to commit to an activity,

which has to be a good thing!
Fund raising events held in 2010 will include a car boot sale, therefore
items which can be sold will be gratefully received.
A: student of the week is decided by the instructors prior to the end of
the Thursday class. The criteria is that all students who attend on
Tuesday and Thursday are eligible to win this award.
A: All students must be in club colours at all times when training and
fighting, this means only buying equipment from the club. The money
from equipment and kit bought goes back into paying for the gym. If
you buy kit and equipment from another gym or a web site, then you are
supporting them in paying for a gym you do not attend.
Fund raising events:
On the 2nd May- Walk the Mayors Mile- sponsored event all money going
to the Christmas party for the children. Volunteers took part in this
event and despite the cold walked the mile without complaint to raise
money for our Christmas party.
We would like to thank the following people for giving up their time to
raise money for the club events:

Tony and Callum Stridgeon, Debbie, Rees and Fin Cropper, Tim and
Bradley attwood, Shirley and Oliver Morton, Ruth and Logan Lawrie,
Shane and Yasmin Robinson.
The collective decision to walk in club uniform managed to get us
noticed in the crowd and we were featured in the Bolton News photos!
More importantly we have raised so far approximately £370! Which is
tremendous. THANK YOU!
If you are interested in attending future fund raising events
then please tell us, we need your support.

We are arranging to attend a car boot sale once the weather becomes
more settled - All sellable items needed for sale at the car boot
(see Shirley or Yasmin)
HKS is committed to the welfare and safety of all students at all times.
The club has a committee, which is a working party which meets
regularly to discuss areas of need or interest in regard to the club and
its members. If you have an issue or would like to raise a question for
discussion then this can be done in person to any committee member,
or in confidence by placing a question or a suggestion in the box in the
waiting area upstairs in the gym.

Details of all committee members can be found on the notice boards in
the gym. HKS is unique in providing services from members which
enable the club to have the Bolton Mark.
The committee members attended the Bolton Sports Awards ceremony
at the De Vere Whites hotel in Horwich, on the 23rd April. Despite being

nominated for various awards we were unsuccessful. However
attending the event helps to raise the profile of the club and recognises
the fantastic work of all our volunteers.
In December 2009, you may remember being asked to complete a
questionnaire in respect of the gym. The purpose of this parental
questionnaire was to improve the training opportunities to all young
people at HKS. The results were positive and indicated that parents

and carers are happy with the progress of their children.
The coaches and trainers work hard to ensure that they provide a
comfortable, safe and fun environment for everyone, however if we can
improve on this in any way then we appreciate your comments.
Many thanks to everyone that took the time to complete the

questionnaire, the results of this are attached to the newsletter, or
alternatively available from Yasmin.

Steve Reilly - chief instructor

Thank you to all students, instructors and parents for their

time and effort in enabling the club to progress. Thank you to
the young people and their families for helping to raise the
profile and funds for a Christmas party too, with the Mayors
Mile event. This was a worthwhile cause which supported
other charities and helped the club raise money for social
events and equipment for the gym.

Christmas might seem a long way from today, but we would

like to provide an opportunity for families attending the club
to celebrate without having to spend lots of money. We
would also like to provide opportunities for fun through
parties and social events throughout the year such as
Halloween. This enables participation of all our students and
makes coming to training fun. With support of sponsorship
this will reduce the cost to families significantly, so Thank

Many students will know that Malcolm Strong is never far

from HKS and is committed to training juniors and adult
classes. Malc has recently undergone an operation on his
throat, and the club has missed him very much. We would
like to take this opportunity to say that he is a much loved
and valued member of our club, his commitment to young
students is never forgotten by parents and carer’s. Despite
not winning an award at the Bolton Awards ceremony, we
want to say that you have our support and that you are a
winner every time to us!

Finally…. Many students have asked for personalised shorts,

I am happy to announce that personal designs can be
ordered from myself at a cost of £30.00. Please note that any
orders must be paid for immediately as your nickname on a
pair of shorts is no use to others.


The club is looking to recruit volunteers and instructors,

please note that any application is subject to a satisfactory
CRB check undertaken by Bolton Council, and the ability to
be consistent in attending the club and events. All
volunteers and instructors have specific roles and will sign
an agreement which outlines their duties, responsibilities

and commitment to attending events including those away
from HKS.

Volunteers and Instructors are also subject to annual

personal development planning, which ensures that the full
potential of each individual is recognised and achieved. This
is part of the criteria expected as laid out by Bolton Council
and in HKS having the Bolton Mark, as we are subject to
inspection every three years.

If you are interested or would like further information then

please ask for an application form.


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Dear friends of Bezaleel. How time flies! Sometimes our days resemble some attempt at controlled chaos with unexpected illness throwing carefully planned days to the wind. Nevertheless, God is in control, He is good and expresses His love and provision for us in a constant and faithful way. As far as some of our children are concerned a lot has happened since we last wrote to you, so let me begin

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