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HJK-j West-98/keltainen ja valkoinen (2012)
Information for a new player and his family
How to join West-98 Valkoinen team
1. If a new player considers joining the team, contact the coaches (Petteri Saarinen, 2012). Both the player and his family are welcomed to join a few training sessions before starting in the team. Timetable for the training sessions and other information (for example contact information) can be found at our web-site: 2. You need to send the following information to the team leader (Merja Ranta-aho, 2012): - name of the player, social security number, address, telephone number and e-mail address - names of the parents, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses - number of the player license, if the player has the license already - name of the previous team, if the player is considering transition from another team. - health or other conditions which may affect playing or participating in the training etc. - whether you allow to publish any photos of our matches etc on our website in which the player appears (the names of the players appearing in the photos are not published) 3. NEW PLAYER: You need to get a player license (see instructions below), and send the number of the license to the team leader. PLAYER WHO ALREADY HAS A LICENSE: You need to send the license number (PALLO-ID) to the team leader. If you are coming from another than a HJK-team, you need to contact your previous team in order for them to accept the transition. Contact the team leader in your previous team. 4. When the player starts to play in West-98, pay the first player fee to the account of the team (see 5. It is recommended that you follow Tapahtumakalenteri at our website regularly, as all training sessions, matches and other events are listed there – and changes may take place. We also inform parents about the coming matches, events and other issues by e-mail. It is very important that you provide a valid e-mail address. 6. Ordering of the gear: we make collective orders from Stadium Teamsales in about every three months. All parents will be informed (by e-mail). Information about West-98 Valkoinen -team West-98 Valkoinen team belongs to the HJK-junior 98-boys’ West-teams. West-98 Valkoinen is for those football players, who are motivated and want to improve their skills in football. We also include players, who have other time-consuming hobbies, but who want to continue playing football. Valkoinen also accepts new players who have only little experience in football. We operate under HJK-Juniorit ry. Because of the heterogeneity of the team, Valkoinen team is divided into two training groups, Valkoiset and Keltaiset. In addition, a third group, Raidat, which may include players from both previous groups, will be occasionally formed for the matches. Training sessions are organized partly separately for these two groups, partly for the whole team. Check from Tapahtumakalenteri how the weekly training sessions are divided. The main focus of the team is to organize training and matches. It is very important, that the players are motivated and willing to participate in the training both during the training sessions and by themselves, on their own time. We expect every player to be supportive to the other players in the team, both in the training and in the matches. The team does not guarantee that a player will be participating in the matches. However, our aim is to organize matches and other events for all players in the team according to their skills and motivation. The team participates in regular tournaments during the spring, autumn, and winter time. In addition to this, we participate in other tournaments – during 2012 in Lohja-Cup, Hesa-Cup and Örebro-cup, for example. Since we currently have rather many players on our list, we cannot guarantee that every player will be playing in all of these tournaments. Valkoinen team organizes a parents’ meeting twice a year. Every parent is very welcomed to the meetings. Parents’ meeting will discuss of the events during the coming season, principles of the training and participation in the matches, and decide upon the player fees, for example. For a new player, encouragement to train during the training sessions as well as during own time is essential. As most of the players in the team have already several years experience in football, it is very important that a new player is motivated to put some extra effort in training. In tournaments, Valkoiset-group will be playing in the more challenging series, whereas Keltaiset-group and Raidat-group will participate in matches which are a little ‘easier’. It is very important that the player has acquired some basic knowledge and skills of the game before participating in tournaments. The team will also organize friendly matches particularly suitable for those players with little football experience. For those players, who show exceptional motivation and talent, it is possible to move to West-98 Siniset team for a shorter or a longer period. West-98 Siniset provides a more competitive and challenging environment for those players who wish to play football more purposefully. If the player is considering transition, you need to contact the coaches. Parents’ activity in the team is essential. Most of the team officials are parents of a player in the team. In addition to these activities, parents can participate in occasional events, such as building up of the Ruoholahti Kupla (Bubble, indoors field during the winter time), or cleaning it from the snow. In addition, parents’ help is needed to transport players to matches – so if you have a car and want to help, please inform about this when you receive information of an upcoming match. Parents can also organize fund raising for the team (contact Markku Örn). Weekly information Our main information channel is Tapahtumakalenteri (Calendar) at our web-site ( In addition, parents will be informed about the matches, other events as well as changes in the calendar by e-mail. It is recommended that you check Tapahtumakalenteri regularly for updates. Training sessions are organized according to a weekly schedule (see Harjoitukset (Training) at our web-site.) As weather conditions may occasionally prevent training, it is recommended that you check Tapahtumakalenteri for the training sessions especially during the winter time. The players need to come to the training sessions 15 minutes before the start of the session.
Player fee

The activities of the team are funded by the player fee, and for occasional events (overnight tournaments
etc.), separate fees for those events. Player fee covers our operating costs: The team has to pay rent for
the fields, tournament participation fees and purchase training gears. Player fee is 60 e/mt. (2012), payable
every three monts (e.g. 180 e/3 mths): Jan-March has to be paid by the end of January, Apr-Jun etc. by the
end of April, July and October, respectively. A new player starts to pay the player fee from the beginning of
the month he is accepted to the team. Player fees have to be paid for the whole time the player is a
member of the team – also during holiday seasons – as the fee is calculated on an annual base (e.g. we
don’t collect a higher fee for the winter season although the rents for the fields are higher then).
Player fee, 180 e/3 mths, is to be paid:
Account holder: HJK-WEST-98 KELTAINEN
Account number: FI1617453500015658
IMPORTANT: When you pay the fee, remember to include the name of the player to Viesti-field.
For the payments of other events, use the same account, only remember to include information of the
payment (e.g. what event, and the name of the player) to the Viesti-field.
For further information, contact our treasurer (Paula Punkari, 2012)
If the player cannot participate in training for a longer period due to illness, or for other reasons, contact
the treasurer to negotiate a reduction in the fee in advance. We cannot accept any reductions in the fees if
the player hasn’t been in the training for some time, but has not informed the coaches in advance.
Player license

In addition to the player fee, the player has to have a valid player license (valid for a caledar year). It is
recommended that you get a license with an insurance, if the player is not covered by another insurance.
The player license can be obtained via Palloverkko
( Choose HJK-juniorit as the team. More
information of the license can be obtained from Contact team leader (Merja Ranta-aho), if you
need more advice how to obtain the license.
Notice, that if the player has not a valid player license, he is not allowed to play in most of the matches or
HJK-junior ry. fee

The player have to pay an annual HJK-J fee. HJK ry will send you the invoice as soon as the player has joined
the team. The fee is 150 e/year (in 2012).
Other fees or payments

In addition to regular player fee there may be other payments. Overnight tournaments are usually covered
by payments of those players who are participating in tournaments. Travel costs etc. are also funded by
the players/parents themselves who are participating in the events. Players buy the gear themselves. We organize collective orders from Stadium Teamsales for regular gears, such as the striped shirt, shorts etc., but not for shoes, or footballs. Contact Anneli Miettinen for more information of the ordering of the gear. Player who wishes to change from another team and join West-98 Valkoinen If the player has played in another team, the parents must organize the transition. Contact your previous team, and follow the instructions from The gear The player has to have the following ‘official’ gear: Striped shirt, yellow shirt (with long sleeves), shorts, socks, shoes, ball In addition, most of the players have purchased either windbreaker suit, or swet suit for the training. Purchase of the gear is not covered by the team. Contact Anneli Miettinen for further information, and for the collective orders from Stadium Teamsales. Purchase of shoes or footballs is not made collectively (you can look at the Stadium HJK-catalog at Contact information (can be found also on our web-site) Principal coach Petteri Saarinen, tel. 050-4386439 [email protected] Team leader Merja Ranta-aho, tel. 050-3028946 [email protected] Treasurer Paula Punkari [email protected] Information and gear orders Anneli Miettinen, tel. 050-3289311 [email protected] Fund raising Markku Örn, tel. 0400-513224 [email protected]


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