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Is there a bird flu vaccine?
What is avian Influenza or bird flu?
There is currently no vaccine that protects against the Bird(avian) flu, first identified in Italy about 100 years bird flu virus. However studies testing one vaccine ago, is an infection caused by the influenza A virus. against the dangerous H5N1 influenza A virus strain These viruses are spread from one area to another by migratory birds. Some forms of bird flu can make birds quite sick. They are called the highly "pathogenic" type. Will the regular human flu vaccine protect against
Of recent concern are the H5 and H7 sub types that can the bird flu?
cause serious, even deadly infections in birds, chickens, The human flu vaccine, made of three different types of flu viruses(A-H3N2 virus, A -H1N1 virus, and one B Can the bird flu infect humans?
virus), will not prevent infection against the bird flu virus strains. However experts recommend that poultry Bird flu viruses do not usually infect humans, but cases workers working in "avian flu areas" receive the human have occurred. In Asia during 2003, there were 44 flu vaccine, as a precautionary measure. confirmed cases of H5N1 bird flu virus infection in Will eating poultry meat or eggs cause infection in
What is the difference between bird flu and human
The bird flu virus can survive in cold temperatures so freezing and refrigeration will not kill the virus. However There are basically two large groups of the influenza NORMAL cooking temperatures above 70 degrees C will
virus; group A and group B. It is generally the influenza inactivate the virus. To date there is no evidence that
A group that infects birds. The human influenza viruses people have been infected by eating well cooked,
are part of the A group viruses as well, but different yet contaminated poultry meat.
The avian flu virus is also found on egg surfaces and on How is the bird flu virus spread?
the inside of the eggs as well. However ONLY proper cooking will inactivate the virus present in side the egg. A bird can spread the virus to other birds quite easily. There is no evidence to suggest that people have been Infected birds shed the virus in their saliva, nasal infected after eating well cooked contaminated eggs. secretions and droppings. The virus can be spread through direct bird to bird contact or indirectly from The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the contaminated soil or other surfaces. The bird flu virus following good hygienic measures to avoid spreading the can live on soil and other surfaces for many weeks, even at low temperatures. Humans who have contracted the bird flu have done so by close contact with contaminated birds. For this reason, people working in poultry/bird • Separate raw meat form cooked or ready to eat foods farms with suspected bird flu outbreaks, have to take and do not use the same chopping board or knife • Do not handle raw and cooked meat without washing Can the bird flu virus spread from person to
• Do not place cooked meat back on the same plate or The spread of avian flu virus from one person to another is very rare. However, the fear is that the bird virus will change or "mutate" to a form that can spread from one • Do not use raw or soft boiled eggs in food preparation person to another, resulting in a worldwide, potentially very dangerous epidemic.
What are the symptoms of the bird flu?
• After handling frozen or thawed raw chicken or eggs, wash you hands thoroughly with soap. Also wash Humans infected with bird Flu may have:
surfaces and areas that have been in contact with raw meat. • Cook poultry thoroughly to reach 70 degrees C or that • Egg yolks should not be runny or liquid Bird flu virus infections can be potentially life
Written By DR.PAUL Roumeliotis, OCT.24, 2005 threatening to humans.
What is the treatment of bird flu in humans?
International Food Safety Authorities Network There is really no known proven cure. Research experiments suggest that some existing antiviral medications such as oseltamivir may help fight off this infection, although the viruses can become resistant to these antiviral drugs. 2005 Universal Health Education



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