Hoffer hit-2a digital flow rate indicator and totalizer specification datasheet

Rate Indicator & Totalizer
Perfecting Measurement TM
♦ 5 Digit Rate Display, 8 Digit Totalizer Display. ♦ Local Magnetic or Remote Reset. ♦ 4-20mA Analog Output. ♦ Powered From Battery, DC Supply, 4-20mA Output ♦ 20 Pt. Linearization Option. ♦ Isolated Scaled Pulse Output. ♦ Alarm Output for Rate or Total. ♦ Windows® Configuration Program. ♦ RS 232 Port for Configuration and Monitoring. ♦ Diagnostics for Pulse, Alarm and Analog output. ♦ Password Protection for Menu and Reset. Display:
5 Digits (99999), 0.5” High, Display updates once Featuring 5 digits of rate and 8 digits of total, the HIT-2A is a DC, AC, loop or battery powered indicator capable of accepting magnetic pickup, DC pulse or switch 10 segment bar graph display for rate trend. closure inputs. The unit can be ordered with an optional loop powered 4-20mA output. The HIT-2A uses the 4- TOTALIZER DISPLAY: (SELECTABLE DECIMAL)
20mA loop to provide power when this output is used. Totalizer Descriptors: GAL, LIT, FT3, M3, BBL SPECIFICATIONS
Power Supply:
(Displays with approx. 10% of the power remaining) BATTERY POWERED
Supplied with 2 C-size Lithium battery pack. Pulse Output:
The pulse output advances with the least significant Battery Life Expectancy*
Opto-isolated open collector transistor: 100 VDC, *Life expectancy without pulse or alarm outputs selected. Pulse Output Rate: Selectable (see below). DC POWER INPUT
Pulse output divider: User selectable, )1, )10, )100 or OFF. NOTE: Select OFF for max. battery life.
Protection: Reverse Polarity Protection Loop Burden: 8V maximum. Alarm Output:
Opto-isolated open collector transistor: 100 VDC, Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft. Environmental:
NOTE: The Hit-2A can use the 4-20 mA loop power as its
Approvals: CE approval (optional).
0 - 90% Non-condensing
Basic Model Number
A. Enclosure Style:
NEMA 4X Enclosure (Hit-2A behind clear cover) MAGNETIC PICKUP INPUT
Explosion-Proof Housing. Class I, Division I, Groups B, C & D. Class II, Division I, Groups E, F & G. OPTO-ISOLATED DC PULSE INPUT
Panel Mount Enclosure with Clear Door and Lock. Nema 1 Enclosure. HIT-2A Mounted to the outside of Clear Cover. For indoor/dry installation only. Frequency Range: 0 to 5000 Hz Min. Pulse Width: 0.1 msec B. Input Power:
Internal Batteries, two supplied. (Option A not available for use Internal Pullup Resistor: 220 KΩ to +3.3 Enter (X) if loop powered analog output option C or D below is High (logic 1): Open or 4-30 VDC C. Loop Powered Analog Output:
Loop Powered with 4 -20mA Output (8 to 30 VDC) RESET INPUT (CONTACT CLOSURE TO COMMON)
Loop Powered with 4 -20mA Output and 2 internal batteries Internal Pullup Resistor: 100 KΩ to +3.3 D. Options:
High Alarm* opto isolated open collector *Note: Either low or high alarm available, not both. With local resettable external
E. Mounting:
magnet or optional remote reset.
Nema 4x Style 2 enclosure mounted on turbine. Must be used with “X” riser turbine option. K-FACTOR
FHT 8” long temperature riser for Nema 4x Style 2 enclosure mounted on turbine. Required when fluid temperature exceeds 140 deg. F. Must be used with “X” riser turbine option. Explosion-proof Style 3 enclosure mounted on turbine. Must be used with “X” riser option on turbine. Decimal Point
FXHT 8” long temperature riser for Explosion-Proof Style 3 enclosure mounted on turbine. Required when temperatures exceed 140 deg. F. Must be used with “X” riser turbine option. Nema 4X enclosure pipe mounting kit 2" pipe or smaller. Specify if pipe is vertical or horizontal. 20 POINT LINEARIZATION OPTION
F. Special Features: (Multiple Options Available)
This feature allows the user to enter up CE CE Mark required for Europe. Any Special Features that are not covered in the Model Number. Use a written description of the –SP. different corresponding K-Factors to improve flowmeter accuracy to ±0.1%. Notes:
Analog Output Option:
Opto-isolated open collector transistor is standard with all units. A local reset magnet is standard with all units except if remote reset option is selected. Two batteries are required for battery powered units. One battery is required for all other power options to retain total display if power fails. Two Wire hookup Accuracy: 0.02% Full Scale @ 20°C Accessories:
» HITC Spare Battery: Tadiran P/N TL2200/S. 3.6 V 5500mAh or equal. » 115-24 Universal 100-240 VAC to 24 VDC power supply. Note: To mount in explosion -proof enclosure, select (3) above under enclosure style. Power supply » Windows based setup disk and 6 foot communication cable. HOFFER FLOW CONTROLS, INC.
107 Kitty Hawk Lane, P. O. Box 2145, Elizabeth City, NC 27906-2145
800-628-4584 252-331-1997 FAX 252-331-2886

The quality system covering the design,
www.hofferflow.com email: [email protected]
manufacture and testing of our products is
The specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice and any user of said specifications certified to International Standard ISO 9001.
should verify from the manufacturer that the specifications are currently in effect. Otherwise, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the use of specifications which may have been changed and are no longer in effect.

Source: http://www.flowmeter.com.sg/assets/Uploads/Product-Attachment/hoffer-hit2a-totalizer-ds-HIT-2A-107H.pdf

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