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Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College for Girls Halloween Poetry
It was good to see so many Year 11 parents at our Tonight is when the big black bats fl y.
meeting this week and what a positive evening it was. We With their huge wings and sharp teeth they were able to give so much Float ghostly through the cold dark sk good news about the girls’ Up up away, drifting in the distance, up to the moon.
ements and their hey break free from their hidden cocoons.
This is the night when they fl y above our heads, I huddle up in bed, not wanting to be dead! student back to school this Yasmin Aktar 7H who rose to fame following Halloween comes once a year, on the 31st October, Tuesday 29th November 1 – 1.40pm. her “X” Factor win, has My sister’s birthday is in November! “Railway Children”, a charity All the little kids go trick or treating, young people. The charity With many yummy treats, announced her association Kids are running on the streets.
with Railway Children at Kids playing nasty tricks EGA and girls took park in a While I’m watching, leaning on some bricks.
the charity, as well as hearing Nazifa Ali 7H from Alexandra about how important it is to work hard We marked Remembrance Give me a hundred sweets,in assemblies this week, Children running, dropping their sweets on the ground,and talked about the three Unaware of witches lurking around.
women who were awarded Going around every corner to knock on the doors, the Nobel Prize for Peace They are greedy, they want more and more and even more! a few weeks ago and how we all have a part to play Pumpkin faces snarling and glowing, in ensuring that we do not Their triange features all showing, allow confl ict to breed within Scaring children as soon as they meet, All they want are a few little sweets.
On Tuesday of next week, Why do they put terrifying pumpkins as fancy decorationswe are holding our annual When Halloween is not supposed to be a scary celebration?primary tea party and Year 7 girls are very much looking Mariam Shahid 7H forward to welcoming their former teachers and headteachers who were such Forthcoming Vaccination
Year 10: Diphteria, polio and tetanus vaccination return to school nurse as soon as possible Early Days at EGA
I have lots of good memories of beginning at EGA. At the start of term we learned about formal and informal photography styles in art. We made fruit salad in technology, but I accidentally dropped mine and couldn’t take it home! I also learned a dance called the Lindy Hop in my dance lessons. I have been to after school art club and made a picture with ink and a straw, and in music we had to create a rhythm using a horrible food combination, so I chose marshmallows and ketchup!Ayesha Uddin 7H It took me quite a while to get used to moving around the school, but I enjoy meeting new people and learning with new and diff erent teachers for each subject. I have also enjoyed learning new subjects like geography, IT and history, and new sports in PE. I know that more subjects will be introduced later and I can’t wait! I have had a wonderful start and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.
Maziyah Chowdhury 7H My favourite things so far are using a Bunsen burner in science, and reading a really good book, ‘Private Peaceful’, in English.
Elif Ozkes 7H Making great new friends has helped me to settle quickly at EGA. They have supported me in lessons and encouraged me with my homework tasks.
Mahdia Rahmi 7H Starting EGA was scary as there were so many classrooms and buildings. But now I have made some amazing new friends and got along with everyone. My favourite subjects are geography, because I like to fi nd out about diff erent places around the world, and history because Ms Khanom tells us about people from the past. The school is enormous, the library is fantastic and there are lots of computers for us to use. The teachers are always ready to help and I look forward to my future at EGA.
Yasmin Aktar 7H The fi rst few weeks went past in a blur but now it is all great fun. All of the work that I used to fi nd boring, such as English and maths, are beginning to make sense now as the teachers are kind and willing to stay patient to help me. Before I came to EGA I knew that I would experience a life diff erent from primary school. When I look back I fi nd that it was easy to make friends, but also very easy to get lost!Senah Suleman 7H Year council election results - 2011
1. Ermelinda Rodrigues – Alves 1. Khadra

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