Cv noha english 2012

Ministry Of Higher Education
And Scientific Research
University of Mosul
College of Pharmacy
Deprt. Of Pharmaceutical Science
MosuL- Iraq
Nationality: Iraqi Current Academic Rank : Lecturer Specilization: Physical chemistry Current University : University of Mosul Current Faculty : Pharmacy Current Department : Pharmaceutical Science Languages: Arabic and English Permanent Address: University of Mosul, College of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Science Department, Mosul, Iraq Email Current Address: See Above Marital Status: Married Name of Spouse: Marwan Abdul Malik Thanoon ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS
First University Degree
: (Bachelor’s or equivalent)
Name of Degree: Bachelor Date degree awarded: July, 12, 1987 College(orFaculty):Science Name and location of University: University of Mosul, Iraq
Second University Degree: (Master’s or equivalent)
Name of Degree: _Master Date degree awarded: __August, 7, 1991
College (or Faculty): Science Name and location of University: University of Mosul, Iraq Title of Thesis: Theoretical Study of Mono-substituted of Cyclopropenyle system
Third University Degree: (Doctorate or equivalent)
Name of Degree: Doctorate Date degree awarded: October, 4, 1997
College (or Faculty): Science Name and location of University: University of Mosul, Iraq Title of Thesis: An Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Biological Activity of Synthesized
Other Certificates Obtained and Advanced Courses Attended

Name of Degree: Post-Doctorate Date degree awarded: 1998
College (or Faculty): Science Name and location of University: University Putra Malaysia Specialization: Biochemistry Title of Thesis: Enzymatic synthesis of Ibuprofen Ester

-Reaction Kinetic and Reactor Design -Powder Technology Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy . English Pharmacy/ Dept. of Pharmaceutical University of Saddam/ Faculty of COURSE DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES
-Training for using Differential Scanning Calorimeter -Training for using Thermo- Mechanical Analyzer -Training for using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography -How to achieve ISO 9000 for teaching method course
1. Theoretical study of cyclopropenyl system (1991). J.Z.Naturefoursh, vol. 34, pp.48. 2. Production of biodegradable polymer (2001). Proceeding on Engineering World 3. Biodegredable behavior of poly(methyl methacrylate) grafted sago starch biopolymer(2007) International conference on Biotechnology Engineering. 4. Effect of fatty acids( Myristic and Palmatic) on the rheological properties and sweeling power of sago starch (2009). Raf.J. Sci.,vol.20, pp.65-73 5. Study the effect of some physical paramerters on the diffusion properties of prepared chitosan –alginate capsule (2012). Raf. J.Sci., vol. 23, no.1,pp.60-67. 6. Method to improve physical properties of polyethylene terephthalate. To be 7. Attend the workshop of chemical safety of chemicals. 8. Participate in the workshop, at university of Mosul, college of pharmacy, pharmaceutical science department by seminar entitled., rheological properties of product (2011).


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