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Our name reflects that many of the ancient healing arts and traditional methods are providing renewed hopes in a safer way for all of us to stay healthy. Our logo represents the transcendence of mankind from Egyptian and Mayan times (periods of historical application of ear candling) to current day, bringing forth ancient knowledge to present day. Ancient Future of Health Ear Candles are hand crafted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Greg and Chris Webb and a small staff of talented friends. The ear candles are made from beeswax, herbs, TLC (Tender Loving Care) and 100% unbleached cotton which has been washed to remove any impurities. Each ear candle is individually inspected before being sealed in airtight zip-lock bags to ensure freshness. P.S. They smell wonderful! Ancient Future of Health Ear Candles are used by families and health practitioners across Canada, and around the world with happy customers in most continents. This clientele has been so far largely built on a word of mouth referral with the most common feedback being “ We have tried ear candles from many other suppliers, but find that we like yours the best.” I have to tell you, from a personal standpoint that is a very nice thing to hear from my customers! Why do we put herbs in our ear candles, which are they, how are they chosen and what difference does it make to the treatment? Why? Throughout the centuries and in many cultures, traditional folklore medicine has made use of the burning of herbs for medicinal, ceremonial and spiritual ascension purposes. In respect of this tradition, herbs have been added. Which herbs, how were they picked? The herbs were chosen largely for their benefit to the ear nose and throat area, their ability to stimulate the immune system, and also to balance the energy systems of the body. Some of the herbs include peppermint, eucalyptus, St. Johns Wort, callendula, lavender, echinacea, myrrh gum, and a few others, but telling all would be giving away the secret recipe! They are picked using kinesiology muscle testing to determine which ones to add and in which amounts. The individual herbs and amounts vary slightly over time, which I (Greg) personally believe taps into a universal knowledge of what is required for the greatest effectiveness. How do the herbs work? My experience is that the presence of herbs in the ear candles creates a significant difference in the total bodily effect of the ear candling process. Lets go back to the historical application of burning herbs for therapeutic purposes. Our being is capable of creating changes in our state of health and consciousness by its reaction to the smoke, chemistry and vibrational frequency of the substance being burned. The herbs in the ear candles help manifest change in our health through this manner. Our Background. Greg and Chris are both Registered Massage Therapists, living in Calgary. Greg has been doing ear candling since 1992. Started teaching once a month ear candling certification classes in 1993 and as a result, hundreds of people have attended and shared in the knowledge that Greg has accumulated over the years from working with hundreds of clients. Since 1994 Greg has used his skills in kinesiology muscle testing (he is a certified Touch For Health Instructor) to determine from his clients, during sessions, what changes are being effected in the body’s many systems by the ear candling process. An ear scope, clinic observation and Live Blood Analysis have also played a part in this research. As a result, he has become a leading authority on the internal bodily effects of the ear candling process. Greg has also had several television appearances with ear candling and even appeared in the newspaper a couple of times. The media certainly finds the visual aspect of a flaming candle in a persons ear entertaining, usually makes for a fun interview. We have been making and fine tuning our ear candles since 1993, and according our clients, so far so great! Look forward to including you in our growing family of happy customers. For more information on appointments, certification classes in Ear Candling, Touch For Health, or to order ear candles contact Greg and Chris Webb at (403) 242-7647 phone or fax (403) 242-7680 Thank you! Email: [email protected]
Disclaimer: Having absolutely no control of how other persons may be utilizing the ear candling process, Greg Webb, family and associates assume no responsibility whatsoever legally or financially for the ability to use, the safety of their application, or the results achieved from the ear candling process. I can only state that in my clinic practice I have burned thousands of ear candles with a large rate of client success and not one negative experience.


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