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Dr. Sina A. Malki-Gastroenterologist (phone/fax/message service 9836 7333) Colonoscopy -morning
Please read and follow this information carefully to ensure good outcome. (PICO PREP)
You have been booked for your procedure.
Date _____/_____/___ Day Arrival time:
**** Note: a cancellation fee does apply so it is essential you keep your appointment & attend for the procedure ****
ADDRESS: Please arrive at the hospital reception
Reservoir Private Hospital: 73 Pine St, Reservoir 3073 Ph 9460 8855
Warringal Hospital: 216 Burgundy St, Heidelberg 3804, phone: 9274 1356 (bookings), 9274 1300 (hospital)
-Bring all your medication in particular insulin, asthma puffers etc if you take these.
- 7-10 days before the test, Please stop the following
: Warfarin, Aspirin, Iscover, non steroidal anti-inflammatory
medications such as Nurofen, Voltaren, Mobic etc, iron tablets, Calcium, Vitamin D
- No diabetic tablets to be taken the day before the test nor the day of the test until after the test and once you eat solids.
-Panadol/panamax can be taken up to 5 hours before test.
- Inform us of any health problems, in particular heart or lung problems, if you take medication to thin the blood such as aspirin,
Plavix, Warfarin, Insulin, or allergies to any medications, a consultation before the procedure are advisable in the above cases. -If you are also having a Gastroscopy too then stop Nexium, Pariet, Somac, Zoton or Acimax three days before.
PROCEDURE: -Please arrange for a relative/ friend to drive you home and stay with you. *Do not drive nor operate machinery nor
sign any documents for 24 hours after the procedure. Please wear loose and comfortable clothes, No nail polish.
-Total time (arrival, admission, Anaesthetist review, procedure, waking up, discharge) ~ 3-4 hours.
-You are put to sleep (Intravenous sedation). A flexible instrument (endoscope) is used to inspect the bowel surface, biopsies
(samples) can be taken and polyps/lumps can be removed if present and haemorrhoids can be banded if agreed on this previously
and birth marks can be treated.
FEES: Please bring your Medicare card and details of private health cover if applicable
Dr Malki, the Anaesthetist and laboratory (biopsies): No out of pocket fee applies to all patients.
(Pathology may issue an account which is fully claimable from Medicare and your insurer) 2) Day surgery fee:
a) Patients with no private insurance
b) Patients with private insurance: please call your health insurance to find out if you have an excess to pay on the
day and quote items (item number; colonoscopy=32090, gastroscopy= 30473).
BOWEL PREPARATION: (Please follow carefully. You will get diarrhea- the process of bowel clean out)
Can be purchased from pharmacy without a script. Ensure good preparation and take adequate amount of fluids

Three and two days prior to the test: Only consume from the following
cooked potato and pumpkin without the skin, white ( rice, noodles, pasta, bread or pastry made with white bread such as scones),
chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurt, vegemite, honey, rice bubbles, jelly, any liquid, soups based (on rice, noodles, chicken)
Take 1 Picoprep at 4.00 pm dissolved in one glass of water followed by 4 glasses of liquid two days prior to the test.
The day prior to the test:
7.00am. Take tea and white toast with jam/vegemite
Then no more solid food until after the test but you may drink Clear/ transparent liquids :
e.g ** water, cordial, soft drink, black tea, black coffee (No Milk, sugar is Ok), Bonox, clear soup must be strained with no
particles, clear fruit juice (apple and grape juice), lucozade/sport drinks and yellow Jelly (no red, purple nor green
coloured liquids).
At 12.00 noon, at 4 pm & at 7 pm the day before the procedure :
Dissolve 1 sachet of Pico prep bowel preparation powder in 1 glass of water and drink followed by 4-6 glasses of the above
listed** clear liquids over the next 2 hours after each sachet. Keep drinking the allowed liquids through out the day.
If your bowels are not clear then obtain a Fleet enema from the chemist (no script required) to be taken through the anus (rectally)
at 9.00pm or inform us when you come for the test.
The day of the test: no solids
But you can have clear liquids (as listed above) and stop all clear liquids 3-5 hours before the test.
Take your normal medications (including blood pressure tablets with sips of water at least 3-4 hours before the procedure.
Do not take insulin, diabetic tablets, aspirin, Plavix/Iscover, Warfarin, iron and non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.
Contact us if you have any questions.
POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS are rare and are related to anaesthetics. eg cardiac, respiratory systems, bowel perforation/hole
(1:1000) (which may require surgery), bleeding, bloating (can take Panadol, Buscopan, DeGas), missing lesions (if bowel not adequately
cleaned) and abdominal discomfort. Alternatives to the colonoscopy include (x-ray tests such as CT colonography but are not as accurate
and do not allow sampling nor treatment of detected abnormalities.
FOLLOWING THE PROCEDURE:You will be given instructions to read and contact us on the above numbers if you develop any complications
such as abdominal pain, fever, bleeding or abdominal distension. Please make a follow up appointment with Dr Sina Malki in ~ 2-4 weeks (Warringal hospital ph
, Reservoir- 9460 8855).. Please see your general doctor in about 1 week and take the report we provide you on the day of the test and copies of the
biopsy results and report will subsequently be sent to your GP/referring family doctor directly.


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