Jukka Rantanen, Professor Ph.D.

Docent (Phys. Pharm.)
Department of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki Department of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki EMPLOYMENTS:
Viikki Drug Discovery Technology Center (DDTC), University of Helsinki, Finland Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University (IN), USA Viikki Drug Discovery Technology Center (DDTC), University of Helsinki, Finland Pharmaceutical Technology Division, University of Helsinki, Finland

Albert Wuokko Award (Annual prize for distinguished pharmaceutical scientist in Finland 2002),
American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences, AAPS (Recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Research
Award in Pharmaceutical Technologies 2001),
University of Helsinki (The best Ph.D. thesis year 2000 at the University of Helsinki)


Academy of Finland - Course on Academic Project Management (2001),
External funding 4.2 M€ (2001-2013),
Supervisor of 22 Ph.D. students (13 graduated and 9 presently enrolled) and 5 post docs
Group leader of international and multicultural group of 24 academics and technicians.

Role of chemical and physical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients in
relation to their processing behaviour and bioavailability of the final dosage form. Molecular-level process
analysis of pharmaceutically relevant unit operations (crystallization, milling, wet/dry granulation, compaction,
coating), with particular emphasis on the use of spectroscopic techniques (near infrared, NIR, terahertz, THz
and Raman) together with imaging modalities and related multivariate data analysis tools. Material analysis,
at particulate level (particle size/shape distribution, density of material, imaging techniques, compaction
properties) and structural level (identification and quantification of crystalline/amorphous phases), specifically
using X-ray powder diffraction equipment, thermal methods (thermogravimetry, DSC, calorimetry) and

Author of 160+ scientific papers (h-index 26, ISI Web of Science), and the inventor on three patents/patent
Board member of Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) within Technology and Production
Sciences, 2013-
Member of European Pharmacopoeia Commission Working Party on Process Analytical Technology (PAT),
Member of the National Pharmacopoeia Council (Farmakopenævnet),
Chairman of the The European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS) QbD and PAT network.

Selected peer-reviewed publications

1. D. Raijada, A. Bond, F. Larsen, C. Cornett, H. Qu, J. Rantanen, 2013. Exploring the solid-form
landscape of pharmaceutical hydrates: Transformation pathway of the sodium naproxen anhydrate-hydrate system. Pharm. Res. 30: 280-289. 2. H. Trnka, M. van de Weert, H. Grohganz, J. Rantanen, 2013. Fuzzy logic based expert system for evaluating cake quality of freeze-dried formulations. J. Pharm. Sci. 102 4364–4374. 3. D. Raijada, C. Cornett, J. Rantanen, 2013. A high throughput platform for understanding the influence of excipients on physical and chemical stability. Int. J. Pharm. 453 285-292. 4. J. X. Wu, S. Søgaard, F. van den Berg, J. Rantanen, 2013. Fast-track to a solid dispersion formulation using multiway analysis of complex interactions. J. Pharm. Sci. 102 904-914. 5. B. Aksu, T. De Beer b, S. Folestad, J. Ketolainen , H. Lindén, J. Almeida Lopes, M. de Matas, W. Oostra, J. Rantanen, M. Weimer, 2012. Commentary: Strategic funding priorities in the pharmaceutical sciences allied to Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 47: 402-405. 6. J. X. Wu, D. Xia, F. van den Berg, J. Amigo, T. Rades, M. Yang, J. Rantanen, 2012. A novel image analysis as a tool for online monitoring of nucleation and crystal growth during solid state phase transformations. Int. J. Pharm. 433: 60-70 7. H. Qu, M. Savolainen, L.P. Christensen, J. Rantanen, 2012. Process-induced phase transformations in a pharmaceutically relevant salt-free form system. Chem. Eng. Sci. 77 65-70. 8. V. Koradia, M. Tenho, H. Lopez de Diego, M. Ringkjøbing-Elema, J. Møller-Sonnergaard, J. Salonen, V- P Lehto, J. Rantanen, 2012. Investigation of solid phase composition on tablet surfaces by grazing
incidence X-ray diffraction. Pharm. Res. 29 134-144.
9. P. Lebrun, F. Krier, J. Mantanus, H. Grohganz, M. Yang, E. Rozet, B. Boulanger, B. Evrard, J. Rantanen, P. Hubert, 2012. Design space approach in the optimization of the spray-drying process. Eur J Pharm
80 226-234.
10. Y-Y Lee, J.X. Wu, M. Yang, P. Young, F. van den Berg, J. Rantanen, 2011. Particle size dependence of polymorphism in spray-dried mannitol. Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 44: 41-48.
11. JX Wu, M. Yang, F.vd Berg, J. Pajander, T. Rades, J. Rantanen, 2011. Influence of solvent evaporation rate and formulation factors on solid dispersion physical stability. Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 44: 610-620.
12. J. Østergaard, F. Ye, J. Rantanen, A. Yaghmur, S. Weng Larsen, C. Larsen, H. Jensen, 2011. Monitoring lidocaine single crystal dissolution by UV imaging. J. Pharm. Sci. 100: 3405-3410
13. T. Munk, S. Hietala, K. Kalliomäki, M. Nuopponen, H. Tenhu, F. Tian, J. Rantanen, S. Baldursdottir, 2011. Characterization of thermoresponsive PNIPAM polymers for crystal modification of nitrofurantoin.
Polym. Bull. 67: 677-692.
14. JP Boetker, M. Savolainen, V. Koradia, F. Tian, T. Rades, A. Müllertz, C. Cornett, J. Rantanen, J. Østergaard, 2011. Insights into the early dissolution events of amlodipine using UV imaging and Raman
spectroscopy. Mol. Pharm. 8 1372–1380
15. H. Grohganz, D. Gildemyn, E. Skibsted, JM Flink, J. Rantanen, 2011. Rapid solid state analysis of freeze-dried protein formulations using NIR and Raman spectroscopy. J. Pharm. Sci. 100 2871-2875.
16. V. Koradia, H. Lopez de Diego, K. Frydenvang, M. Ringkjoebing-Elema, A. Mullertz, A. Bond, J. Rantanen, 2010. Solid forms of amlodipine besylate: physicochemical, structural, and thermodynamic
characterization. Crystal Growth & Design 10 5279-5290
17. J. Mantanus, E. Ziémons, E. Rozet, B. Streel, R. Klinkenberg, B. Evrard, J. Rantanen, and P. Hubert, 2010. Building the quality into pellet manufacturing environment - feasibility study and validation of an in-
line quantitative near infrared (NIR) method. Talanta 83 305-311.
18. M. Allesø, F. Tian, C. Cornett, J. Rantanen, 2010. Towards effective solid form screening. J. Pharm. Sci. 99 3711-3718.
19. H. Grohganz, M. Fonteyne, E. Skibsted, T. Falck, B. Palmqvist, J. Rantanen, 2010. Classification of lyophilised mixtures using multivariate analysis of NIR spectra. Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 74 406-412.
20. A. Jørgensen, C. Strachan, K. Pöllänen, V. Koradia, F. Tian, J. Rantanen, 2009. An insight into water of crystallization during processing using vibrational spectroscopy. J. Pharm. Sci. 98 3903-3932.
21. J. Aaltonen, M. Allesø, S. Mirza, V. Koradia, K. C. Gordon and J. Rantanen, 2009. Solid form screening – A review. Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 71 23-37.



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