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Does Your Contract Testing Lab Pass the Test?
There are many contract testing labs in the market competing for your business. They may offer the particular test that you require, but how can you be confident that the data you pay for is accurate, precise, and conforms to the current best practices? It is up to you to put your contract lab to the test.
Here are some key questions you should ask:
Q. Does your lab offer full method and data disclosure for the
analysis of your sample?
ChromaDex™ offers an Analytical Test Report (ATR) which details the full
sample preparation procedure, analytical testing method, data, and results. HPLC and GC ATRs include the chromatograms while HP-TLC ATRs include the plate images. Alternately, the basic Analysis Results Sheet (ARS) is also available for routine testing. Complete documentation of the test method used is a crucial part of Q. Does your testing lab have the appropriate testing equipment?
ChromaDex™ is equipped with HPLC, GC, MS, UV, IR, NMR, and HP-TLC
testing capabilities. The equipment is maintained and calibrated regularly to ensure the accuracy of your data. Certain assays require specific equipment for data confirmation. For instance, P57 in Hoodia requires HP-TLC analysis and HPLC with Q. Does your lab use fully characterized reference standards?
ChromaDex reference standards are characterized by a series of analytical
techniques that determine chromatographic purity, water and residual solvent content, along with MS and NMR confirmation. These analysis provide the minimal data needed to determine accurate reference standard purity. Reagent Grade chemicals are not reference standards and are not suitable for quantitative analysis. ChromaDex is the leading provider of reference standards in the industry and we use only characterized reference standards in our analysis.
Q. Does your testing lab use Laboratory Control Standards?
ChromaDex™ tests a Laboratory Control Standard along side samples being
analyzed to ensure method stability and reproducibility. By consistently testing this Control Sample along with the Reference Standard and customer sample, we are assured that the test is working properly and the results are accurate.
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Does Your Contract Testing Lab Pass the Test?
Q. Does your testing lab perform HP-TLC (High Performance-Thin Layer
Chromatography) identity testing properly?
Botanical identity verification requires performing HP-TLC or TLC analysis against quality Botanical
Reference Materials (BRM). ChromaDex™ not only ensures that all tested samples are compared to both the appropriate BRM and reference standard/s but also uses state-of-the-art HP-TLC equipment and techniques. Additionally, ChromaDex™ offers a full line of verified BRMs along with our analytical Reference Standards for
Q. Does your testing lab employ dedicated account managers with technical
ChromaDex™ employs a staff of specialized Technical Sales Representatives all of whom have science
backgrounds and have completed an extensive internal training program. Your Technical Sales Representative will be your key contact, assist you in completing and reviewing all sample submission paperwork, and be able to help you choose the appropriate testing for your needs.
Q. Does your lab provide assistance in understanding your test results?
ChromaDex’s™ detailed reports include full method and data disclosure. Your trained Technical Sales
Representative can assist you in interpreting your results and if necessary, help you identify any additional testing that may be appropriate. ChromaDex™ also offers a growing library of educational reference pieces that can be used to further educate yourself or your colleagues.
Q. Does your lab provide extended custom services beyond contract testing?
ChromaDex™ is a full service provider of contract testing services, bioassays, reference standards and
botanical materials, custom chemical isolation, test method development and validation, label claim review and quality system consulting. We can assist you every step of the way from performing your testing to helping you Q. Is your testing lab ISO 17025 compliant?
ISO 17025 is the International Organization for Standardization on the general requirements for the
competence of testing and calibration laboratories. This designation is recognized for testing of industries such as dietary supplements, food and beverage, cosmetics, natural products, etc. ChromaDex™ is ISO 17025 Q. Does your testing lab carry professional liability insurance?
ChromaDex™ is fully insured with Professional Liability Error and Omissions insurance of $2MM as well
as product insurance of $2MM. This is a key feature that helps to protect your company in the case of errors, omissions, etc. especially useful if you face litigation from your customer.
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