Rodrigues regional assembly

Executive Council
Friday 30 July 2010 under the chairmanship of the Deputy Chief
Commissioner, Mr. G. JABEEMISSAR and has, among its


to invest an amount of Rs 2.4 million in the Rodrigues General Fishing Co. Ltd, a 100% RRA-owned company which is operating the Maison Des Pêcheurs at Pointe Monier, to enable the company to purchase fishing equipment and materials for the start of its fishing operations following the functioning of its fleet of six new off-lagoon fishing boats.

(i) that in the context of the World Book Day Celebrations 2010, the Commission for Education and Arts & Culture in collaboration with the Ministry of Arts and Culture will organise a Workshop for Library Personnel in Rodrigues from 5 to 6 August 2010 at the Human Resource Centre and a Book Festival from 6 to 8 August at the Chapiteau, Port Mathurin. The Minister of Arts and Culture, Honourable Mookhesswar CHOONEE, will be in Rodrigues on that occasion for the opening ceremony. (ii) that the Commission for Social Security, Women‟s Affairs, Child Development and Family Welfare is organizing four sensitization campaign on Parents Empowerment at village level namely at Tamarin, Vanguard, Pointe Vingt Tours and Citronelle. The campaign will target fifty parents per village whose children are at risk as well as vulnerable children and single headed households. Topics such as „Estime de Soi et Communication‟, „Les valeurs et la responsabilité Familiales‟, „Les maladies sexuellement transmissible‟, „Les effets de la violence domestique dans la vie familiale‟ and „L‟Alcoolisme, la Drogue – les effets sur la famille‟ will be covered. The official launching of the campaign will be held on Wednesday 4 August at the Community Centre of Pte Vingt Tours. Page 1 of 4


(iii) of the measures being taken by the Commission for Health to mitigate the effect of the influenza AH1N1 in Rodrigues. A local Pandemic Influenza Committee comprising officers from the Health Sector, the Police Force, the Immigration Office, the National Coast Guard, the Civil Aviation Department, Airport of Rodrigues Ltd and the Mauritius Ports Authority has been set up to ensure preparedness and coordination of actions and established protocols with regard to this Pandemic in Rodrigues. The following preventive measures are taken:- (a) the Health Inspectorate is providing full coverage of incoming passengers to Rodrigues from planes, ships and yachts. Passengers are screened and referred to the Hospital/Area Health Centres on showing signs and symptoms of influenza; vaccines and Oseltamivir caps as well as syrup commonly known as Tamiflu are provided at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Area Health Centres at La Ferme and Mt Lubin; the AH1N1 Vaccination Programme has been extended to the public at large. The Vaccination Programme is being carried out at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the two Area Health Centres on week days as from 08.00 hours. Communiqués are being issued to inform the public of the Vaccination Programme; sensitization Programme on the pandemic and the precautions to be taken are being announced through the radio by officers of the Health Services and a daily brief is being broadcasted so as to raise awareness among the population in Rodrigues; the updated protocol of influenza AH1N1 has been distributed to in suspicious cases, throat swabs are taken by doctors and are sent to the Central Laboratory of Candos for analysis. (iv) that Mr. Francois GEMENNE, Belgian Consultant, is on mission in Rodrigues from 28 to 30 July 2010 in view of the implementation of the Forced Migration and Climate Change project for the Republic of Mauritius and to assess the impacts of climate change on the population and other sectors. Mr. Francois GEMENNE will carry out consultations with the different Commissions and NGOs and will identify a region which is most vulnerable to climate change or which is bearing harsh weather conditions. The project is funded by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) co-ordinated by the Prime Minister‟s Office. Page 2 of 4
(v) that tenders are being launched by the Commission for Health for the (a) the covering of alleys at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital from the Operating Theatre to the Male Ward, from the Female Ward to the New Maternity Ward, and from the Intersection of Female Ward-New Maternity to the Paediatric Ward; and (b) the conversion of the first floor of the New Maternity Ward “Ancilla Jean” into a Paediatric, Gynae and Female Ward. The works consist of the manufacture, supply and fixing of aluminium partitions and hot dipped galvanised burglar proofs. (vi) that the Commission for Public Infrastructure has awarded the (a) the upgrading of Roche Bon Dieu Monument Site to Mr. Joseph Jean Laurent SWEE for the total sum of Rs 1,406,921 inclusive of VAT. The works would consist mainly of demolition works, cleaning of site, construction of concrete track, erection of pine pole barriers and fencing, construction of kiosk, manufacture and placing of benches, and manufacture and placing of gates; (b) the upgrading of the Nature Trail at Trou D‟Argent to New Development Property Ltd for the total sum of Rs 427,973.65 inclusive of VAT. The works will consist mainly of the construction of footsteps using pine and supply and fixing of pine pole and fixing of handrails over a stretch of 100 metres in view of providing safe access to visitors using the trail towards Trou (c) the upgrading of Citron Donis Pre-Primary School yard to New Development Property Ltd for the total sum of Rs 955,574 inclusive of VAT. The works would consist of demolition works, cleaning of site, levelling works, construction of footpath, erection of fencing and manufacture and placing of gate; (d) the supply of a Back Hoe Loader to Iframac Ltd for the total sum of Rs 3,680,085 inclusive of VAT. The Back Hoe Loader will replace the Excavator GMR 552 and will reinforce the logistic capacity of the Commission for Public Infrastructure. Page 3 of 4
(vii) that a study on behaviours related to HIV/AIDS among the young Rodriguans aged 14 to 24 years will be carried out as from 30 July by the firm Analysis International in order to enable Programme Managers on HIV/AIDS to adopt appropriate strategies and activities towards an effective and efficient prevention of HIV infection and reduction of stigma and discrimination among those who are already infected. The study has been initiated and is being supervised by the National Aids Secretariat under the aegis of the Prime Minister‟s Office. (viii) of the outcome of the mission to Mauritius of Mr. L.A. PERRINE, Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources Rehabilitation from 14 to 16 July 2010 where he had working sessions with:- (a) Messrs. Jean Yves Bryan CHARLES and Paul RAGA, the (b) Mrs. A. L. RAMSAMY, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agro Industry & Food Security and Chairman Food Security Fund Committee; (c) Mr. M. C. MONTY, Project Coordinator of the Food Security (d) Mr. POONITH, Marketing Manager of SKC – Surat Co. Ltd. (ix) of the outcome of the mission to Reunion Island of Mr. G. JABEEMISSUR, Deputy Chief Commissioner from 19 to 23 July 2010 in view of the setting up of two pilot centres for the promotion and enhancement of „Reading and Writing for Pleasure” project in two primary schools in Rodrigues. During his mission, he visited the Centre Culture, Lecture et Environment du Brule of Reunion Island where he learnt the way the centre are being run, the conditions that are necessary to set up the centres and their experiences, approaches and strategies. He also established links with the centre of Brule for future collaboration with the two pilot centres project to be run in Rodrigues at Mangues Government School and Father Ronald Gandy RCA School. Page 4 of 4


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