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Thermology resulting in a TH-3, TH-3F is an atypical rating. Thermology resulting in a
TH-4, TH-4F, TH-5, TH-5F is an abnormal rating. The following nutritional protocol is
for optimum breast health and should not replace your doctor’s advice. Consult your
doctor if on any medication before taking any supplements recommended in this
1. A diet high in fiber and low in saturated animal fats is preferred. 2. Eat lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and their juices. 3. Eat organic whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes. 4. Animal protein with no antibiotics or hormones that are fed vegetables. 5. The fats in dairy products store fat-soluble chemicals so make sure it is organic. 6. Drink purified water to flush out the kidneys and hydrate the lymphatic system. 7. Avoid foods that you are allergic to.
1. Support the thyroid function using trace minerals including iodine found in wild seafood and sea vegetables or taken as a supplement. 2. If your report indicates hormonal fluctuation you may want to have a hormone panel to evaluate your progesterone and estrogen levels and supplement only with bio-identical hormones. 3. Take a natural vitamin and mineral supplement with: calcium, magnesium, B complex, especially folic acid, B6, A and E. 4. Take essential fatty acids found in borage or evening primrose oils. These should also be taken along with a digestive enzyme that includes lipase to assure absorption of these fat-soluble vitamins (note: all oil based vitamins should be refrigerated so they don’t go rancid).
SUPPORT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: The liver is an essential part of the immune
system. If it is overloaded with chemicals and a toxic diet or environmental pollution, it
cannot do its job of filtering out malformed cells such as cancer. The liver, lungs,
kidneys, skin and colon are all part of the eliminatory system. Keeping them functioning
correctly relieves the burden placed on the immune system. Colon Hydrotherapy is
recommended to keep the bowels clean and healthy. Detox-factors from Tyler Labs
supports both phase I and II of the liver’s function and is recommended if exposure to
chemicals or substance abuse is a factor.
HERBS AND TREATMENT: Squaw vine, mullein and red clover, ginger tea or Jason
Winters tea is best for lymphatic detoxification. Performance of colon cleansing, daily
lymphatic massage or dry brush massage speeds up the detoxification process. Fiber
adenoma cysts are a benign condition caused by low fibrinonase an enzyme that breaks
down fibrous tissue. Caffeine has methylated xanthine, which blocks this enzymes
production. Caffeinated products like coffee, cola and chocolate should be avoided.
712 D Street Suite L San Rafael, CA 94901 (415) 460-9722 All rights reserved internationally 2008 Avoid wearing a bra for more than 18 hours a day. Don’t drink water stored in plastic containers that have been exposed to heat (in a hot car) as this releases xeno-estrogen, that is estrogen-mimicking toxins that cause breast cancer. Use only safe cosmetic and cleaning products as a reference: Dr. Epstein’s “Safe Shoppers Bible”. 1. Calcium d’ Glucarate is recommended to boost phase II of the liver function and clean the excessive estrogen out of the breast. If you have taken synthetic hormones such as birth control pills, fertility drugs, and hormone replacement therapy or had recent composite dental fillings then it is recommended one month for each year of taking hormones. 2. Indolplex ™ helps the pathways of estrogen not convert to estrone, which causes neo-angeogenisis (a new blood supply to develop around feeding a tumor). 3. Recancostat ™ with reduced l’ glutathione, which is the only form that is bio- available for maximum absorption, is a strong antioxidant that activates the cell apoptosis, the self-destruct mechanism, to get rid of metaplasia or dysplasia cell growth such is found with DCIS. 4. Cellular Forte™ helps to boost the natural killer cell production and build the immune system by normalizing atypical cell growth.
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Calcium d’ Glucarate
(food is okay) For: TH-1, TH-2 or TH-3, 1 cap TID*
For: TH-4 or TH-5, 2 caps BID*
Indolplex (with food is okay) For: TH-1, TH-2 or TH-3, 1 cap BID*
For: TH-4 or TH-5, 2 caps BID*
Recancostat 400 (no food +10 oz H20) For: TH-1, TH-2 or TH-3, 1 cap
For: TH-4 or TH-5, 2 caps BID*
Protective Breast Formula (Replaces Calcium d’ Glucarate & Indolplex)
For: TH-1, TH-2 or TH-3, 1 cap BID*For: TH-4 or TH-5, Take 2 caps BID*
Cellular Forte (IP-6 & Inositol) For: TH-1 or Th-2 , Take 1 cap BID*
For: TH-3, TH-4 or TH-5, Take 2 caps TID*
*BID= 2times a day *TID= 3times a day

After receiving your Thermography report:

1. Call the clinic where you were screened to schedule a free consultation to review
your results.
2. Order any products that are recommended in your protocol from the clinic where
you were screened.
712 D Street Suite L San Rafael, CA 94901 (415) 460-9722 All rights reserved internationally 2008 712 D Street, Suite L San Rafael, CA 94901 All rights reserve Internationally 8-2007

Source: http://www.celodesign.com.br/sites/hb/userfiles/files/7-NutritionalProtocolforTH-3-TH-5.pdf

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