Abstracts / Journal of Biotechnology 136S (2008) S527–S540 (ACE) inhibitory activity, and the inhibitory pattern was found to Rahman, M., Oomori, A., Uehara, T.T., 2008. Carbonic anhydrase in calcified endoskeleton: novel activity in bio-calcification in alcyonarian. Mar. Biotechnol.
50 values of compound 1, compound 2 and
compound 3 were 63.9 ␮M, 33.6 ␮M and 153.6 ␮M, respectively.
The tyrosinase inhibitory activity of compounds, final concentra-
tions of 0.0225, 0.1125, 0.225 and 0.45 of compounds were tested for
enzyme inhibitory activity and it was observed that it could inhibittyrosinase at IC50 of 0.624 mM, 0.382 mM, and 1.15 mM, respec- VI1-P-001
tively. The results showed that compound 2 could exhibit tyrosinase
activity by approximately 63.2% higher than those of compound 1
Bioresources mining from deep sea
and 3. The inhibitory pattern was found to be non-competitive.
Xiang Xiao ∗, Xixiang Tang, Meixiang Xu, Zhiwei Yi, Xiang Zeng,Lijin Jiang References
Key Laboratory of Marine Biogenetic Resources, Third Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, Xiamen 361005, PR Citron, M., Teplow, D.B., Selkoe, D.J., 1995. Generation of amyloid ␤-protein from its precursor is sequence specific. Neuron 14, 661–670.
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Guo, Q., Zhao, B., Shen, S., Hou, J., Hu, J., Xin, W., 1999. ESR study on the depth of 3800 m. The deep sea is the remained largest unex- structure–antioxidant activity relationship of tea catechins and their epimers.
plored area on earth. Although deep ocean exploration is still in Biochem. Biophys. Acta 1427, 13–23.
its infancy, it is now believed that the deep sea harbors someof the most diverse ecosystems on earth. This diversity holds tremendous potential for human benefit. Most of the deep sea isdark, cold, high pressure, low oxygen, low nutrient extreme envi- VI1-Y-016
ronments, while the temperatures of the deep-sea hydrothermalvents could reach high to more than 350 ◦C. Deep-sea microorgan- Aspartic acid-rich proteins in insoluble organic matrix play a
isms are considered as the most important components of marine key role in the growth of calcitic sclerites in alcyonarian coral
ecosystems. By using molecular-based culture-independent micro- biological methods, it was revealed that the deep-sea extremeenvironments contain highly diversified microbial communities.
Department of Chemistry, University of the Ryukyus, 1 Senbaru, Meanwhile, some microorganisms have been isolated from several deep-sea environments, many of them were defined as new species and extremophiles. Here we report some of our work on biore- sources mining from deep sea by utilization of multiple approachesincluding culture-dependant and -independent molecular meth- Acidic proteins play a major role in bio-calcification ( ods. A large number of deep-sea microorganisms were isolated These proteins are generally thought to control by using a comprehensive array of designed cultivation media.
Some of the retrieved deep-sea microorganisms were found hav- proteinaceous components in the soluble and insoluble matrix frac- ing commercial potentials for industrial enzyme production and tions of Sinularia polydactyla indicates that aspartic acid composes environment bioremediation Novel antitumor about 61% of the insoluble and 29% of the soluble matrix fractions.
compounds were purified and structure determined from a few of Using an in vitro assay, we show that matrix proteins induced the deep-sea microorganisms (Cosmid libraries were formation of amorphous CaCO3 precipitates prior to their trans- constructed from some of the deep-sea samples and used for anti- formation into the calcitic crystalline form. The crystalline form of CaCO3 in the sclerites was also identified by X-ray diffraction, were found to have antitumor activity, disruption of some genes on revealing calcitic polymorphisms with a strong (104) reflection. The the cosmid diminished the antitumor activity of the clones. These structure of alcyonarian organic matrices containing aspartate-rich genes hold great promise to further study and understand the anti- proteins and polysaccharides was assessed by Fourier transform tumor mechanism of the cells. Our results again indicated that the infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR). Electrophoretic analyses of proteins deep sea is a big reservoir of new bacterial species with potential extracted from the soluble and insoluble organic matrix of sclerites revealed two proteins that may be glycosylated. Calcium-bindinganalysis of components in the insoluble matrix fraction indicated References
that a protein of 109 kDa can bind Ca2+, which is important for scle-rite formation. An assay for carbonic anhydrase enzyme, which is Li, D.H., Wang, F.P., Cai, S., Zeng, X., Xiao, X., Gu, Q., Zhu, W., 2007. Two new bisor- thought to play an important role in the process of bio-calcification bicillinoids isolated from a deep-sea fungus Phialocephala sp. FL30r. J. Antibiot.
(evealed novel activity. These results strongly Xu, M.X., Xiao, X., Wang, F.P., 2008. Isolation and characterization of alkane hydrox- suggest that the aspartic acid-rich proteins within the insoluble ylases from a metagenomic library of Pacific deep-sea sediment. Extremophiles matrix of alcyonarians play a key role in biomineralization regula- Xu, M., Wang, F.P., Meng, J., Xiao, X., 2007. Construction and preliminary analysis of a metagenomic library from a deep-sea sediment of east Pacific Nodule Province.
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 62, 233–241.
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chrotrophic, lipolytic bacteria from deep-sea sediments. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol.
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