Mktg 411 (consumer behavior)

________________________________________________________________________ Instructor: Dr. Beomjoon (Peter) Choi Office Hours: Tuesday 4:20-5:50 pm
Course Description:

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of marketing concepts,
models, and theories, and the opportunity to apply their knowledge to various business

Course Objectives:

The objective of this course is to foster the development of the analytical skills and to
help understand the perspectives of contemporary marketing management.
In particular, this course is intended to help students to:
1. Familiarize you with the tactics of the marketing 2. Apply course materials in logical thinking, problem solving, and decision 3. Develop the skills needed to analyze and solve complex marketing 4. Provide you with a forum (oral) for presenting and defending your recommendations/strategies and critically examining and discussing those of others 5. Formulate marketing strategy by planning the best course of action Textbook:

Peter, J. Paul and James H. Donnelly, Jr., Preface to Marketing Management, 13th edition,
McGraw-Hill Irwin
Class Format:
The format of the course will be a mixture of lecture, case analysis, small group exercises, written assignments and oral presentations. Since the effectiveness of
this approach depends almost entirely on an interactive and participative classroom
experience, attendance and preparation of assigned class materials will be required. In
particular, it is VERY important to read the assigned chapter, articles, or cases prior to
each class session.

Lecture notes, syllabus, any documents related to class, and updates will be posted on the
SacCT. It is your responsibility to check SacCT on a regular basis (Information you need
for class will available by every Monday 11:00 pm).


Grades will be based on total points of exams and quizzes as follows:
Simulation 15% 150 pts (Individual – 3% (30 pts), team – 12% (120 pts=50+70) Participation Individual case analysis 5% 50 pts Team case analysis
News around the globe:

Every time we meet in class, we will spend time (5-10 minutes) discussing strategy
decisions and challenges facing companies around the globe. Your task is to find an
article which is relevant to class topics (should bring a hard copy). Please note that
articles should cover current issues and/or situations. I prefer an article about the latest
news and events. This task will serve to foster an appreciation of the crucial decisions
facing firms in fast-paced and competitive environments. Your sources of information
may include newspapers and periodicals such as Newsweek, Business Week, Time, New
York Times, Economist, Wall street Journal, or any other trustworthy sources.
After students select an article of interest, they will be required to write a half page
analysis/critique (250-350 words) from strategic marketing view (e.g., strategic
implications, alternative approaches/solutions, etc). Students are expected to submit 5
 Each assignment accounts for 10 points of assignment grade in the course
 You will receive one of three grades, which are V- (7 out of 10), V (9 out of 10),
 You should attach your article (a hard copy).

Team Case Presentations:

A case will be assigned to each team at the beginning of the semester. Each team is required to
present the case on dates as scheduled in the syllabus. Each team will be given 8 minutes for a
presentation. Next, debate session (critique session) will be held for 10 minutes. Then, both teams
will be asked questions from the whole class for 7 minutes.

Note: For case presentations, each team should send me a power point file by 10:00 pm on a day
prior to the date of case presentation at [email protected].
Late submission is subject to penalty (5 pts deduction). Also, you cannot change your slides
once you submit it.

The cases will be available at the link below (Cases should be purchased):

Individual Case Analysis:

Students are required to submit one individual case analysis (50 pts).
– You will be allowed to select a case (one of the four cases: case 1 through 4) except the case
assigned to your team for the team case analysis.

There will be one exam, worth 20 percent of your grade (200 pts). The exam will cover all assigned textbook readings and cases. An exam will be held in class
according to the class schedule. There will be NO make-up exams with the exception
of emergent situations such as SERIOUS illness or injury.
More detailed information
will be provided regarding an exam later in the semester.


To ensure that the class is highly interactive, you are expected to come to class prepared to discuss the assigned material and/or case each week. I will ask questions or assign mini activities based on the reading materials. Your participation grade reflects your preparedness for these discussions, quality and Several criteria will be considered when evaluating your class participation: Quality of the class participation is most important. Sheer quantity is neither
High quality class participation is thoughtful and includes comments that add to our understanding of a situation and help move class discussion forward. It goes beyond mere repetition of case facts or simple truisms. High quality class participation is supported with qualitative and/or quantitative Your comments should take into account and build on the comments and analyses of your classmates and be relevant to the topic under discussion. You need to be present in class in order to receive a strong class participation
You will be required to hand in a few individual and/or team assignments depending on
the class schedule. All assignments must be handed in at the beginning of class on a due
date. A penalty will be imposed on late assignments.
Classroom Rules/Etiquettes:

 Professionalism is required in all aspects of your classroom behavior.  Please do not hold conversations with classmates whenever the professor or another student is speaking. An atmosphere of mutual respect is very important.  Use of cell phones during class is NOT allowed.
Laptop usage for any non-academic purposes is not allowed.
 You are strongly requested to remain in class until dismissed with the exception
of emergent situations where you should explain in advance. If you have to leave class early for any reasons, you should get my permission prior to class and then will be allowed to leave class early. Please note: The professor reserves the right to request a student to leave if his or her behavior seems inappropriate and disrespectful. If this happens more than once, it will be immediately reported to administrative faculty/staffs.
Any disruptive behaviors during class will not be tolerated, which may result in penalties
to your final grade.

Dealing with Challenges:
If you have a disability and require accommodations, you need to provide disability
documentation to SSWD, Lassen Hall 1008, (916) 278-6955. Please discuss your
accommodation needs with me after class or during my office hours early in the semester.

Academic Misconduct:
Cheating will NOT be tolerated. You will receive a zero on any test, quiz, or assignment
that you were found to have cheated on. Any paper that is plagiarized, whether
intentionally or unintentionally, will also receive a score of zero. Also, any academic
misconduct/dishonesty will be severely punished, including the possibility of failure (F)
in the course.
TENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINE (Times and dates are subject to change)
Date Topic_____________________ Textbook reading_________

Sep 3 Introduction to Course
Strategic Planning and Marketing Management Process Sep 10 Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Sep 17 Marketing Research
& Case Reading
: Red Lobster
Simulation Game # practice
& Team Case Analysis 1
Case: Cialis

Simulation Game (Individual #2)
& Team Case analysis 2
Case: Dove: Evolution of a Brand
Simulation Game (Individual #3)
Oct 22 New Product Planning and Development II/ Integrated Marketing Communications I Ch.8 & Team Case analysis 3
Case: Burberry

Oct 29 Integrated Marketing Communications II Nov 5 Integrated Marketing Communications III & Team Case analysis 4
Case: BMW Films

Nov 19 Case Reading
: Virgin Mobile USA: Pricing for the very first time
Simulation Game (team - Final)
Nov 26 Marketing theory OR special topic (TBD)
Dec 3 Final Team Presentation I
Dec 10 Final Team Presentation II
Dec 17 Exam


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