March 2004
Celebrating our 12th Year in Business!
Landscape Showcase
SpotlightMake Money
We recently installed a beautiful Aquascape brand pond at 8906 Make money with our referral program. You will get Beard Avenue S. in Richfield. This back yard pond dropped down paid for referring your friends and associates to us four feet from the waterfall through a 10 foot long winding stream channel into a 8 by 11 foot lily pond. This crystal clear pond is now ¾ We offer gifts for gutter cleaning leads.
the home of 6 large kio and many small gold fish. The rushing ¾ We give you restaurant gift certificates water sounds so relaxing as it tumbles through the stream bed! We also completed a very large project at 215 Burntside Drive in Golden Valley. We transformed the back yard with four different tiered retaining walls and two long keystone block flower planters.
What a perfect show place for summer entertaining! This kind ofinvestment becomes instant equity in your property’s value.
Mini Bobcat for Rent
Tip of the Month - Pond Maintenance
Our mini-bobcat is ready for your do-it-yourselfprojects! We rent out this DINGO bobcat, which has How To Keep Your Water Crystal Clear
a 42 inch bucket and is easy for anyone to operate.
Many pond owners ask the question: “How do I keep my pond This machine is perfect for any project you have in clean and clear?” You should be using a granular powder called your yard that you would normally do by hand.
SAB from aquascape twice a week. You must dissolve the powderin warm water before you pour it into the pond.
We drop it off and pick it up at your home. This littlemachine does not wear and tear on your lawn and it We also use barley straw products to help keep the green water fits most anywhere. Call today to make a reservation away. You can use small bundles in your skimmer box or ready made mats in your biosfalls. And you can now buy barley pellets.
Don’t forget that hungry fish eat lots of string algae. So don’t feed What’s on Sale?
them so much that they stop doing their job as the clean up crew in POWER WASHING FOR YOUR DECK
We offer fast high quality power washing ser- New at TEK Services, Inc.
vices for you home or business. We use a safe ANNOUNCING the addition of a full service
high pressure power washing system to clean TREE CARE specialist to our team!
your homes exterior and to remove the fading For all of your tree services, call 612-788-7609 and ask about stain or paint from your deck or wooden fenc- Pete’s XTREME TREE TEAM. He does an AWESOME job.
ing. Then we apply a high quality stain and sealer Plus, he is fully licensed and insured for your guaranteed satis- to protect your wood from the elements.
This is a must every couple of years to keep your wood beautiful and to protect it from rot Eight Characteristics of a
Gutter Cleaning
Refer a friend and get $25 cash!
Good Landscape Design
1. Personalized plan to fit your lifestyle
Our fast professional gutter cleaning and screening services can’t be beat. Plus.we will pay you to let us clean the 2. Employs scale, color and balance.
gutters for everyone you know. Just call us with the phone number of everyone you know that might need our gutter clean- ing services and we will pay you $25 cash for each job.
4. Offer options you may not have
We will manually remove all the debris, so we don’t make a mess on the windows or siding. We use a flexible tool to 5. Extends your living space outdoors.
snake out all your downspouts and we haul away all the 6. Can be inspired by the architecture
debris. Call 612-788-7609 now and let us help your friendsget their gutters cleaned before the next big rain arrives.
7. Makes a lasting impression.
8. Increases the value of your home!
Call Mike today so he can use his design education to Special Allocations of Depreciation
In many cases, real estate partnerships make it possible foreach investor to achieve different objectives. Many of theseinvestments will allow one partner to take the majority of TIP OF THE MONTH
the property’s depreciation if certain guidelines are met. It In your Garden
may be possible for one partner to enjoy the full $25,000allowable passive loss against other earned income, as long Dare to be different in your flower selections.
as they have basis in the property and meet the at risk re- Here’s a great tip to jazz up your garden. Try using a plant commonly called obedient plant or false dragon head. Thisflower has more height (20 inches tall) and more texture In simple terms, one partner may be able to take a large than the standard perennials many gardeners keep using paper loss in the partnership and use it against their other income and save a bundle on their taxes. So, if all guidelinesare met, this kind of special allocation of depreciation can They have eye catching white blooms in midsummer. The add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.
interesting way the flowers occur on the dark green flowerspikes is what makes them look so different. This plant goeswith any other color you will be using in your garden.
It is best to use them in the back of a planting bed or in themiddle because of their height and texture.
New at TEK Services, Inc.
Parade of Ponds:
Once again in July, we will be hosting one of the sites in the Twin Cities Parade of Ponds. This charity event is a great way to see many differentpond designs and talk to the proud homeowners about the ease of pond ownership and the joys that come with having your own back yard paradise.
Tickets are available at Hedberg’s 763-545-4400.
Thomas E. Kish
Service Partners
Homes and Investment
Properties for Sale
recommend for all your exterior repairs.
Crown did more great work for us this 2329 5th St NE, Minneapolis:
Triplex and 4 car garage with huge monthly cash  flow. Fully rented. $4003 monthly income, $575 bother with. Crown worked quickly andpriced the work very reasonably. I 5548 Logan Ave N., Brooklyn Center:
They do sunrooms, replace inefficient
windows, siding, and roofing. This
family-owned company specializes in
customer satisfaction. CROWN’s
6801 51st Place N., Crystal:
3BR wholesale deal. Ready to move in.
Only $155,000 and it is worth $170,000.
an exclusive Q-Mark® PerformanceGuarantee, backed by Lloyd’s of 4200 24th Ave S., Minneapolis:
job well done. CROWN RENOVA-
TIONS’ management team has a
Fireplace and attached garage. Fenced back yard. New updates throughout. New carpet, paint, and gutters! For sale $25,000 below appraised value so you get instant equity, or fancy marketing schemes. CROWN
RENOVATIONS of Plymouth offers
hourly exterior maintenance/improvement services throughout the Call me for all the details.
metro-area. Call today for a no
obligation quote from the CROWN.
Tom Kish • 612-788-7609
Cash Flow Experts.Biz Inc.
Thomas E. Kish • 612-251-9830 • [email protected] We are looking for people that are tired of managing the rental property they own.
We are a professional property management service. We will take care of your property  Cash Flow Consulting for Small Business Services, Inc.
TEK Services, Inc.

Source: http://cashflowexperts.biz/downloads/2004_June.pdf


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