British Veterinary Camelid Society Proceedings of 2007 conference Camelid drug formulary
CAUTION!!! No drugs are licensed for use in camelids in the UK. All drugs are used off label and the owners should be advised as such. The drug dosages listed have been used by Claire Whitehead or those known to her. The RVC accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, efficacy, or safety of any of these drugs, their dosages or routes of administration, or for any adverse reactions that may result from their use. These drugs must be prescribed by a vet. [Adapted from conference notes for the Camelid Vet Conference at The Ohio State University, 2006.] Trade name
Useful as anxiolytic, for milk letdown, and urethral Do not use in pregnant animals: has produced Indications: arthritis, prostatitis, cystitis Premie protocol: 2mg/kg q4 for 24 hours, then q6 next 24 hours, then q8 next 24 hours.
Anti-diar hoeal agent, also adsorbs toxins Pain relief, appetite stimulation at low doses Can be mixed into feed at feed mil . For prevention of 0.05-0.1mg/kg SC, IM, IV USE CAUTION in camelids. Single dose okay, multidosing leads to liver problems. Prefer shorter- For coccidiosis (sheep dose) = 1ml per 2.5kg BW Do not use if estrumate is available (can cause death) British Veterinary Camelid Society 5 mg/kg SC q24 hours10 mg/kg PO q24 hours Give for three to five days for tx of nematodirus/ Care in dehydration. Oral paste is not absorbed.
To reduce lipaemia. One to three doses 12 hours apart Monitor glucose concentrations when using. Cumulative effect can result in acute hypoglycaemia Oral and pour-on formulations are not absorbed.
Use 1 - 2ml for epidural anaesthesia (alpaca-l ama) Useful for Mycoplasma haemolamae, listeriosis… May cause colic at higher doses. For milk letdown, to Reconstitute 3g vial (5,000,000 IU) with 10ml water Half-life in llamas is <2 hours – not useful Prednisolone sodium succinate – potent short-acting May kill <50% of those in which it is used British Veterinary Camelid Society Proceedings of 2007 conference 2 - 4mg/kg IV (slow!) or Reversal agent for xylazine. Caution using IV – cardiac asystole.
Kil s all stages of liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) Caution against IV use – has caused acute death. Not absorbed sufficiently if given oral y: useful in nursing crias <45 days old (pre-ruminating).
1000-2000 IU/kg BW SC Injectable product available through Interchem Ireland Ltd (get import license from VMD).
For prevention of rickets, use Nov + Feb +/- April.
0.2mg/kg IV (Llama)0.3mg/kg IV (Alpaca)0.4mg/kg IM (Llama)0.6mg/kg IM (Alpaca) Caution on IV use – may cause acute hypotension! Withold food for 12 - 24 hours prior to induction of Combine drugs in single syringe and administer IM. Butorphanol 0.04mg/kg Injectable anaesthesia only for shortish procedures Alpacas Ketamine 5mg/kg Xylazine 0.5mg/kg Butorphanol 0.05mg/kg Mix 1:1 by volume and administer 1ml per 9 - 19kg Mixed in a single syringe and given IV only.
Gives about 10-15 mins sedation: better than xylazine alone for minor procedures that are stimulatory (eg stitch-up, tear-duct flush, rhinoscopy). Not full GA.


Clin Exp Immunol 1997; 110 :500–508 Circadian rhythm of leucocytes and lymphocyte subsets and its possible correlation with the function of the autonomic nervous system S. SUZUKI*†, S. TOYABE*, T. MORODA†, T. TADA†, A. TSUKAHARA†, T. IIAI†, M. MINAGAWA†,S. MARUYAMA†, K. HATAKEYAMA†, K. ENDOH‡ & T. ABO* * Department of Immunology, † First Department of Surgery,

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