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ScanPlus 6 LF642

The ScanPlus 6 LF642 is a color and monochrome scanner that is the perfect solution for repro-
grapics, graphic arts, GIS and CAD professionals. It incorporates the latest in full color scanning
and copying technology and is a cost-effective tool that can be configured for both stand-alone and
network scanning and copying tasks directly from the scanner. Using the built-in Linux processor
provides the ability to connect the scanner directly to a network printer or user’s PC. This feature
offers the flexibility to scan-to-print or scan-to-file.
The ScanPlus 6 LF642 Base model scanner can scan a typical E-Size color original in 24-bit color
at 1.5” per second and a graytone or monochrome original at 12.0” per second. The ScanPlus 6
LF642 Plus model scanner can scan a typical E-Size color original in 24-bit color at 3.0” per sec-
ond and a graytone or monochrome original at 12.0” per second. PRECISION COLOR
A new wide format scanner comes calibrated from the factory, but as time goes by, components • 48-bit color capture for photo-realistic and lamps will change character and affect color output. The unique Precision Color System lets you maintain perfect color results by harmonizing current scanning factors. You can calibrate at • 16-bit graystone capture for perfect anytime, so you are always ensured stabile and predictable color output. IMAGE ENHANCEMENT POWER
The ScanPlus 6 LF642 contains advanced technology for color and monochrome enhancements. The patented B/W adaptive thresholding works simultaneously on foreground, background, edges • One Touch Scan Directly to any PC on and other individual aspects of the original so you can produce clean, crisp scans even from poor quality drawings. All processing is embedded in the hardware enabling you to perform powerful • Replaceable parts bring down service costs image enhancement without overhead and at speeds incomparable to standard software • Scans thick media– up to 0.6” (15mm) • Automatic Thick Media Adjustment Control (ATAC) COPYING MADE EASY
Connect the ScanPlus 6 LF642 with a large-format printer and you get the perfect large format • Advanced image enhancements includes sharpening, softening, blur, 2D-adaptive, color and monochrome digital copier. From the iJet panel you can set the quality, lightness, num- bers of copies, reduce/enlarge the copy without the use of a PC or software. The iJet Panel also • All-Wheel-Drive precision tracking system contains advanced settings for special jobs or for setting company defaults. With the scanner’s high precision of details and colors, users can enlarge their creations to full display sizes without losing • Calibrates to both sRGB and NTSC color spaces DIRECT PRINTER INTERFACING
The scanner supports both LAN and USB connections. Users have the option to connect to Scan- • Supports Ethernet, USB2 (High Speed), STI Plus 6 LF642 supported printers for copy output directly from the scanner. The scanner and con- (Still Image Interface), WIA (Windows Image nected printer thus form an easy to use large format copier at prices competitive with Current all- in-one copy machine solutions. With the scanner’s LAN interface, users can connect the scanner to the local network, share the scanner and use it with other LAN devices such as printers and remote
The ScanPlus 6 LF642 supports Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC), specially de-
veloped to make handling of large and bulky documents much easier. ATAC sensors in the scanner
monitor the pressure on the original's surface and position the guide plate at the optimal level. With
ATAC technology, you are always ensured a perfect and even grip on any kind of document.
GTCO CalComp, Inc.| 7125 Riverwood Drive | Columbia, MD 21046| T: 1-800-344-4723 | F: 410-290-9065| [email protected] | www.gtcocalcomp.com
ScanPlus 6 LF 642
Enhanced Resolution:
Scan Accuracy:
Scanning Speed inch/sec:
Max Scan Width: 42” (1066 mm) Max Media Width Scan & Media Width:
44” (1118 mm) unlimited scan length 0.6” (15 mm) Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control Maximum Thickness:
Digital Image Processing:
Dual 2-D Adaptive Enhancement & Adaptive Gray Embedded Hardware:
2-D Sharpening, Softening, Blur Filter & Adaptive Thresholding One Touch Copy Directly to USB or Network Printer, One Scan/Copy Control Panel
Touch Scan directly to USB Hard Disk or Network PC Scan Modes:
24-bit Color, 8-bit Feature Extraction/Indexed Color 8-bit Graytone, Copy Modes with Grayshades 1-bit Black and White, Black and White Dual 2D-Adaptive Modes 3 X 3 Matrix Multiplier, Independent RGB Tone curves Color Adjustment:
Color Space:
Quadruple 4-linear CCD (RGB Triplets + Panchromatic Sensors:
B/W) 48-bit Color Data Capture, 16-bit Graytone Data Capture, All Digital Cameras Auto Monitoring and Correction (B/W Point), Basic and Auto-Maintenance System:
Precision Color Calibration Ethernet, USB2 (High Speed), FireWire, STI (Still Image Interface:
Interface), WIA (Windows Image Acquisition), TWAIN 132 lbs. (60 kg) 54.8” W X 7.3” H X 18.3” D (1392 X 185 X Weight/Dimension/Power:
465 mm) 110/224/240V, 60/50 cs. 180W Temperature Control, Low Power Mode, Programmable Power Management:
Floor Stand:
OPTIONAL (Document Basket included with floor stand) Included: WIDEsystem Tools, Scanner Drivers, System Software:
WIDEimageNET, Maintenance Windows and Power Macintosh – see Host Platforms:
www.gtcocalcomp.com for OS support details *The two ScanPlus6 LF 642 scanner models differ in performance. The Base model can be easily upgraded with new features for future requirements through the Smart-Card Upgrade Kit. Corporate Office
Western Sales Office
European Sales Headquarters
JETImage, WIDEimage, WIDEsystem, iJET, ATAC, and ALE are trademarks of Contex A/S. All other brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Source: http://www.calcomp.biz/files/brochure_sp6_lf642.pdf


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