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For Females: If there is a chance you could be pregnant or are trying to become pregnant, you should not
have Cardiolite material. Therefore, you should not have the Cardiolite test done. Please let the doctor’s
secretary know this prior to coming in for the test or at the time the test is to be scheduled.
Bring a list of any medications you take with you to the test. Include the name and dosage amounts of each
medicine. This information can be found on the prescription or bottle label. You may continue to take your
medicines as you normally would, unless your doctor instructs you otherwise. Please bring your inhalers
with you to the test.

If you are taking the following BETA BLOCKERS, please DO NOT take them the evening before or the
morning prior to the test
unless directed by the physician. Bring the medication with you so you can take it
after the test.
4. DO NOT do any strenuous exercise or activities the day before your test, or the day of the test.
5. DO NOT eat or drink anything four (4) hours prior to your testing time (it is okay to drink water during the
four (4) hours prior to the test). The last meal you eat prior to the test should be a low fat meal, and do not include any caffeine or alcoholic beverages.
For this test, certain ingredients that exist in foods and medication – even in tiny amounts – may interfere
with the test. These ingredients include caffeine, theophylline and dipyridamole.

NO coffee or tea that is brewed, instant, iced, or decaffeinated
NO colas or other soft drinks that contain caffeine, including those labeled “caffeine-free”
NO chocolates, including candies, frosting, cookies, pies, cocoa, and chocolate milk
NO aspirin products that contain caffeine, such as Anacin® and Excedrin®
NO Persantine® (dipyridamole)
NO theophylline or theophylline containing products such as Quibron®, Slo-Phyllin®, or Theo-Dur®

6. DO NOT smoke the day of the test!
7. DO NOT use lotion or powder on your chest the day of the test.
8. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Pants or shorts and short sleeves are preferred (no long sleeves). You can bring a light jacket or sweater. Do not wear one-piece undergarments or body suits. Women are encouraged to wear bras. Wear tennis shoes or crepe soled shoes. Please make sure there is no metal on the shirt, i.e. buttons, snaps, etc. 9. PLEASE NOTE: Family members are not allowed in the cardiac stressing area due to patient privacy and
10. Most Lexiscan Cardiolite stress tests take approximately three and a half (3 ½) hours and can be completed
in one day. Your test may be scheduled as a two day protocol, which will require you to come in two
consecutive days. You can expect to be here approximately two (2) hours the first day and one and a half
(1 ½) hours
the second day. Cardiolite is a solution that is introduced into the blood stream by using an I.V.
Cardiolite helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the blood supply to the heart.
11. Your test will be done at BVMA. Please enter via the East Wing Entrance.
12. We have radioactive material that we order the day prior to your test date. Advanced notice of being unable
to make your appointment allows us to cancel the order. If you are unable to make your appointment we
need to know the DAY BEFORE your test date. If our office is closed, call 419-424-0380 and dial 3118 as
soon as you hear the automated system begin and continue to leave a message. If you do not follow this
procedure and do not show for your test, we are entitled to charge you for the wasted doses. It is very
important that we are informed ahead of time!!!

If you do not follow the instructions accordingly, (fasting 4 hours, NO CAFFIENE products for 24
hours prior to your test, etc.) we will have to charge you for the cardiolite doses that were ordered for
you. This cost is not covered by insurance and you will be financially responsible for this fee.

Do not take Humalog or Humulin R (Regular Insulin). Check blood sugars prior to leaving the house. If able to eat breakfast prior to four (4) hour fasting, you may take all medications, including your insulin,
with the exception of your beta blockers as noted on the previous page.
Do not worry if you miss your breakfast dose of insulin – start at your next meal. 1. Brief medical history, begin the IV line and give Cardiolite solution. The Cardiolite is allowed to circulate in the bloodstream for about 60 minutes, then a set of “resting” pictures are taken. 2. You will then be hooked up to the ECG monitor, run “resting” ECG strips, and given the Lexiscan over a 10-20 second period. Your heart activity and blood pressure are monitored. More Cardiolite solution is then infused through the IV. 3. Lie down and rest for about six (6) minutes, the IV and ECG electrodes are removed, another set of pictures are taken in about 60 minutes, and then you are done! If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your doctor at their number below. BVMA Phone Numbers:
Jerome F. Beekman, MD


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