Holiday Inn Brussels Airport (Diegem), 19 October 1999 (14-21h) • Survey: Enterprise Information Portals Full Programme:
13.30-14.00h Registration and Coffee/Tea
What is Web Farming ?
Stage Two - Getting Serious
• SQRIBE (now Brio) • Viador Inc.
XML In-Depth
• Business Justification and Business Drivers Stage One - Getting Started
Stage Four - Getting Dirty
Stage Three - Getting Smart
Deeper / Societal Issues
Action Plans and Conclusions
21.00 h End of the Seminar
• Recall versus Precision• Survey: Discovery Tools • Copernic from Agents Tech• Enfish Tracker Pro, Enfish • Liveagent Pro from Agentsoft• Odyssey from General Magic Holiday Inn Brussels Airport (Diegem), 19 October 1999 (14-21h) Introduction:
Who Should Attend ?
Your Instructor:
This seminar offers a unique perspective on
This seminar is targeted to anyone who wants Dr. Richard
business intelligence through the blending of
to exploit the potential of web resources for Hackathorn is a
data warehousing systems and web resources.
well-known technologyinnovator and internat'l In the past, data warehousing was based upon the database contents of internal operational systems. Now, with Web Farming, the focus shifts to an external and more global perspec- tive of the enterprise. This unique seminar will allow you to see how you can use the Web for
As a university professor at Wharton School gathering business intelligence.
pioneered the early foundations for enterprise Web Farming is the systematic discovery and
acquisition of business-relevant Web content support, and data warehousing. He founded as input to your data warehouse. This seminar Micro Decisionware, an early middleware
The price of this seminar is 19.500 BEF
focuses on the evolving implementation of a vendor which was acquired by Sybase in 1994.
(+ 21 % VAT), which includes participation to
system to discover, acquire, transform, and
the seminar, handouts, dinner, coffee/tea and maintain Web content that is highly selective
He then founded Bolder Technology, Inc. to
selected extracts from his forthcoming book.
provide premier consulting and educationservices related to data warehousing systems.
Based on a recently published book, this is the Recently, he founded WebFarming.com to
only seminar that fully covers the emerging area of web farming, balancing a solid business For simultaneous registrations, the second corporate clients. He has published three perspective with the key technology issues. In books, written numerous articles, organized particular, this seminar is uniquely at the 10 %, the third 20 %, and all further partici-
major conferences, and conducted professional intersection of data warehousing, information pants 30 % discount. A 20 % discount is
analysis, library science, and web technology.
www.webfarming.com contains many articles institutions (schools, universities, .).
and former presentations on business intelli-gence and Web farming.
Seminar Objectives:
His list of clients includes many leading
corporations, such as Lockheed Martin,
Cancellation is possible up to one week before the seminar, if received in writing. In this case, • EXAMINE the tools available to maximize
administration. Otherwise, the full registration your data warehouse with Web Farming
fee is due, regardless of the reason of cancella- • TAKE HOME in-depth product informa-
tion. Of course, replacement is always possible
recently published book
save your company months of research
LEARN how to apply a practical
Seminar Language:
methodology for impl. business intelligence
LEARN to build a production
The seminar language is English, and will be
infrastructure for supporting this system
used for all presentations and discussions.
Fax to: (09) 241.56.56 or backup fax (09) 220.34.57 - Questions ? Call (09) 241.56.13 or Email [email protected]
Building Web Farming Systems (19 October, 14-21 h)
Job Title: ____________________________________________Company: __________________________________________ Please send the invoice for 19.500 BEF (+21% VAT) to: Company Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________ q Personal Address: ___________________________ VAT/BTW/TVA nr.: ____________________________________E-Mail: ______________________________________________ Please complete and return this form by mail or fax to: I.T. Works, Innovation Center, Technologiepark 3, 9052 Gent, fax: (09) 241.56.56, or our
backup fax (09) 220.34.57. After receipt of the registration form, you will automatically receive a confirmation, invoice and a detailed access plan.

Source: http://www.bolder.com/pubs/SEM199910-ITWorks.pdf


• Yksi kuudestatoista TUCS-tutkimuslaboratorioista• Pääasiassa Turun yliopiston IT-laitoksen tutkijoita– Erilaisten algoritmien suunnittelu, analysointi ja toteutus– Sekä teoreettinen että soveltava algoritmitutkimus• Tekstin, sanakirjojen ja kuvien tiivistäminen• Tietokantarakenteet ja tietokantahaut• Rinnakkaislaskenta ja rinnakkaiset algoritmit• Bio-lääketieteellis


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