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AJA Video Systems, Inc.
cross-platform compatibility, integrated CD/DVD burning and plugins for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Simply the safest and easiest way to boost your Mac’s performance, regain disk space, simplify routine maintenance and protect your privacy! Easily find and rename your music and photos! Slim those “fat” universal applications down to slim PowerPC versions! Have total KONA LHe is the only PCIe compatible video card for Final Cut Pro that provides HD and SD analog and digital I/O. KONA LHe offers 10-bit uncompressed video and great audio support. KONA LHe is available at a list price Aquazone delivers a state-of-the-art interactive aquarium and screensaver to your Mac! Choose from 40 beautiful fresh and salt-water fish, adult and baby sea turtles, jellyfish and sharks! This is an aquarium so vibrant, so Allsop, Inc.
life-like, you will swear it’s real! Available as a hybrid for both your Mac and PC! Andescotia, LLC.
More than 30 Million iPods sold. If yours looks exactly like 29,999,999 others, here’s a solution. Slick Skins let you change the look to fit your mood, while protecting your iPod from scratches and scuffs. They’re easy to Draw software code, execute it while editing and build apply and remove, so changing your mind or Slick Skin’s MacOS X applications with a single click of a button with the new Marten™ software development environment. Marten lets you create software graphically, connecting icons to icons rather than writing text, eliminating any It has perfectly rounded edges, a shiny outer shell and contrasting silver accents. Whether you’re working in an office, kitchen or living room corner. Whether you need a stand for your monitor, laptop or printer. This is a Monitor Anthro Corporation.
Stand for people who don’t want just-another Monitor Stand. Get rid of those bulky DVD cases. Keep 40 DVDs in less than 3 inches of shelf space. The dark sanoprene coated shell has a little grip, so it feels like grabbing one of those OXO kitchen tools. It is easy to hold onto and easy to eNook, the new wall-mounted charging workstation. Allume Systems, Inc.
eNook has channels to plug in and charge electronic gadgetry such as a laptop, cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras. Flip up to store and lock gear out of sight. Flip down for a handy desk. The fabriccovered back panel is Fax: (831) 761-6206 [email protected] StuffIt Deluxe® Your complete information management solution! Now losslessly compress JPEG photos by up to thirty percent! Enhanced features include .Mac integration, support for Tiger’s Automator and Spotlight technologies, strong 512-bit encryption, on-the-fly disk segmentation, robust ARECA Technology Corp
ATTO Technology, Inc.
24 ports PCI-X to SATA II RAID control card with RAID 6 The ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D Dual Channel Ultra320 host adapter offers the highest SCSI performance for demanding server and professional workstation nviorments. The UL5D boasts data transfer rates of up to 16 ports PCI-Express to SATA II RAID control card with 640 MB/sec. and offers support for PCI Express 16 ports Multi-lane PCI-X to SATA II RAID control card The ATTO iPBridge™ 2700C/R/D is an iSCSI to Fibre Channel bridge offering scalable solutions for iSCSI networks as it combines ATTO Fibre Cahnnel Hardware and software technology with Gigabit Ethernet supporting Aspyr Media
1221 South Mopac Expressway, Suite 50 Austin, TX 78746 auto-des-sys, Inc.
Latest expansion to Sims 2, Your Sims are now young adults leaving home to live the ultimate college fantasy. Immerse them in college life as they become the Big Sim form.Z 6.0 offers major 3D modeling enhancements, including extended object animation. Dynamic methods for transforming and morphing 3D shapes allow you to Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse produce both animated visualizations of scenes and to From the Executive Producer of Halo, comes Stubbs the capture 3D shapes as they morph between other forms. Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. You play as Stubbs, an These are modeling methods that explore 3D forms undead antihero who takes on a futuristic city using nothing but his own carcass and the weapons of his Avery Dennison
For the first time on Mac: build, operate and “attend” the amusement park of your dreams in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, where you can actually ride the rides! Atempo, Inc.
Avery Sign Kits with SOHO Signs Software Avery Sign Kits with SOHO Signs software from Chronos make it easy to create large posters and banners from our desktop using a regular ink jet or laser printer. Visit Time Navigator Security & Compliance Manager Time Navigator SCM is a new storage security solution integrating multiple layers of security technologies to protect ‘in-flight’ and ‘at-rest’ digital information, securing it against eavesdropping, tampering and impersonation. Axio by Harodesign
beezwax datatools, Inc.
Our cases offer form fitting protection, earphone access Account Manager provides a centralized, easy-to-use and snap closures. Made from premium materials with interface for security management, for any number of cool California styling our Axio cases stand out from the databases and any number of users. For version 2.0: we rest and fit the Classic and Mini iPod cases. have enhanced the user experience and tightened security at the same time. Also, Mac users now benefit Clean lines and smart design make the Axio Courier case the perfect assistant for school, work or business meetings. Designed to carry laptops, books, pens and Inspector is the only tool available to help you document paperwork it’ll transport the things you need when you and debug your FileMaker 7/8 solutions! Inspector is an need them. The quick-release shoulder strap is extremely comprehensive development tool - providing adjustable and removable and features a detachable easy navigation through your solution, visual cues to help you spot problems, powerful searching & reports and the Cover your precious PowerBook computer with Axio’s NEW ultra-sleek Hardsleeve. Built with tough double A sophisticated Contact Management system for sided polycarbonate plastic- the same material used in organziations of all sizes, including the feature to bulletproof glass. Designed exclusively for Apple iBook automatically verify the information in HiveContacts via and Powerbook computers, it’s the “must-have” item for an email message that links your contact to a secure Web form for editing. You may review the changes, then import. Update your contact management system with Battery Technology
Bonus Resources, LTD.
20-hour and 40-hour Rechargeable Batteries for iPod™ The perfect solution for your iPod™ video experience. External, rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. Designed for use with all iPod™ models with dock connectors. Portable and lightweight speakers that are designed for Silicone rubber case for Apple iPod nano, 11 choices of use with any device that used a standard headphone jack. Audio cable and USB-to-DC power cable included. Can also be powered with three AAA batteries. Silicone rubber case for Apple iPod video, come with two FM Transmitter for Any MP3 Device different thinckness cater for either simple jacket or with Transmit music from any MP3 device to an FM radio. Allows users to manually scan and select stations or store up to 5 preset FM stations in memory. Requires Chic and refined leather case special made for iPod Bookendz
Carina Software
The new Voyager 4 is an indispensable aid for exploring Brother International Corp.
the night sky. Voyager 4 features the latest celestial databases and space images to simulate the dynamic Built for reliable day-in and day-out laser printing, the HL- 5240 is a printing workhorse. With an extensive list of standard features the HL-5240 is an outstanding choice Desktop users and small connected workgroups will find Casauri’s sleek and slim Nano iPod case protects the the HL-5250DN a flexible printing solution. It features Nano in style. Use the Nano without removing from the built-in duplex capability for two-sided printing and a very case, wear around waist or neck; back pocket for expandable paper input capacity. It also features a built- in Ethernet network interface. Small connected workgroups and performance desktop users will be The coolest set of wheels for your carry-on luggage, Casauri’s wheeled case makes the perfect travel companion to match your stylish Casauri laptop case. The MFC-9420CN offers the convenience of having both color and b&w laser printing, copying, faxing and canning. It’s perfect for your small-to-medium or large Casauri’s carry-all weekend tote has lots of room and business. With built-in networking, multiple users can pockets for your get-away essentials. This bag fits into easily share it for printing, PC Fax sending and scanning the overhead compartment on the plane and makes Cableyoyo
Centrify Corp.
Centrify DirectControl for Macintosh The case for your cord: Neatly coils up to 6 feet of data Centrify DirectControl makes Active Directory a single or low voltage cord. Easy to wind and unwind. Unwound point of administration and security policy enforcement cords remain straight. Cord not included. Ideal for for your heterogeneous environment. You can control managing cords of: iPods, cell phones, chargers, both administrative and end-user access to non-Windows computer accessories and all cords under 5 mm. systems and the Java/web applications running on them. Through Group Policy, you can enforce consistent security and configuration policies across heterogeneous Crumpler
Chronos and Avery Dennison, the worldwide leader in office products, have teamed up to bring Avery Sign Kits to Mac users. Each Avery Sign Kit is powered by Chronos’ SOHO Signs software. There are sign kits for The merging of a messenger bag and laptop sleeve in a banners, posters, display boards and ground stakes for single price point specific package! This bag has a roomy unpadded cargo compartment and a padded sleeve for 12” iBooks & Powerbooks, 15” Powerbooks, 17” SOHO Organizer is the official successor to Personal Organizer and Group Organizer. It helps small office and home office (SOHO) users easily manage their customer You are seeking the ultimate messenger style 15” laptop relationships from phone calls and notes to appointments satchel, with ‘kitchen sink’ features yield. Sacrifices a and to-dos. Its customer-centric approach means users little interior space for the extra protection afforded by full can focus on their business instead of their tools. padded protection for your expensive IT goodies whilst on the go. Very ‘suit’-able but still street ably acceptable SOHO Notes is the first and only networkable note manager for small businesses. Use it to store and share all the information that doesn’t fit neatly anywhere else. Lightly padded, semi-rigid, zip-up, work in/work out, It’s ideal for anything that needs to be shared such as protective laptop computer clamshell clutch case, tailor meeting notes, confidential documents, employee made for Alu & Ti Powerbooks. 12” Also fits the white 12” handbooks, artwork/logos, product plans, etc. Chums, Inc.
CRYPTOCard Corp.
The Chums Nano Flip is designed to protect your music investment. Each Nano Flip includes a protective flip with CRYPTO-Logon is the strong authentication solution that magnetic closure, convenient headphone and charging extends two-factor authentication to the Mac desktop. port. Also includes D rings, carabiner, adjustable lanyard CRYTPO-Logon is invoked each time a password is and swivel hook to help you Hang On to your music required: at startup, screen unlock, wake-up and fast investment. The Nano Flip comes in 6 fashionable color user switching. Logon can be a simple “ATM-like” experience. Insert the smart card and enter the PIN. The Nano Frame is for those who do not need a Flip. You can use CRYPTOCard authentication with Internet The protective window allows users to access controls Connect to establish remote VPN connections to quickly and easily. Each Chums case includes D rings, corporate Windows and Cisco networks. No software, swivel hook, lanyard and carabiner for a variety of agents, or special configuration is required. Simply enter hanging options. The Nano Frame comes in 4 color the one-time password in the “Password” field to The Video Flip is designed to protect your music investment. Each Video Flip includes a protective flip with headphone pocket, headphone and charging port. Also includes D rings, carabiner, adjustable lanyard and swivel hook to help you Hang On to your music investment. The Nano Flip comes in 6 fashionable color ways. Cyber Acoustics
DEVON Technologies, LLC.
11700 NE 60TH Way, Building #4 , Suite D [email protected] iPod docking speaker system. Available in pearl white with acrylic finish or nano black. Acoustic balanced DEVONagent helps searching, collecting and organizing chamber for a deep clean bass response, two way stereo information from the web with a powerful architecture, a system, dual tuned ports, MaxxBass circuitry, remote WebKit-based researchcentric web browser and an control, headphone input for connection to iPod shuffle, Version 2.0 comes with a completely overhauled, easy- to-use interface, more than a hundred plug-ins for White portable amplified speaker system. 2” high various search engines, full AppleScript support and excursion woofer, dual 1” high efficency drivers, 10 watts, optional use with batteries (AA x 4), AC/DC adapter included, travel case, volume control, power on/off The Capture Plug-in enables DEVONthink to directly scan documents from a connected Image Capture compliant scanner and store them in its database. This Active noise canceling headphones for iPod. Pearl white effectively makes DEVONthink Professional it the housing with acrylic finish, acoustic balanced chamber application of choice for the paperless office. for a deep clean bass response, flat colding durable design, custom comfort fit, quick disconnect to adjust cable length, soft leatherette earpads, travel pouch, AAA DEVONthink Professional let’s the dream of the paperless office come true and keeps all your text files, scanned documents, notes, e-mails, images, chat logs, bookmarks and multimedia files together in one simple to use database. Integrate local documents and Datavideo Corporation
live content from the Internet to keep all project-related Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO)
SE-500 4 Input Analog Switcher everything you need to switch and monitor four composite or S-Video sources. In a rugged metal enclosure - great for kids and security applications. Included RS232 allows remote control. The HomeDock includes everything you need to play your iPod’s music, pictures and videos on your home stereo and TV. Enjoy room filling sound and big screen MP-6000 DVD + R/RW Recorder the MP-6000 is a video from your iPod. Control everything from across the DVD+R/RW Recorder designed for demanding room with HomeDock’s 14-function remote, while professional applications. It accepts Component, S- charging your iPod with the included AC plug. video, Composite and DV. Using a high performance MPEG2 codec, you can select the bit rate for higher quality or more recording time. The created DVD discs Go mobile in style! The DLO TransPod is the ultimate can be played in most existing DVD players. iPod car accessory. The TransPod plays iPod over your car stereo, it charges your iPod and it mounts iPod wherever you want it - no mess or clutter. AND it works Convert Composite and S-Video between PAL and perfectly with the new video iPod and iPod nano! NTSC. The STC-100 decodes the incoming video and converts it to NTSC or PAL with the option of setting the Relaxed Leather Cases for iPod and iPod nano black level at 7.5 or 0 IRE. Includes a color processor for Unique. With the millions of iPods in the world, it’s getting harder to call your iPod special. Introducing the Relaxed Leather cases from DLO. Over a dozen original leather designs that protect your iPod - from normalcy. DS International, Inc.
The ElekTex Audio Case for iPod is a licenseable solution allowing manufacturers to embed iPod remote controls on the face of a protective case which also includes a speaker/headphone capability. Eleksen is launching its new 5 button interface for integration into garments and bags which supports the new iPod Nano and other 30-pin iPods. The solution supports On/Off Play/Pause, Track Forward, Track Back, Volume up, Volume down and an iPod autohold function from the sleeve of a garment or strap of a bag. 2, 3, 5 button solutions for iPod 2,3 and 5 button smart fabric touchpad sensor solutions First ever compact Mac keyboard with high quality which can be incorporated with a developers own control Cherry mechanical switch. USB interface and EMC Dantz
Eizo Nanao Technologies, Inc.
Retrospect 6.1 for Macintosh Business Editions EMC Dantz Retrospect 6.1 for Macintosh is designed to Eizo’s largest LCD monitor at 24.1”, this widescreen deliver automated, reliable, costeffective protection for monitor offers graphic artists, gamers and CAD users small and medium businesses (SMBs). Retrospect has extensive horizontal screen space, an 8ms response won numerous awards and broad industry acclaim by time that allows for smooth playback of moving images addressing the unique challenges faced by SMBs. Retrospect 6.1 for Macintosh Home and Home Office Eizo’s first FlexScan widescreen monitor offers graphic Your home and home office computers contain personal, artists, gamers and CAD users extensive horizontal family and financial data. But what happens if you screen space, an 8ms response time that allows for inadvertently delete a file, are attacked by a virus, or your smooth playback of moving images and brightness computer fails? EMC Dantz designed Retrospect backup and recovery software - to make it easy to protect your This 21.3” monitor offers imaging professionals not only accurate color through hardware calibration, but unique usability benefits like hardware-based support for portrait mode with both Mac and Windows PCs. The COlorEdge CG210 incorporates a powerful new EIZO-developed ASIC with 14-bit color processing capability. Comes bundled with ColorNavigator software for use with most Eleksen Limited
Endicia for Mac is a full-featured postage-printing solution, supporting domestic and international mail. Version 1.5 adds InstaPostage, allowing individual stamps to be printed on demand. Integrated customs forms are now supported, saving trips to the post office. Shipping packages and mailing letters from your Mac is numerous projects on the server and deliver the resulting PictureItPostage is the definitive application for creating media transformations to any off-line location or FTP site personal postage on the Mac. PictureItPostage as well as deliver back to you when finished or Zip and seamlessly integrates with iPhoto, giving users an easy way to create custom postage from any photo. Version 2.0 features iSight integration, new photo filters and a Equilibrium MediaRich Server for Xserve, Windows dramatic new animated interface to make creating picture Equilibrium MediaRich Server is media templating software that automates digital media production and enables the dynamic delivery of assets to any Web Epson America, Inc.
server cache and multi-channel device. As a stand-alone image server or integrated with any content repository, MediaRich automatically reduces time and costs for transforming and deploying brand assets. Exabyte Corp.
The Epson® P-4000 has what you need to store and share thousands of photos, videos, music and more. Featuring a high-capacity 80GB hard drive and large 3.8” LCD with Epson Photo Fine™ technology, you can download and save images from your camera, memory card or computer, wherever life takes you. Exabyte’s VXA-320 Packet Tape drive delivers a massive storage capacity of up to 320 GB and 86 Epson PictureMate Express Edition GB/hour transfer rate for just $1,099 U.S. street. The With quick, one-touch printing, PictureMate™ is like VXA-320 is fully compatible with VXA-2, has greater having a personal photo lab in the comfort of your own reliability due to VXA Packet technology and offers home. As low as 24 cents per print, printing is as three tape capacities to grow capacity as needed. affordable as the lab. Trust your photos to PictureMate - designed to fit your schedule, fit your needs, fit your life. Exabyte’s VXA-320 PacketLoader 1x10 1U provides up to 3.2 TB of capacity and 86 GB/hr transfer rate for just Restore the color of faded photos to print stunning color $2,999 U.S. street. Including features typically reserved or black-and-white reprints and enlargements and even for higher priced products such as barcode scanner and print directly on CD/DVDs. Insert a memory card, or remote management. Get tape automation for the cost connect your camera or external CD-R, Zip or flash memory drive and use the on screen full color menu to ExecUtron Development Corp
”PIMS-X”, Professional Inventory Management System. Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 6 for With over 11,000 functions, PIMS continues to lead the pack of cross-platform business processing software. Deliver high-quality, high-speed results while saving time OSX native with all new functionallity and features. and money in the process. Automatically prepare images, animations and digital video files for multi-channel delivery with a simple drag and drop. Whether you’re designing content for websites, mobile devices, interactive applications and print, the new ”actions-packed” Equilibrium® DeBabelizer® Pro 6 kicks assets! Equilibrium DeBabelizer Server for Xserve and Windows Server Equilibrium DeBabelizer Server enables multiple users of the DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client to automatically process Faronics
Sound Studio 3 is an easy-to-use Mac OS X application for recording and editing audio digitally on your computer. Record live performance or lectures, create your own mixes with crossfades, tweak the levels and EQ, apply digital effects and save in all major file formats Deep Freeze Mac with ARD Integration ToySight Gold is a set of cool games and toys to play Deep Freeze instantly protects and preserves original using your iSight or similar FireWire camera. Using a computer configurations while allowing unrestricted system of object and motion detection to track your access to a workstation. The need for IT professionals to position, ToySight Gold puts you right in the action! troubleshoot computers is eliminated with Deep Freeze Mac’s reboot-to-restore technology. The result is a Fujitsu Computer Products of America
dramatic reduction in support and IT expenditures and a substantial increase in computer uptime. Fetch Softworks
The Mac OS® X compatible Fujitsu ScanSnap™ fi-5110EOXM is the only Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) scanner available today that addresses the Macintosh community’s document imaging needs. At the touch of a button ScanSnap detects color, scans documents into PDF. The high-speed scanner comes standard with Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0 software. FirmTek, LLC.
The SeriTek/2eEN4 four-bay hot-swap hard drive The latest volumes to the award-winning Slick plugins enclosure features the latest Serial ATA storage for iMovie. New 3D transitions, Fusion Factory, Multi- technologies and delivers unprecedented performance with cross-platform Macintosh and PC support. Utilizing an innovative backplane design with no internal cabling, the SeriTek/2eEN4 supports the latest 1.5Gbps and
Freeverse, Inc.
GizmoLab, Inc. Design Intuition - given 4.5 mice by Macworld Magazine - Comic Life Deluxe Edition is a highly-acclaimed, fun, has improved its intuitive software for the home hobbyist. easy and powerful application that expands what you can We put the joy back in your woodworking projects. Stop by Booth 649 this year and test drive the easy-to-use, reasonably priced program. Call it a blueprint for future HCL Technologies, LTD.
Presenter (formerly Neuron Data’s Open Interface Two factor authentication is now available on networks Element) is the user interface development with both Macintosh and Windows computers. environment.Presenter delivers portable, high Centralized administration and end point security make performance, rich GUI for web services and client server SecuriKey the only solution in its class. applications alike. Leveraging C or C++, presenter provides an integrated Visual Editor,available on host of Operating Systems and allows deployment of Codemeter provides for mutliple licenses stored on a GUI across Windows,UNIX,Mac systems from single single USB key with flash memery for data storage. Codemeter it the most versital digital rights management tool on the planet allowing users to carry their software license and permisions with them, wherever they go. Hewlett-Packard Company
Group Logic Inc.
Announcing the world’s fastest photo printing All-in-One! Breakthrough speeds of up to 31 pages per minute in color and 32 in black. It provides advanced printing, scanning and copying. Plus it’s got built-in networking, ExtremeZ-IP File Server 4.1 is the latest release of six individual inks, true-to-life photo quality and even an Group Logic’s robust Windows-based file server for Mac adapter for scanning slides and negatives. $299. Clients, introduces valuable new features including new architecture and unmatched search speeds. This newest HP Photosmart 425 GoGo Photo Studio version of ExtremeZ-IP File Server offers improved Take all your photo equipment on the road with this self- compatibility with Mac OS X, better stability and delivers contained, lightweight ”studio,” which includes a printer, camera and docking station. A 5.2 megapixel HP photosmart camera and a compact 4 x 6” photo printer and a built-in camera dock-all rolled into one fun, easy- GroupSmarts
Take control of your printing and reduce your outsourcing costs. Create high-impact marketing materials in-house. You’ll love the network-ready HP Color LaserJet 3600n’s vibrant color and zippy print speeds. $699. MemoryMiner, a multi-media digital storytelling platform by GroupSmarts, is working to build the world’s largest
People’s History Network through the recording, digitizing
and connecting of family histories. Here’s a tool that
finally brings family and personal history to life through
photos and personally recorded stories of people, place
and time.

Hoodman Corporation
Organize your kitchen automatically with barcodes and Bluetooth® wireless technology. It’s the smart way to track groceries, build shopping lists, track recipes, nutrition and more, powered by a barcode database of over 300,000 grocery items. Simply scan the retail barcode on anything in your kitchen to start getting Heated wrist pad for keyboard users with cold hands. E1323 Flat Panel hood Hoodman’s new E 1323 hood is Add barcode technology to your Mac-based business a one size fits all 13 to 23 inch glare fighting monitor with award-winning IntelliScanner barcode technology. The new IntelliScanner Pro 500 includes advanced software for tracking assets of any type and is fully integrated with FileMaker Pro, QuickBooks, MYOB and IGG Software, LLC.
Intuit, Inc.
Easy to use personal and small business financial QuickBooks: Pro 2006 for Mac is the leading choice of Mac small businesses for fast and easy financial management. It helps you easily and accurately manage accounting tasks, so you can save time and focus on Track, save and invest with the best-selling personal financial management software. Created for the Mac OS X operating system, the new Quicken for Mac 2006 lets you see your complete financial picture in minutes. Powerful, yet simple to use, TurboCAD delivers comprehensive 2D drafting and design tools typically TurboTax makes doing your taxes easy! It guides you found in professional level CAD programs. Explore your step by step, double checks for accuracy and files your ideas with unprecedented ease, utilizing intuitive design return electronically or prints on plain paper. It’s tools, automated user tips and customizable keyboard America’s #1 best selling and #1 rated tax software! shortcuts. Produce anything from simple sketches to standards compliant, production ready drawings. TurboCAD 3D is a precise CAD software application that provides state of the art modeling tools without sacrificing speed and ease of use. Explore and develop new product concepts using a variety of 2D and 3D design and modeling tools, including curves, surfaces and solids, all seamlessly integrated into a user friendly IntelliScanner Corporation
The all new free standing iPort FS adds to the iPort family with a new stylish design and new innovative features. With volume control at the iPort or switching from streaming music to syncing with iTunes at the push of a button, the new iPort FS makes even easier to share iStockphoto, Inc.
unit provides plug adapters for use in more than 150 Kerio Technologies, Inc.
2350 Mission College Boulevard, Suite 400 CopySpace simplifies searches for the right stock photo by giving designers an effective and intuitive tool to indicate exactly where on an image they need to insert text or branding. CopySpace then searches all of Kerio MailServer is designed to help small businesses iStockphoto’s 525,000-plus files and returns only those use email efficiently and introduce them to the concept of that offer copy space where the designer has email collaboration. Supporting MS Entourage and Outlook, the leading office email clients on Mac and Windows, Kerio MailServer on Mac OS X is a real alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Kano Technologies
LaCie, LTD.
X-Spand HD 8TB Rackmount SATA Storage Kano Technologies expands their line of professional LaCie Bricks are a playful new set of stackable hard storage with the X-Spand HD, an external 16 drive, 3U drives in vibrant white, red and blue colors. LaCie rackmount unit. Utilizing port multiplier technology and an teamed up with renowned designer Ora-Ïto to create infiniband connector, the X-Spand HD provides up to colorful building block-shaped hard drives-making 8TB of external storage to a SATA host controller card to everyday storage and backup not only functional, but instantly increase your storage capacity. fun. Desktop and mobile drives fit together seamlessly. Kensington
LaCie 319 Monitor is designed for graphics professionals who are serious about color rendering. It is an ideal color solution for graphic designers, photographers and pre- press printing technicians. It comes bundled with LaCie blue eye pro calibration software that offers simple LaCie d2 DVD ±RW Double Layer with Toast 7 Titanium LaCie is first to bundle Toast® 7 Titanium with its FireWire DVD burner. It includes innovative features like At home or in the office, the Kensington SX 2000 compressing an entire 8.5GB double layer DVD to a Speakers for iPod do something that other similar standard 4.7GB single layer disc, creating DVDs from speakers can´t. Thanks to NXT´s advanced DivX™ files, creating HD slideshows and spanning a SurfaceSound® flat panel speaker technology, they deliver clearly superior bass and sound balance out both Accessory Adapter for iPod® shuffle Get more out of your iPod® shuffle! The Adapter for iPod Shuffle plugs into the USB connector on your iPod shuffle and lets you play your music or charge your shuffle through many iPod-compatible accessories. Travel Plug Adapter with USB Charger Safely plug-in, use or charge your iPod, notebook and other entertainment devices worldwide. This all-in-one LANDesk Software
Final Cut Pro 5 Essential Editing LANDesk Management Suite 8.6 provides native support Available in the Online Training Library, as well as on for Macintosh computers. So your IT staff can automate CD-ROM, the “Final Cut Pro Essential Editing” tutorial systems and security management tasks and proactively will show you the essential editing techniques you need see, manage, update and protect all your desktops, to get up and running with this complex program. servers and mobile devices. No management solution is more complete, more integrated or easier to use. Final Cut Pro 5 Essential Effects Available in the Online Training Library, as well as on CD-ROM, the ”Final Cut Pro Essential Effects” tutorial LANDesk Security Suite 8.6 lets you automatically detect teaches you how to add the finishing touches that make and deploy security patches with active endpoint security management from a single console. Take active control of endpoint security with support for advanced security MacGear, Inc. |
management with quarantine, antivirus enforcement, vulnerability detection, threat remediation, computer 15540 Rockfield Avenue, Building C, Suite 204 Light Crafts
Personalize it with your favorite color from Made For iMac G5. Add Color and protection to your iMac with our durable color silicone Slips. They fit like a glove and give your iMac a personal Style. 17” and 20”, PINK, BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, CLEAR, Plus new METALLIC Colors. LightZone was created with the principles of the zone system in mind. Popularized and taught by legendary MacPractice, Inc.
photographer, Ansel Adams, the zone system is a systematic method of visualizing and controlling the tonal range of the photograph for the best possible results. LiveWorship
MacPractice MD is a comprehensive practice management and EMR application created for Tiger featuring patient and insurance billing, e-claim, powerful “to do” and “instant report,” scheduling, image, note (fully-integrated word processing) and lab interface LiveWorship is a new church presentation software for abilities. MacPractice MD Integrates with EMR and other Windows® and Macintosh® OS X platforms. It has non- third-party applications. MacPractice MD is Intel-ready linear control and a database for song lyrics, backgrounds, Bibles, video and audio. You can edit “on- the-fly” changing slides, change slides, fonts, backgrounds and more. LiveWorship comes with NIV, MacPractice DDS is comprehensive practice NRSV, KJV, the Message and many others bibles. management and clinical software created for Tiger featuring patient and insurance billing, e-claim, powerful ”to do” and “instant report,” scheduling, image, note (fully-integrated word processing) and period charting abilities. MacPractice DDS integrates with RSVMac Digital Radiography System and other third-party applications. MacPractice DDS is Intel-ready and uses Macworld Magazine
MacPractice DC is comprehensive practice management and clinical software created for Tiger featuring patient and insurance billing, e-claim, powerful ”to do” and ”instant report,” scheduling, image and note (fully- integrated word processing) abilities. MacPractice DC integrates with other third-party applications. MacPractice Macworld Digital Photography Superguide DC is Intelready and uses industrial-strength MySQL. The Macworld Digital Photography Superguide is here! With more than 100 pages of expert advice, the Macworld e-book will guide you through every step of the
photography process from buying the right camera to capturing the perfect shot to organizing, editing and printing your photos. Go to to order Mark/Space, Inc.
The world’s first Bluetooth trackball. Design and function come together in this new state of the art trackball with A re-birth of the wildly popular iBreeze made from aluminum and containing two whisper-quiet fans, perfect Mac/Palm sync has never been this good. With support for new Sync Services technology in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Address Book and iCal data synchronization is greatly improved. Now calendar categories, multiple A port re-locator specifically for the original iMac G5 that addresses, Birthdays, IM addresses and other fields are prevents the need to climb behind your computer to plug synchronized. Sync iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums and photos taken with camera-enabled devices. Missing Sync for Windows Mobile v2.0 MacSpeech
The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile provides Mac synchronization for Pocket PC and Smartphone devices from Dell, HP, i-Mate, Motorola, Orange, Samsung and others. It includes support for Mac OS X Tiger’s Sync Services, Entourage synchronization and an all-new architecture that allows third-party developers to create The Missing Sync for hiptop synchronizes your contacts, Our completely redesigned ScriptPaks for Microsoft calendar events and to-dos between your T-Mobile Office add over 1000 voice commands to iListen, Sidekick and Mac OS X’s Address Book and iCal allowing you to do almost anything with your voice that applications. Any changes are then transmitted right you would normally do with your keyboard and mouse in over-the-air to your Sidekick. Very cool. ScriptPaks for iLife New ScriptPaks for iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes and GarageBand provide voice control of those programs and allow you to do almost anything you would normally do with your keyboard and mouse. ScriptPaks for iWork New ScriptPaks for Keynote and Pages allow you to control those applications with your voice instead of using the keyboard and mouse. Master Colors, LLC.
Mophie, Inc.
HVC Color Composer Professional Plugin for Song Sling for iPod nano takes Mophie’s patentpending retractable headphone-lanyard system to the next level, The HVC Color Composer is an award winning plugin adding full case protection to the convenience of its for Adobe InDesign. With Master Colors’ Color revolutionary no-dangle, notangle design. Pricing to be Quantification Technology and unique HVC Color Space artists can now select parameters and create palettes of harmonious relationships to one another. The increased RELO2 is more than a shock-resistant case with speed, efficiency and creativity are remarkable. Integrated screen and click-wheel protection. It also puts your headphone jack on the top of the case and gives HVC Color Composer Standard Plug-in for you an extra headphone jack, so you can share your tunes with a friend. Also features in-case charging. The HVC Color Composer is an award winning plugin for InDesign. With Master Colors’ Color Quantification Technology and unique HVC Color Space artists can RELO Retro’s patent-pending design offers full-case now select parameters and create palettes of colors that protection and the ability to keep using top-mount have mathematically harmonious relationships to one accessories with the new 5G video iPod. Now you can another. The increased speed, efficiency and creativity enjoy the latest and greatest without being forced to buy accessories you already have. Pricing to be announced Matias Corporation
Type with one hand. Type with two hands. Shock and amaze your friends! Discover the convenience of one- Musitek introduces its most impressive upgrade ever. handed typing without giving up your standard keyboard Better OCR and music-scanning recognition is just the beginning. The redesigned editor allows SmartScore 5 to reformat and reposition measures, systems or the entire score in page or continuous layout. New print options Microspot, LTD.
give ”better-than-theoriginal” results. Pre-release discounts available at the Musitek booth. Musitek introduces its most impressive upgrade ever. Better OCR and music-scanning recognition is just the beginning. SmartScore 5 Songbook edition is limited to 3 staves per system. Reformat and reposition measures, systems or the entire score in either page or continuous view layout. Pre-release discounts available at the This new version now includes animation, 3DS import and angled walls. Microspot DWG Viewer Now has mark up tools, ability to save as PDF and a Spotlight plug in to search many types of DWG files. MYOB US, Inc.
Onset Computer Corporation
MYOB AccountEdge delivers powerful accounting, Mac®-based data logger software package that banking, sales & receivables, purchases & payables, combines fast, easy logger launch and readout functions time billing, inventory, payroll and customer management with powerful data plotting and analysis capabilities. for intelligent small business management. AccountEdge provides optional, fully-integrated business services HOBO FlexSmart Data Logging System including credit card processing and outsourced payroll. A modular, reconfigurable data logging system that AccountEdge Network Edition also available for use on a enables energy and facility management professionals to easily solve a broad range of energy and industrial MYOB FirstEdge accounting software creates and tracks sales, handles all your banking, records expenses, A miniature data logger that helps wine collectors, actively manages your customers, items and jobs and dealers, storage facilities and fine restaurants protect provides over 80 financial reports, creating a well- wine investments by monitoring wine cellar temperature Oranged Software
10 E Ontario #3410
Store information about clients, contacts, projects, to VirtuosoWorks is the creator of Notion – the ground- do’s, payments, timers, invoices, reports, employees and breaking orchestral composition software featuring more! Features networking, multiple employee support immediate playback with sounds recorded by the London (with permissions and hour tracking), simultaneous Symphony Orchestra and Abbey Road Studios. search of all data, multiple currencies (with automatic exchange rate updating), multiple contacts per client, Now Software
project and client statuses and categories, modifiable Pacific Rim Marketing, Inc.
Now Up-to-Date & Contact Version 5 is a major update to the most used cross platform calendar and contact management software for Macs and Windows PCs. Version 5 provides many new group In April 2005 PRM introduced the iLanyard, integrated scheduling features, a new interface, Mac OS 10.4 lanyard and earbuds for the iPod. Our Nano cases ”Tiger”compatibility and new server software. integrate our iLanyard for the Nano into high fashion leather cases and wallets as well as casual fun PVC and rubber cases for a fun colorful lifestyle. iDiddy Commuter is a convenient, fashionable way to carry your Video iPod. Made from soft luxurious calfskin or Nubuck suede, this case holds your 5G iPod, credit cards, business cards, Photo ID and has a separate compartment to neatly store your earbuds. Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro 5 A series of lessons provides a strong foundation in all Santa Fe is a creative split-flip cover case for the iPod aspects of Final Cut Pro 5. Readers follow step-by-step Nano or video iPod. Available in our luxurious soft instructions to complete exercises, using the project files Diamond calfskin or fine nubuck suede, this case is on the accompanying DVD. Covers basic editing skills, perfect to hook onto a belt loop, purse, or bag. Optional complex topics such as creating transitions and motion wristlet and necklace is available to accessorize the Pacific Rim Technologies
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Peachpit Learning Series Robin Williams uses her friendly teaching style to reveal what’s new in Tiger, what’s great about it and how can you get the most out of it. Focused lessons take readers step-by-step through practical, realworld projects that Dock, Sync, charge and remotely control your iPod Nano Pelican Products
with our new iCradle Nano! • Remote is powered by a • Uses IR technology to reach 10 meters of range nano gel shield with anti-dust agent-3 Pack Protect your Nano with the new Pacific Rim Technologies Pelican’s i1030 Micro Case is compatible with the iPod • Features our exclusive Anti-Dust coating, an anti-dust mini and iPod (3rd to 4th generation and video models) agent that does not pick up lint or dust while in your and boasts a crush/dust proof, watertight, polycarbonate construction with a shock absorbent, elastomeric liner, to • 3 Pack includes the following colors: Snow White, Blue ensure that the unit is protected from some of the most The best of both worlds: Clear plastic protection and a Pelican’s 0340 Cube Case offers nearly 6,000 cubic inches of storage space for larger equipment and comes • Magnesium back available in Black or white standard with detachable, stainless steel framed caster wheels and a recessed, built in, pull handle secured by a spring loaded release latch so it will stay folded down Pelican’s 1560 Case boasts a nearly indestructible polymer construction and more than 2,800 cubic inches Peachpit Press
of storage space. Features include rubberized front and side grips for maximum comfort, as well as ball-bearing, polyurethane wheels and extension handle (with an effortless release latch) for easy transport. [email protected] Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickStart Guide by Maria Langer Maria Langer walks readers through the process of installing and configuring Tiger, introduces the Mac OS desktop, including the Dock and the Sidebar, then moves on to more advanced Finder techniques, application basics, printing and faxing, account management, configuring your Mac for multiple users and more. ISBN: 0-321-30526-4; $24.99 Power Support USA
Safeguards the iPod from dirt and abrasions. We use only the finest quality, high gloss film and treat the Merlin is a compact but powerful project management surface with a hard coat, protective process. Set includes application exclusively for Mac OSX. Each user can one front, back and wheel film. The films are easy to effortlessly plan a variety of projects. Explore and install and do not leave any sticky residue when surprise yourself with Merlin’s range of features, that were developed, by project managers for project managers. Merlin is project management with a bit of The slimline, plastic case encapsulates the nano while complimenting the aesthetic of the player. Precision cut- outs allow full access to the nano’s Click Wheel, dock Prosoft Engineering
and headphone jack. The Crystal Jacket Set comes packaged with a 3D Wheel Film, Body Film, Backing Film The tear-resistant Silicone Jacket helps to protect the nano from dust, scratches and minor vibrations or impacts. Our strictly-controlled molding process ensures a precise fit resulting in a Jacket that looks and feels like an integrated unit. Packaged with a Screen Film, 3D TuneTech™ for iPod® is the only comprehensive software utility geared specifically toward iPod users. Recover lost or damaged music, repair corrupted data ProClip USA, Inc.
structures, backup your iPod to an exact copy, permanently delete unwanted files, or optimize the file Data Rescue II is the best data recovery utility on the market for recovering files from a problem hard drive. Other utilities can cause more damage to your hard drive Padded Adjustable iPod Holder with Tilt Swivel and files by trying to ‘fix’ the problem, instead of focusing Winner of iLounge’s “Best of 2005” Award-This holder is designed to keep your encased iPod in place while allowing you to secure and remove it with one hand. The holder combined with a “ProClip” vehicle mount can be easily self-installed to create a professional quality in-car Padded iPod nano Holder with Tilt Swivel This holder is designed to hold your iPod nano. It has a plush coating to protect your nano from scratches. The holder combined with a ”ProClip” vehicle mount can be easily self-installed to create a professional quality in-car Sleevz for iPod nano and 5G - The newest additions to the line of award-winning protective cases. Elegantly debossed, Sleevz keep controls fully covered and clean, Padded iPod Holder with Tilt Swivel for allowing you to play through the case with perfect control sensitivity. Ultra tough and super thin, there’s no bulk - This holder is designed so that you can attach your existing iPod charging cable to the holder. When the cable connector is attached to the base of the holder, the Acuity Display Enhancement Film for iPod buttons on each side are pressed in so you can freely Display enhancement film for iPod LCD displays provides slide the iPod in and out of the holder. impact, scuff and scratch protection, antireflective and enhanced outdoor viewing and a surface healing Impact HDD Enclosures With Available Hardware Key Airfoil lets you send any audio to remote speakers attached to your AirPort Express. AirPort Express - It’s Rugged, extruded aluminum 2.5 and 3.5 inch HDD enclosures featuring a combination of USB2, FW400 and FW800 connectivity. Encrypted models feature patented Enova X-Wall real-time hardware-based, strong Nicecast is the easiest way to broadcast music from OS X. Broadcast to the world, or just across your house. Nicecast can help you create your own internet radio Ratoc Systems, Inc.
station or allow you to listen to your iTunes Music Library Roxio, a division of Sonic
Connect iPod to factory RADIO and enjoy iPod music. 2.4GHz Digital Wireless connection provides clear, The most significant upgrade ever to the industry leading Mac CD & DVD burning suite, Toast 7 complements and extends the functionality of the Mac OS and iLife applications with innovative new features and ground- breaking capabilities that empower you to copy, save, hear and see their entire digital life on CD and DVD. Sassafras Software, Inc.
Maude is the newest in the rebe line of sacs. We designed it to carry your ipod, your palm, your cell phone, keys, money or more in any of your desired ombinations. It is worn across your body or if you prefer you can weave it through belt loops. Great for walking, working or K2 - KeyAuditor & KeyServer, version 6.1 K2 6.1, KeyAuditor & KeyServer, includes several new Our laptop sleeves, as all of our sacs, are one of a kind. features to simplify software discovery and classification. They are padded of course and designed to easily fit into In addition, an all-new Web Reports Server will automate a tote or overnight sac for quick and safe access to your report generation and enhance integration with other IT laptop. Sized to fit Macs.I will gladly customize to fit asset management processes. K2 is a cross-platform IT asset management suite for software/hardware auditing Rogue Amoeba Software
Scosche Industries
Audio Hijack Pro drastically changes the way you use audio on your computer, giving you the freedom to listen Bluetooth Wireless interface for your iPod and Cellular to audio when you want and how you want. Record and phone into your aftermarket car radio with digital CD enhance any audio with Audio Hijack Pro - it’s the cornerstone of your digital audio experience. nothing more for those who appreciate the advantage of Bluetooth Wireless interface for your mp3 player and cellular phone into your aftermarket car radio with digital Skellycase
Expansion receiver to be used in the car or home with Scosche’s IPBCKH or UBCKH. Add a receiver to your extra car, boat/rv, or home stereo. Listen to your music, whereever you go with wireless CD quality sound via Seiko Instruments USA, Inc.
Casing made of cut and sew materials ranging from faux crocodile to denim. All casing accesorized with Canvas material displaying original graphic designs with Small Tree Communications
Capable of printing labels up to 1 1/8” wide, this lable printer is perfect for envelopes, file folders, bar codes and more. Print speed of approximately 8 seconds per Capable of printing labels up to 2 1/8” wide, this lable printer is perfect for envelopes, file folders, bar codes,plus packages, diskettes, Zip disks, name badges, Blaze, a remote file sharing system designed specifically 35mm slides, Rolodex cards and more. Print speed of for Macs by Small Tree Communications, offers users the ability to store large data files, such as uncom- pressed HD video, on a fileserver rather than local to each client and allows access to these files at speeds Capable of printing labels up to 2 1/8” wide, this lable printer is perfect for envelopes, file folders, bar codes,plus packages, diskettes, Zip disks, name badges, Sorenson Media
35mm slides, Rolodex cards and more. Print speed of Shaun Jackson Design
Sorenson Squeeze 4.3 continues the high quality video tradition of the award-winning Squeeze product line. Squeeze 4.3 brings Flash 8 video encoding to the Mac platform as well as other key features such as meta data and que points for Macromedia Flash video. The new, supercool Euro-styled shoulder bag for 14” and 15” Powerbook or iBook is one of this year’s ”must haves” for the technomadic hipster. The Metro provides robust protection for your laptop while keeping it, as well as all of your personal gear, organized and instantly accessible. The Shuttle When we set out to design the ultimate compact computer sleeve, we wanted it to be more than just another flimsy padded envelope. The result is the Shuttle. Everything you need in a compact sleeve and Starry Night (A division of Imaginova)
protection. Available in Black and Red with a convenient wrist strap for multiple carrying options at $29.99. Sumo’s new leather Nano case features a distinctive vertical stripe and a molded compartment which completely encloses your Nano but still allows access to the screen and click wheel. When closed, our wallet design provides the ultimate protection with a convenient wrist strap for multiple carrying options. Available in Wireless communication meets computerized telescope control with the introduction of the BlueStar telescope adapter. Now you can command your telescope from your laptop wirelessly. BlueStar works with most major Sumo’s new Leather Stripe for the video iPod offers a brands of computerized telescopes, allowing complete horizontal design in quality leather, with our distinctive wireless control using the dynamic graphical interface of vertical stripe. It will accommodate both the 30 & 60GB Starry Night Pro or similar astronomy software. models, while allowing access to the screen, click wheel and docking connector. A belt clip offers easy travel options. Available in Black/White and Black/Gray/White The colorful AllSky CCD mosaic establishes Starry Night Pro Plus as the leader in desktop planetariums. In addition to databases of 65 million stars and over 1 million deep-sky objects, Pro Plus controls most popular brands of computerized telescopes using its superb Celestron® StarSeeker™ 70mm GoTo Refractor With StarSeeker, you can see views of lunar craters, Saturn and its ring system and a wide array of nebulas and star clusters easily. This 70mm GoTo refractor incorporates the latest computerized object-locating technology, which automatically points you to the object Targus introduces a new backpack for Apple notebooks. This new Radius backback is stylish and durable with Startly Technologies, LLC.
interior pockets for files and notebook accessories. Other features include quick access iPod pocket, carry handle Targus introduces a new backpack for Apple notebooks. This new Radius backback is stylish and durable with interior pockets for files and notebook accessories. Other features include quick access iPod pocket, carry handle Docktopus overlays badges on your Dock icons that provide useful information and allows control of applications right from where you work every day, your The new Radius line of cases designed by Targus for Dock. Access statistics like an app’s Memory usage, Apple notebooks unveils a full grain leather messenger. launch Automator Workflows from a pop-up menu, view Multi functional and full featured, this case is a must see. today’s iCal events and more, all from the Dock. Features include a padded removable notebook slip case, padded shoulder strap, front pocket workstation, padded shoulder strap and a retractable airline Sumo Cases
205 De Anza Boulevard # 134 San Mateo, CA 94402 (888) 822-SUMO Fax: (650) 341-5923 [email protected] Nano Flip Case A small and elegant solution for protecting your Nano. Sumo’s all leather ”Flip” design allows easy access to the screen and click wheel, while providing complete Tech Works
TOLIS Group, Inc.
DDR2 Dimm & SODIMM Memory Modules DDR2 support for Apple’s new iMac G5 and PowerBook systems. Future support for Apple’s next generation Intel BRU Server 1.2 is a client/server-based backup solution whose human interface design was influenced by input from hundreds of experienced Macintosh users: • Recovers from read errors during restores Tekkeon, Inc.
• Seamless, unqualified support of Xsan • Live database backup (Windows clients) Tune Belt
Take your calls without missing a beat. myTalker™, the Bluetooth gateway from Tekkeon, turns your iPod or MP3 player into a Bluetooth headset. This tiny accessory uses your own music headphones for your calls, so there’s no need to miss a call, or frantically juggle your headphone Tune Belt Open View iPod nano Armband Tune Belt’s Open View iPod nano Armband fits the nano right side up, or, upside down so that the LCD screen ezTalker ™ digital, a full-featured cord-free headset reads right side up when viewed on the arm! Other equipped with an OLED digital display, lets you cut loose features include a play through protective window cover; from all the ties the bind-even your connected mobile hold button access; and a cord management flap. phone. Now you can make calls directly from this innovative new headset, without ever touching your Tunewear
Use just one battery to power and charge most of your portable devices! With myPower ALL, you carry a single lightweight rechargeable battery to extend the play time on your portable DVD player, notebook computer, digital camera, camcorder, iPod and more. The Microoptical Corporation
PRIE TUNEWALLET (for iPod Nano & 5G) PRIE TUNEWALLET 5G is a wallet sized genuine leather case for iPod Nano and 5G. PRIE TUNEWALLET is made from smooth ultra high quality genuine nappa leather. With the flip-cover closed the PRIE TUNEWALLET provides complete protection for your PRIE Ambassador (for iPod Nano, 5G, 4G and mini) PRIE Ambassador for iPod is a versatile genuine leather case for iPod Nano, 5G, 4G and mini. PRIE Ambassador for iPod is made from smooth ultra high quality genuine nappa leather and provides protection for your iPod Ever been frustrated with your earbud cables getting out Unitek is proud to carry all Rocstor FireWire/USB2 drives of control? Relax! TETRAN will solve that problem for for sale at the MacWorld. Rocstor is the most progressive you. All you have to do is wind your earbud cable around company in the Video, Audio, Animation and digital TETRAN’s body of spikes and pop your earbuds in content storage. Rocstor offers the most extensive lines TETRAN’s mouth. TETRAN will be happy to help you of FireWire, FireWire 800, USB2 and light-weight portable hard drives. See Rocstor line on TypeIt4Me
APPLE Come to our booth and purchase all Apple products at Vanguard USA
New version of TypeIt4Me to be released just prior Ultimate Ears
Seamless all alumnium hard case in glossy reflective finishes coordinates with the nano i-Pod, the U2 i-Pod, 4g and 5g. Additional sizes offered in the swing Seamless all alumnium hard case in glossy reflective finishes coordinates with the Apple collection offering. Customized interior for your Apple and any accessory Price: $249.99 Retail Package Contents 5 Pro Earphones - 46" cable, cable adjustor and gold plated 1/8" input plug Metallic Storage Case with cable management system Stylish Soft Leather Travel Case Seamless all alumnium hard case in a glossy reflective 1/4" adaptor jack Sound Level Attenuator Cleaning Tool finishes coordinates with the Apple collection offering. Customized interior for your Apple and any accessory Price: $199.99 Retail Package Contents 5 Pro™ Earphones-includes 46" cable, cable adjustor and gold VersionTracker/MacFixIt
plated 1/8" input plug Metallic Storage Case with cable management system Stylish Soft Leather Travel Case 1/4" adaptor jack Sound Level Attenuator Cleaning Tool Universal Fit Kit- User Guide/Warranty Card. Price: $99.99 Retail Package Contents 3 Studio Earphones-includes 46" cable, cable adjustor and gold plated 1/8" input plug Stylish Soft Leather Travel Case Cleaning Tool Fit Kit- User Guide/Warranty Card. The latest release of the award-winning VersionTracker Pro application now allows for multiple alert lists, access to the new Report Center and improvements to the Unitek Computer Stores
interface that simplify the process of keeping your applications, widgets and system components current. A Year of Fixes: The 2005 MacFixIt Pro Archive CD Everything we published on MacFixIt in 2005 – every Special Report, every Tutorial, every column by Ted Landau and Dan Frakes. This archive installs as a fully- searchable Apple Help file and is available with the purchase or renewal of a VersionTracker Pro/MacFixIt Videx, Inc.
knowledge to produce complex print products such as data sheets, catalogues, posters, reports, financial analyses, ads, price lists, manuals, business cards, packaging and even newspapers fully automatically using a software program or the Internet. The ”VIVA XML-Server” enables the fully automatic creation of print-ready documents on the basis of the CyberAudit-Web is a browser-based software program open VIVA XML fileformat. Software developers can that uses cellular communication to remotely program ”integrate” the VIVA technology in their applications and user keys in the field, anywhere and anytime. Access use it to create complex documents fully automatically authorization can be sent to keys via a cellular phone, that present the highest printoriented and typographic Virtual Training Company, Inc.
Web Marketing Association
2006 Internet Advertising Competition Awards The Web Marketing Association is now accepting entries for the 2006 Internet Advertising Competition Awards at The IAC Awards are the first and only This tutorial will walk you through capturing your own industry-based advertising award competition dedicated video and setting up your projects, all the way through exclusively to online advertising. The deadline for entry is learning about high definition formats, color correction, effects and final output. This course will get you up and editing in no time! This VTC tutorial contains 8.5 hours of Xerox Corporation
Professional illustrator, television animation art director and writer, Dwayne Ferguson takes you through an in- depth look at Photoshop CS2, taking you through the tools you’ll need to master this powerful application. This VTC tutorial contains 10 hours of training videos. With Virtual Training Company’s Poser 5 tutorial, this application becomes easy for any user, artist, or animator to master. Author Dwayne Ferguson starts with the 36 ppm Color laser printer (letter/legal) basics of Poser and then takes you further using various case and animation studies. This VTC tutorial contains 4 36ppm Color/40ppm Mono laser printer (tabloid) 30ppm Color solid ink printer (letter/legal) 27 Industrial Avenue Chelmsford, MA 01824 VivaDesigner 5.0 Already in 1992 VIVA was setting new standards in the areas of Layout, Design and Typography with the layout program “VivaPress”. Its successor ”VivaDesigner 5.0” is the first layout program to be available on all three major platforms Windows, MacOS and Linux, based on an open XML and Unicode standard. VIVA-Networ-Publishing Server Technology VIVA-Network-Publishing is a completely new basis technology, which enables users without any prior zCover
107-2971 Viking Way
Richmond, V6V 1Y1
(604) 273-3003
Fax: (604) 273-3023
[email protected]
Dress it, Express yourself
zCover iSA silicone case for iPod 5G Hand on the trend
of fashinoable silicone case for the new iPod 5G with
video, iPod nano and more.
zCover typeOn silicone keyboard skin
Type on zCover silicone keyboard skin for Apple iBook
and PowerBook keyboard and Apple full size keyboards.
new perprinted program shortcut keyboard skin!
zcover Care for Apple Remote and Universal Dock
zCover cares about all. Try zCover iSA Care fashionable
silicone skin for the Apple Remote and zCover iSA Care
Dock Adaptor for the Universal Dock, docking your iPods
WITHOUT removing the zCover silicone case



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