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Variable Pulsed Light
Client Information Pack

101 Talbot Road Talbot Green RCT Tel 01443 237000 [email protected]
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Client Treatment Records Request Form 11
Client Satisfaction Questionnaire 12

Summary of Statement of Purpose
Bliss Beauty by Cerys is a high Street Beauty Salon providing a range of beauty therapy services to private clients. The facility offers 6 treatment rooms over 2 floors, including a designated nail treatment room, a pedicure room and a spray tanning room. There are 3 general treatment rooms with couch facilities. Bliss Beauty by Cerys provides Variable Pulsed Light Therapy for the purposes of permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation. Bliss Beauty aims to develop and maintain a reputation for excellence in beauty therapy services and client care. Complaints about any aspect of treatment, however received, will be fully investigated, clients concerns will be valued they will be kept informed of the progress of any investigation and given full feedback. In the event of concerns or complaints clients will be contacted by the manager by telephone and where appropriate will receive a written acknowledgement within 2 working days and a full response where possible within 5 working days Clients may withdraw from treatment at any time. Bliss Beauty may decline to treat clients at anytime. This facility is registered with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales. Regarding complaints clients may contact the regulatory body at the address below Healthcare Inspectorate Wales Bevan House Caerphilly Business Park CF83 3ED
Tel: 02920 928859

VARIABLE PULSED LIGHT - Client Information Leaflet

Energist ULTRA™ Variable Pulsed Light System
The Energist ULTRA™ System is the most advanced hair removal & skin rejuvenation product available. Utilising state-of-the-art Variable Pulsed Light (VPL™) technology, the ULTRA™ System can be set-up to ensure the optimal parameters to provide a safe, fast and effective treatment for every individual.
What makes this System special?
Traditionally, most cosmetic procedures have been associated with lasers. As technology has progressed, research has shown that Intense Pulsed Light units Light are regularly producing better results than the laser systems originally available. Pulsed Light units are non-laser, emitting light across a broad range of wavelengths that are preferentially absorbed by the appropriate structure in the Each light pulse comprises a number of rapid shorter pulses. These ‘variable pulses’ ensure more controlled absorption by the appropriate structures whilst minimising heating of the surrounding skin. This means that a greater range of hair and skin types can be safely and effectively treated than was previously possible.
How does it work?
Depending upon the treatment being carried out, light emitted is preferentially absorbed by the specific structure in the skin. For hair removal, the melanin in the hair absorbs this light and is heated to a temperature that permanently inhibits the hairs’ growth. For skin rejuvenation, various structures can absorb the light and repair the damage caused by ageing and the sun.
What conditions can be treated?
• Hair Removal: Unwanted hair can be removed from all parts of the body, including legs, chin, upper lip, bikini line, underarm, back and chest. • Skin Rejuvenation: Many skin complaints caused by ageing and sun damage can be successfully treated using the yellow light produced by the
Who can be treated?
The versatility of pulsed light systems provides a safe and effective treatment for
most hair and skin types, but a consultation with a trained therapist will provide you with a complete treatment programme. As the treatments have little or no visible side effects, effective procedures can be performed quickly with no downtime.
Treatment Process

After a full consultation with a trained therapist, a comprehensive treatment programme can be developed to match your needs and requirements. Depending upon which treatments are to be undertaken the basic procedure will stay the same: The area to be treated will be prepared and the applicator head will be stepped across to ensure complete coverage. Due to the large applicator head treatments can be performed quickly, which we know is important with today’s hectic
Is there anything I need to do prior to, or after, treatment?
• It is advisable to stay out of the sun, and away from tanning beds, for at least 6 weeks prior to any treatment to ensure that your skin is as close as • You must ensure that all cosmetics are removed from the treatment area with a good cleanser and then allow the skin to settle. • As the skin may be slightly more sensitive post-treatment it is recommended to use skin products developed for sensitive skin and again avoid the sun or tanning beds.
When will I see results?
Dependent upon the treatment performed and the area treated, results will be
noticed after a series of treatments over a period of months. This is due to the body’s natural hair growth cycles and skin renewal. There is no ‘magic wand’ that will make everything perfect, but a good skincare regimen that is devised in conjunction with your therapist will ensure the optimum results that you desire. Energist Pulsed Light Therapy – Basic Explanations
Here are some very basic explanations of how the treatments work. Hair Removal
Hair can only be treated during its growth stage Hair removal provides a reduction in density over the number of treatments Hair is trimmed so it is short approximately 3mm Red light from the hand piece hits the skin The hair right down to the root absorbs the red light The hair heats up to approximately 70 degrees centigrade The skin heats to a lower temperature approximately 40 degrees centigrade The hair grows out over a period of 10 –14 days
Skin rejuvenation (Wrinkle reduction)
Due to age and excessive sun exposure skin becomes wrinkled and thin This is due to a small layer under the skin called the collagen matrix The body continually produces new collagen to replace the old collagen and as we age the rate of In young skin the collagen matrix is well organised but breaks down and becomes disorganised with age and sun exposure leading to wrinkles The hand piece is placed on the skin This yellow light is absorbed by very small blood vessels in the skin These blood vessels become slightly inflamed and release small messengers called inflammatory These messengers send a signal to the body to say it has been injured The body then tries to repair the damage by sending in small repair cells called fibroblasts These fibroblasts create new collagen This new collagen forces the old collagen up and out of the body A new well-formed collagen matrix is formed This new matrix then reduces the depth of the wrinkles; it does not totally remove the wrinkle
Pigmentation (brown spots)
Brown spots on the skin are caused by excessive amounts of melanin This leads to age spots, café au lait stains, and irregular skin colour This excess amount of brown melanin granules is located just below the skin surface Gel is applied to the skin Hand piece is placed on the skin Yellow light from the hand piece hits the skin The yellow light is absorbed by the melanin granules and are broken down It does not totally remove all brown spots it just thins them out Acne
Acne is an inflammatory condition of the hair and oil (sebum) producing glands in the skin
Pores become blocked by the overproduction of sebum and dead hair cells Bacteria is able to thrive under these conditions The inflammation arises from chemicals and white blood cells released in the skin due to blocked pores Pulsed light floods the area with oxygen in which certain bacteria are unable to survive. Pulsed light encourages the skin healing response
Red Veins
Small blood vessels can be visible for numerous reasons
These blood vessels can be single or there can be numerous ones in an area or a network of them Blood is continually flowing through them Yellow light from the hand piece hits the skin The yellow light is absorbed by the blood in the vessel This blood heats up to about 70 degrees centigrade This damages the wall of the vessel beyond repair The body then breaks down this damaged vessel and disperses it Contraindications to treatment
Variable Pulsed Light Therapy
Not Suitable for Treatment
• Inflammatory skin conditions e.g. eczema at treatment site • Cancer and those on cancer treatments/medication • St Johns Wort taken in last 3 months (skin becomes photosensitive) • Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) or Tretinoin (Retin-A) or high dose vitamin A in past 6 months • Pregnancy or breast feeding (can treat when periods return or stopped breast feeding) • Diabetes certain drugs cause photosensitivity treat with caution due to loss of sensation in • Applied topical preparations e.g. exfoliating preparations AHAs glycolics kojic acids hydrocortisone perfumes deodorant sun block essential oils as these can cause skin to become more sensitive to light than usual • Skin type 6 ( black skin) due to high risk of burning
Treatable with caution
• anaesthesia (general anaesthetic in past3 months, local anaesthetic to area in last • Clients on large combinations of cardiac or diuretic medications • Clients on oral steroid medications for conditions such as asthma • Allergy sufferers and those taking antihistamine medications • Those that have had previous epilation treatments • Conditions that effect the hormones e.g. thyroid conditions, oral steroids, hormonal therapy, polycystic ovarian syndrome, can be treated although results may vary, clients should be aware of reduced or delayed realistic outcomes • Transsexuals can be treated although results can vary, treatment should ideally follow 6 months after completion of hormone therapy Please Note

If there is doubt about any condition, medication, etc the therapist will treat on the
side of caution and patch test in a discreet area suitable to the client and assess skin
The therapist may in some circumstances refer to your GP or consultant for advice Post-Treatment Care Advice
The following information is a guideline that will help ensure that the treatment is a success and that the chances of any unwanted side-effects are minimised.
Hair Removal
1. The area treated can be red and warm for a few hours after treatment. If this is uncomfortable you can cool the area with a cold flannel/towel or some other means of cooling. It is advisable to avoid ice as this may cause an “ice burn”. 2. Soothing preparations/gels can be also be applied such as Aloe Vera witch hazel or Tea Tree oil. These help soothe the area but also have antiseptic properties. 3. If you can refrain from the use of make-up that day this will also give the chance for the 4. Leave the hairs in the follicles for at least 4 days after the treatment. This will help reduce any chances of an opportunistic infection in the damaged follicle. The hairs will drop out naturally over the following 5 -14 days. 5. Try to use cleansing products that have been developed for sensitive skin for 2 days after treatment. Be gentle when dry or rubbing the area treated. 6. Avoid tanning beds or sunbathing for at least 7 days after the treatment. 7. If you are unsure about anything after the treatment please contact the clinic for further
Skin Rejuvenation
1. The area treated can be red and warm for a few hours after treatment. If this is uncomfortable you can cool the area with a cold flannel/towel or some other means of cooling. It is advisable to avoid ice as this may cause an “ice burn”. 2. Soothing preparations can be used but they must not contain anti-inflammatory or blood thinning properties. In contrast to post hair removal advice, avoid preparations such as
Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Ibuleve, Difflam, etc. 3. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory or blood thinning medication for at least 7 days if possible. Products include ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. 4. Avoid smoking and alcohol for at least two hours before and after (preferably for the 5. If you can refrain from the use of make-up that day this will also give the chance for the 6. Try to use cleansing products that have been developed for sensitive skin for 2 days after treatment. Be gentle when dry or rubbing the area treated. 7. Avoid tanning beds or sunbathing for at least 7 days after the treatment. 8. If you are unsure about anything after the treatment please contact Bliss Beauty on 01443 237000 or Energist Ltd. On 0179 798768 for further advice.
What happens if I have concerns or complaints?
We are very sorry you are not completely satisfied with our services. We will do all we can to put things right. Please talk to our staff about your concerns, they will listen and do all they can to help resolve any problems. At Bliss Beauty we work continuously to ensure our clients receive the best treatments products and client care we are able to provide.
Our complaints policy aims to ensure:
• We will listen to your needs and provide a personalised service. y We will take your concerns seriously and act upon them when ever possible without delay. We will acknowledge complaints in writing within 2 working days and keep you informed of the progress of the investigation until we can y We will complete a client complaints monitoring form. We will contact the private & voluntary healthcare inspector where appropriate y If Cerys is not available to speak with you immediately she will contact you to A copy of our complaints policy is available to clients, persons acting on behalf of clients or
Refund Policy
If we are unable to resolve your concerns we will consider if a refund is
If a refund is required this will need to be discussed with Cerys. Our staff are not authorised to issue refunds. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Client feedback is very important to us and we believe that both positive and negative feedback is important in helping us to continuously improve our services. We hope you to see you at Bliss Beauty in the near future
Best Wishes
Cerys Davies Proprietor Bliss Beauty by Cerys
101 Talbot Road Talbot Green RCT Tel 01443237000
[email protected]
Health Care Inspectorate for Wales
Unit 3C, Caerphilly Business Park
Van Road

CF83 3ED
Tel: 02920928859

Client Treatment Records Request Form

I wish to request that Bliss Beauty by Cerys provides me with a copy of

my consultation treatment records. I understand that I must give prior
notice and that I will need make an appointment, during which, the

information will be provided to me in person

Reason for Request
Have you discussed the request with Bliss Beauty staff?
Yes No

Name of therapist if known------------------------- Date-------------------

I understand that I must provide a form of identification and attend the
salon to collect in person. Client information cannot be given to anyone

except the client and cannot be sent by post. I understand that Bliss
Beauty by Cerys cannot accept responsibility for confidentiality of copies
of client information once it is signed for as received by me.
Name----------------------------------------- DOB----------------------------


Telephone Number---------------------------------------------------------------

Client Signature------------------------------- Date----------------------------

Therapist Name-------------------------------
Therapist Signature-------------------------- Date-----------------------------

Client Satisfaction Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Client feedback is very important to us. We will not be able to identify you from this questionnaire unless you choose to identify yourself.
1. Preparing for your treatment

y How quickly was the telephone answered when calling to make your appointment?
Excellent very good quite good poor
y How helpful and courteous was the Receptionist?
Excellent very good quite good poor
y How easy was it to get the appointment you wanted with the therapist of your choice? y How was your experience of being welcomed to the salon? y How adequate was the pre treatment information?
2. The treatment

y What treatment did you have? --------------------------------------------------- y How good was the standard of your treatment?
Excellent very good quite good poor

3. The therapist

y How good were their skills in providing the treatment? y How good was their knowledge of the treatment?
4. After care
Comments y Did you think the service was good value for money? y How was the level of cleanliness in the salon and treatment area? y How does Bliss Beauty compare to other salons you have used? Please could you explain why?--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- y What was the best thing about your experience at Bliss Beauty? y What was the worst thing about your experience at Bliss Beauty? y What suggestions do you have for improving the salon experience? y On a scale of 1 - 10 1=poor 10 = excellent How would you rate the service provided by Bliss Beauty? (please circle) y How did you become aware of Bliss Beauty? y What treatments would you be interested in having in the future including treatments not yet y Have you visited our website? Yes No y If yes were you able to find all the information you wanted easily? Yes No Thank you for taking the time to complete and return this questionnaire. Cerys Davies Proprietor


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