Make relocating to Brussels a less
stressful experience!
The Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology IBBT is recruiting test users for innovative application designed to facilitate the relocation process of inhabitants from the You have half an hour of free time in September and October 2012? Then don’t
hesitate and join our panel of test users.
What’s the EPIC Relocation Service?

The EPIC Relocation Service consists of a web application and a mobile
application for smart phones. Both applications will allow expats - whether
still being at home in their country of origin or while exploring Brussels for the first time - to find more easily interesting property in Brussels with the help
of various municipality indicators (e.g. demographic information or
average house prices) and points of interests (e.g. public transport or
facilities like schools or shopping malls). In this way, it will be possible to
explore in detail neighbourhoods around interesting properties while being outside Brussels or while walking around in the city. Moreover, the application gives the necessary information to organise an expat’s practical and administrative duties when relocating to Brussels.
What’s your mission?

Depending on your preference, you are going to test a prototype of our web or
mobile application or both. Your opinion and your impressions as an expat
with a concrete experience of relocating to Brussels will help us in developing
The service can be tested at any moment of the day once the tests are
launched – for the web application the launch day is 17th of September, for
the mobile application this is 1st October.

At the end of the test, you will be asked to complete a little online survey
(maximum 20 min) in order to give us your feedback and impressions.
How to participate in the tests?

Participating is very easy. You can choose to test the web or the mobile
application or both. Just preto go to our registration page, tell us your
choice and a valid e-mail address in order to send you the necessary code for Registering as a test user does not imply any obligation from your side to take the test and to complete the survey once you received the access code. All gathered data are kept anonymously and are only used for project purposes. We thank you in advance for your participation! In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us The EPIC relocation service is the product of a partnership between IBBT , the Brussels’ Regional Informatics Centre CIBG-CIRB , in the framework of the European project ‘European Platform for Intelligent Cities (EPIC/), funded by the Th res lead th resu hav rec fund from t Euro Unio Com venes and Inno n Fra rk Pro m 201 und grant ag t n° 270 Th public n on ref th aut vi Th European Unio no


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