For animal treatment only

• Only flocks with no antibodies to MS should be vaccinated. Vaccination of infected birds will not provide any economic FOR ANIMAL TREATMENT ONLY
benefit. Vaccination should be carried out on MS free birds at least 3 weeks before expected exposure to virulent MS. Vaxsafe® MS
Vaccination can be timed to coincide with other flock management practices [eg beak trimming, Vaxsafe® MG and fowl Vaccine (living)
Method of Vaccination:
Active constituent: Each dose contains >105.7 CCU* living,
Thaw unopened vials rapidly in a large (5 – 10 L) volume of attenuated, temperature-sensitive Mycoplasma synoviae Strain MS-H. warm (35oC) water and use within 2 hours after thawing. Mix the contents of the vial by gentle agitation during thawing. Invert the bottle repeatedly following thawing to ensure the contents have Statement of Claims: An aid in the control of chronic respiratory
disease (CRD), airsacculitis and synovitis caused by M. synoviae (MS) If held at room temperature, use the entire contents immediately. Remove the aluminium seal and rubber stopper before inserting a plastic dropper tip supplied with the vaccine. Each drop should Susceptible (MS free) layer and broiler breeder flocks vaccinated with Vaxsafe® MS prior to MS challenge exhibit less respiratory and Hold each bird with its head tilted to one side. synovial disease, improved performance and have decreased Invert the dropper bottle allowing a single drop to form at the tip susceptibility to opportunistic bacterial diseases. These include such and fall freely into the open eye, gently flooding it. The drop diseases as colibacillosis, staphylococcus, and fowl cholera during (before release) and tip should NOT touch the eye surface. production when compared with comparable challenged non- Allow the bird to blink before releasing it. vaccinated flocks. Progeny of vaccinated breeders show decreased susceptibility to serositis, synovitis and secondary E. coli infections. Vaxsafe® MS can also assist in the control of transmission (including WITHHOLDING PERIOD: NIL
vertical transmission) of wild type MS in challenged breeder flocks and form an integral part of MS eradication programs in multi-age sites. USER SAFETY INFORMATION:
If vaccine is accidentally splashed into the operator’s eyes, the eyes Safety testing has shown the MS-H vaccine strain to be virtually non- and face should be thoroughly washed with water to avoid any pathogenic in birds and not vertically transmitted, or not readily laterally potential reaction to culture medium constituents. transmitted between birds. Lateral transmission will occur more often Additional information is available on the product Material Safety Data between birds penned or caged together than separated flocks. 1000 Doses
If poisoning occurs, contact a Doctor or Poisons Information

Centre on 13 11 26.

Contents: Vaxsafe® MS is supplied frozen in a plastic peel-top eye-
dropper vial containing 30 mL sufficient for 1000 doses by eye drop Vaxsafe® MS should always be protected from direct sunlight. For long term storage Vaxsafe® MS should be stored at or below -70oC. For short term storage (maximum of 4 weeks) Vaxsafe® MS can be READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY
stored in a domestic chest freezer (at or below -18oC). DIRECTIONS FOR USE:
Discard unused vaccine into a disinfectant solution (eg Chlorine
based bleach). Dispose of any such inactivated, unused vaccine and Contraindications:

empty containers by wrapping in paper and putting in garbage. This product is contraindicated for vaccinating unhealthy birds. In cases of spillage, soak up the liquid with an absorbent sponge or This product is contraindicated for vaccinating birds undergoing cloth and incinerate. Treat the surface with a disinfectant solution (e.g. medication with an antimicrobial known to inhibit M. synoviae multiplication, eg, Tetracycline, Tiamulin, Tylosin, Enrofloxacin, Lincospectin, Gentamycin or macrolide antibiotics. CAUTION:
The capability of this vaccine to produce satisfactory results depends Precautions:

upon many factors including, but not limited to, conditions of storage Vaxsafe® MS contains live organisms and correct storage and and handling by the user, administration of the vaccine, health and administration are essential for successful use. responsiveness of individual birds and degree of field exposure. Do not refreeze Vaxsafe® MS after thawing. Therefore, directions for use should be followed carefully. Withdraw antibiotics from the flock for a period equivalent to the recommended withholding period prior to vaccination and do not CONTACT DETAILS:
Where antibiotics must be used, preference should be given to agents with non-mycoplasma activity, such as penicillin, BIOPROPERTIES Pty Ltd
amoxycillin or neomycin. They should not be given within 2 weeks ACN 007 303 728
36 Charter Street
Do not dilute. Thawed vaccine should be used as supplied. Victoria 3134, Australia
PH: 03 9876 0567 FAX: 03 9876 0556
Dosage and Administration:
Pullets are normally vaccinated between 6-14 weeks of age with the minimum age for efficacious use being 4 weeks. All birds in the flock should be vaccinated. WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER:
Vaccination need only be done once. Revaccination is not Vaxsafe® MS has been tested and meets safety and potency standards according to the Standards required by the APVMA. BIOPROPERTIES Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for events arising General Instructions:
from the misuse or mishandling of the product. Pullets should first be tested for MS infection. Testing for the BIOPROPERTIES Pty Ltd gives no warranty (express or implied) with presence of MS in the flock is normally by way of the rapid serum respect to the product, including without limitation any warranty as to agglutination test (RSAT) with blood samples being tested within completeness, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances shall BIOPROPERTIES Pty Ltd be liable for Operators should contact their laboratory service for advice on the indirect, special, consequential or punitive damages. collection and number of blood samples to be taken. APVMA No: 47985/ 0505 Code/Version No: LFT-MSH V5
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