Parking Race check-in / Meeting
● Complete the course as illustrated on the sign, follow the proper sequence of gates. If teams do not make a gate, or go ● Mandatory Meeting 8:30am at Kriley Overlook out of sequence, volunteers will not give them their punch ● Parking is limited. One car per team will be issued a parking ● Primary parking (see map in race update): road that leads to
Beginning in the Start (Gate 1) go
straight through 2 then past and
Overflow Parking options (see map in race update):
back through3 continue on past and
(1) State park parking lots on the corner of Golden Gate back through 4.
Canyon Road (HWY 46) & Mountain Base Road (2) Any other State Park Lots with the exception of Kriley Pond Parking and the Visitors center. If you use those areas you must the middle gate 5 and then past and
purchase and display the $7 state park day pass through 6 heading back past, then
● **Note: If you don’t park at Kriley Overlook, you may drop your through 7 which is also the
Gear Drop / Transition area
● The Gear drop / Transition area will be at Kriley Overlook at the Leg 3: Trail Running (Cutoff: must leave TA by 4:45)
● Note: You will be turning in half of your passport at this point. ● All gear / supplies for the race need to be placed at your Volunteers will cut off the top half and you will keep the bottom transition site and labeled with team name and number. ● Trails must be used to approach the checkpoints, however you Race start and Cutoff Times
can go off trail to find the checkpoints once near the checkpoint. ● Heat 1 will start at 9AM, 2 at 9:05, 3 at 9:10 ● Checkpoints can be obtained in any order. Penalties for skipped CPs are 20min for all except R10,11,12 which are 40 ● Race cutoff times 6pm, 6:05pm, 6:10pm depending on heat. 10
minutes of penalty for every minute late!! Do NOT be late
Race Finish
Race course
● All racers must be check in at the finish line by the time listed on Leg 1: Single track mountain biking / on foot orienteering/ ropes
There will be a 10min penalty for each minute after 6pm.
Biking: Must stay on trail at all times during the biking leg while
on the mountain bikes. For checkpoints that are off trail, bikes Post-race party
must be dismounted and checkpoints obtained on foot. Biking ● Post-race party and awards will be held at the Red Barn at the checkpoints can be obtained in any order. 1hr penalty for Southeast corner of the park. Food and Beer will be served starting 5:30PM. BMA will try to start the awards presentation at ● Orienteering: DROP BIKES NEXT TO TRAIL NEAR O
approximately 6:30PM, if later please be patient. START. Must be completed during LEG 1. Off trail travel is
permitted. This section is a Rogaine section (checkpoints can Formal Comment/Complaint window
be obtained in any order, get as many as you want or can). ● BMA will try to post tentative race finish times and scores for prize winning positions at 6PM. Formal complaints and ● Ropes (Cutoff: must arrive at ropes by 12:30): Must be
completed during LEG 1. There are 4 ropes challenges. Each team must obtain 3 ropes credits (see below). You will not get GENERAL RACE RULES
credit for completing a ropes challenge twice even if a different ● DOUBLECHECK ACCURACY BEFORE PUNCHING!! A
person completes it. Each team member must do the rappel.
mispunch will not be accepted even if you attempt to correct it (Teams can complete more than the required ropes challenges on the passport. (This is to help expedite scoring at end of race) ● Avoid asking clarification of rules from volunteers – they may **Hard plastic biking shoes are not allowed in the ropes area. The approach to the ascension and rappel is rocky and can be slippery. ● No GPS, phone navigation devices. DQ for intentionally Please be very careful at the ropes section. If watching a teammate, entering specified “off limit areas”. Spectator assistance leads please watch from a safe distance at the low ropes section. ○ Low rope traverse - 1 credit, 1 person (bike helmet
All teammates must be present when punching CPs and
within visual distance of each other at all other times. ○ Slackline - 1 credit, 1 person (bike helmet required,
● If you must quit for any reason you must notify BMA staff at the no biking shoes, barefoot or running shoes ok) Start/Finish area. Failure to do so will result in Search and ○ Ascension - 2 credits, 1 person (harness and bike
Rescue searching for someone who is not on the course. If a helmet required). Wait time for the ascension will be team member has to drop out of the race, the original team may refunded. PRIZE FOR FASTEST ASCENDER will be continue the race but will be ranked behind all other teams in ○ Rappel - 1 credit per team (harness, ATC, and bike
● Call 911 for any emergencies and notify BMA staff and SAR. helmet required) All team members must be present at the same time for the rappel and must rappel on the same rope. Your last person to rappel must carry the passport and punch at the bottom of the rappel Leg 2: Paddling challenge
After punching at the TA, go to Kriley Pond on foot. BMA is providing
all gear for paddling (including inflatable kayak, Paddles, PFDs). BAD WEATHER PROTOCOL
In the case of lightning, excessive winds, or inclement weather the Each team must send only one boat with either 1 or 2 people following rules may be enforced:
(1) High ropes challenges including ascension and rappel may be Not completing the boat challenge will result in a 1 hour
cancelled (in this case teams will be given credit for checking into the 3 boats (teams) are allowed on the water at one time. (2) boating challenge may be cancelled: teams will receive credit if they ● All boats & boaters must stay on the West side of Kriley Pond are at the boat challenge but not allowed to go on course due to bad ● All boating team members must wear a PFD. ● Boats must not be dragged or rammed.



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